Fat Jack and Skinny Willy

Jack used to be double his size. He lost weight about 8 years ago, now has a lean body.

This pic was taken like 10 years ago. Beside Jack is our ex-cousin and now godbrother Willy!

New Leather Bed

We have finally adapted to our new home ! (HC : it took jack and joey 10 days to start playing with their toys at the new place, and that was when I think they finally realised that this is 'home'.)

Both of us have 2 beds each. One is a day time bed like this :

This other one is for night use.

We decided two aren't enough, and went to search for more.

We found leather beds - something new to us!

One huge one in the living room!

Another hot pink one in HC's room!

Of course, we will behave when HC is at home and use only the day-time bed .. hehe
(HC : i found evidence of their fur all over the black leather seat.. and I mean 'ALL OVER'. I bet they were happy rolling around the entire L-shaped leather sofa while I am at work! Grrrrr....)

Garage Sale II

We had quite a good response from our garage sale last week as HC priced her stuff really low (like $2 for her clothes, $1 for leash, $20 for a almost new YSL shoes etc...).

A neighbour asked to have another garage sale as her friends are keen to come, so we decided to have it tomorrow (17th September 2011, Sat) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m..

We added new stuff to our garage sale such as ipanima bags, branded clothes, dog related books, blankets, and.......

our Coach collar and leash (2 sets)!

I'm wearing the red coach collar in this picture.

Pictures from our garage sale last week.

I don't find this picture funny... wonder why are the humans laughing?