Security blanket

I totally hate the thunderstorm!!!

One - I can't go out to play when it's raining... and two - well I have to admit I am scared of the loud thunder... :(

If I am lucky and HC is home, this is what I would do..

I would demand to sit on HC's lap and rest my head on her arm to seek security. She complained that by putting my head on her arm - she can't use the laptop!

After a while of not being able to surf the net, I was pushed back to my own bed.
So I seek solace with my dearest beary.

Alarm Clock

HC just found out that I have another talent!

HC was feeling guilty that she has not brought us to Sentosa for a month cos she hasn't been unable to wake up early enough. So one Sat night, she told me "if you wake me at 5.15a.m., I'll bring you to the beach".

True enough, the next morning, I woke HC up by putting my face real close to her. HC woke up and she was surprised to see the clock at 5.15a.m!

So, she kept her promise.

I am so glad to have this talent. Maybe I should wake her every morning at the same time?
hiak hiak hiak...

Stuff from U.S.A.

Alfie's mum recently went to USA for a holiday - and gave us these....

Beer for dogs! Alfie's mum remembered we blogged about this back in May 2006, and make a 1.5 hours car ride just to get this. We are so deeply touched by her kindness and generosity.

She gave us 4 bottles of the beer, and HC made us share it with other canines friends.

wait.... she is definitely not a 'CANINE'!!!!

This is Helios' greedy baby sister.

Scuba had a go with this... he seems to like it!

Helios was not interested at all as he was trying to play with Jack - and of course Jack was trying his best to ignore Helios' effort.

Me? Of course I loved it! I drank so much and so fast that HC had to physically restrained me as she's afraid I might drink till my bladder burst. HAHAHAHA...

My stupid brother Jack does not want to drink the beer initially- I think he thought it's poison? cos he only drank if after he saw how much I enjoyed the beer.

Besides the beer, Alfie's mum (a.k.a Auntie SK) also bought me two bouncy toys.

This video will show how much I love the toy.

Thank you Auntie SK !

Sad Plight

We are feeling really sad and guilty after reading about this dog's plight.

Guilty because here I was complaining about the slight allergies from cherries, and HC was happily shopping for Gucci sunglass yesterday.... and some poor dogs were in dire need for assistance.

His name is Davee, a shelter dog who does not have a home to call his own -

Davee's vet bills will not come cheap. If you have spare cash - please donate.....