Home-made Treats

HC bought a new oven recently, and decided to dig out her old cookbook from "Three Dog Bakery".

After looking through all the recipes, she decided to pick out "Howl-O-Ween Tricking Treats" because she has most of the ingredients (i.e. pumpkin and flour) and it was near to Halloween then.

As she knows we are not fussy dogs, she decided to tweat the recipe and add in ingredients we love.. such as slice cheddar cheese...

She mixed all the ingredients in a large bowl. (HC was so lazy that she didn't even use a measuring cup for all the ingredients!)

The end product does not even remotely resembles the pic on the recipe book - because she was too lazy to roll the dough!

But it tasted good nevertheless. (The uneven burnt stuff on the top are slice cheddar cheese).

She also purchased some duck liver recently and decided to dry it for us.

After a day of drying... this is the end product.

We had to wait for her command before eating the treats.

See how Jack's body was tilted away from me? He was worried that I might bite his head off. LOL

Remembering Willy

A few days ago, HC told us sadly that Willy has gone to 'the other side' - a place where we would like to believe is a better place than earth. It's a place where demise dogs would be free from pain and suffering, and where they would be waiting patiently for their owners to join them later.

Willy lived a miserable lonely existence in the first 12 years of his life. However in his last 3 years, his life was filled with love and care from his adopted family. If Willy could talk - he would have said to his adopted family - "thank you for your love and care, till we meet again."