Bored Jack

When Jack is bored, he will usually chew his bones. Once in a while, he will misbehave and chew/eat plants and newspaper.

The other day, he found something even better!

Yup - that's a clothes peg. And I think there are missing parts that HC couldn't locate on the floor. He must have eaten it. (don't worry - he's still surviving).

HC reprimanded him for eating the clothes peg - but look at his "who cares?" look.

Hong Kong's SPCA

I've always wondered how the SPCA in other countries looked like, and if they are in as bad a condition as the one in Singapore (that's according to HC - luckily I have never been there).

Came across this blog's article written by a famous HongKong actor, Louis Koo. We're not a fan of his cos we hardly watch chinese movies (unless it's free-on-t.v.) , but we enjoyed reading about his dog. This time, I admired him (the actor - not the dog) for reminding the public/his fans that one should think before adopting a pet, as pet is for life. (I don't think he is paid to do this)

Most interestingly, the pictures attached showed the clean and conducive environment of their SPCA. The dogs even got their own bed! If Hong Kong can maintained such a nice environment, why can't ours? Lack of funding or government support?

(HC would like to add that she could never get lost when she visits SPCA cos she can smell the stench from far. )

However, despite the difference in the living conditions of animals in SPCA - one thing remains clear. These dogs need a permanent home and a committed owner.

For those readers who does not have a dog/pet, or those of you who are contemplating having another dog - please think twice. Like what the famous actor said - these pets are not simply a toy or product. Can you provide for them for the next 15-20 years?If the answer is "maybe" then please don't get one.

Foot Fetish

Remember I posted about my fetish with socks?

Well, actually - I also have a fetish with human feet.

Sometimes when I saw a human feet, I couldn't resist and sat on it.
(HC : Joey had this weird habit since young)

And when I cannot have access to human feet - I do the next best thing - resting against them!

Ignore the 'red beard' I had on. It was actually a Xmas hat turned upside-down.

Scuba's Xmas Present

Belated Post -

My bull terrier friend - Scuba recently received a huge Xmas present and he would like me to post it here cos his mum is too lazy to switch on the laptop for him to blog. :)

After reading about Jack's and my sleeping bag, Scuba decided he must have one too. However, since he is so much bigger, the ones we got won't be able to fit him. So, HC decided to look for our regular bed-maker : Pawfect Luxury to customise one for him.

Once he saw the bed, he couldn't wait to go right in and sleep.

I was so envious of his bed that I sat beside to wait for a chance to try it out.

I saw my chance when Scuba was lured out when he thought there was food (of course there wasn't - if there is, I would have been there already).

I'm so not getting out of the bed.

Helios wanted a chance to try it out too. But he has got to wait, of course.

To stop others from invading his new bed, he latter sent it back to Pawfect-Luxury to get his name sewn on!

Selfish bugger!

While we were all busying trying out the bed - Jack was guarding the Xmas presents.


Once in a while, HC will indulge herself with sinful food.

And of course, we demand to have some too..

Gimme Gimme

Quick! I can't stand it anymore

Jack was so hungry that he started to go, "moooo moooo..."

And you guess what the sinful stuff was that makes us go crazy?

Burger King! Yay!