Bad Duck!

Recently, HC bought some bad duck! And I mean bad bad bad duck.

Look at this!

The one on the left looks "normal", while the one on the right is obviously bad!
HC bought three packets of duck breast from this mega supermarket (so they're supposed to have fresh meat, right?). Immediately upon reaching home, she separated them into 6 packets and freeze them. The next day, she decided to take out 2 packs to thaw for us, and was horrified to saw that half of them had turned to a dull-greenish/brown color. So she threw away those bad-looking ones but fed us a little of those that look "normal".
Of course, I - the one with iron stomach had no problem, but Jack had minor diarrhoea.
In the end, HC threw away the whole lot as she doesn't want us to be sick or rather, to clean up wet poo poo. She also wrote to the supermarket to complain about the bad meat. In the end, the supermarket "accept full responsibility for the deficiences in quality assurance check on supplier's product and have taken steps to ensure that supplier undertakes the required quality assurance check training....".
They offered a refund but HC didn't have any receipts nor even know how much she paid.
(HC : ya... I am very bad with remembering the price of things I buy, perhaps sub-consciously trying not to know how much I spent on these two dogs!)
HC hopes that the supermarket will indeed improve on their quality - cos that's the only place she knows that has boneless duck breasts.

It's a Dog's Life

Just yesterday, we received another vitamins package that HC ordered.

Half of the items are for us - CoQ10 (from Life Extension and Country Life) and flax/fish oil (from Twinlab).

HC said that we take more supplements than she does, but this time round, she got something for herself - two of them were supplements that should allow her to sleep better.

I think she should be reincarnated as a dog - we could sleep almost immediately all day, and have no problems waking up too!

Look how Jack is enjoying his dog's life~

Happy Holidays

Happy New Year to all dloggers!

We had a quiet, but relaxing and fun Chinese New Year holidays.

Instead of visiting family and friends like what other dogs do with their humans, we had fun visiting the dog run, taking long walks and going to the beach.

Here's some pictures of our day at the dog run.

Running towards HC with my ball.

Getting ready to catch the ball

Catching the ball in the air.

* panting * More?

After running non-stop for half an hour - I finally decided to rest a bit.

Of course, Jack is doing his usual thing - guarding the gate.

.... actually to be honest, I rather have fun at the park and go visiting too! I think my friends who went visiting were fed with chinese new year goodies!!!!!