Breath test

Have you ever wonder how bad your own breath is?

According to HC, mine rates 4/10 (10 being really bad bad bad breath), and Jack's used to be like 8/10.

The reason is this

See the yellow tartar on Jack's front inner teeth? She has tried giving him bones, but it didn't managed to clean off the front inner part cos we don't use it to gnaw on bones. For the last few months, HC has been religiously brushing our teeth every night, and Jack's stain has gone down a little. She is contemplating sending Jack for teeth scaling later this year.

Anyway, HC found this write up about parsley :
- Parsley is rich in vitamins and minerals, including A and C, as well as calcium, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, zinc, potassium, and iron.
- The boron and fluorine in parsley give strength to the bones.
- The German Commission E, an advisory panel on herbal medicines, has approved parsley for use in the prevention and treatment of kidney stones.
- Parsley's high chlorophyll content makes this beneficial herb a natural as a tasty breath freshener.

So, HC has been boiling parsley in water, and stored these boiled water in little containers in the fridge. Every day, we will get 2 tablespoon or so with our food. And it helps! HC said that Jack's breath is now 7/10 and mine 3/10! Yay!

Note : Jack has protested about me posting the above un-cool picture of his yellow teeth, and wants everyone to know that most of this teeth are WHITE! In fact the vet has seen him and said he has healthy teeth and gum given his age.

He posed this picture to prove how white his teeth are:

My Friends

This post is dedicated to my good friends. HC said we are very lucky to be able to meet and play with our friends almost daily. She said not alot of dogs get to do that.

Helios, Tommy and I. Why is Tommy sniffing my neck when I am playing tug with Helios?

Here's a funny picture of Helios getting humped (by me) , and I was distracted (along with Tommy) by a toy that a human was dangling above our heads.
While we were happily playing, Herbie is behind sniffing Tommy's butt.

Tommy and I played with our favorite game - Tug-of-Ball! (ermm... did you see someone spying on us?)

The Spy (Scuba) tried to come in-between Tommy and I.

The Spy watching us again....

And again, (see his nice pink butt? hehehe)

Spy was again caught watching us when we are taking pictures! What was he up to?

Scuba : I wasn't doing anything! I'm sleep walking! Honest!

For those of you not familiar with Scuba, he has a reputation of sleeping most of the time. He can continue to sleep on the floor when we are stepping all over him. At 9p.m, he will demand to be let into the bedroom to sleep by walking to the bedroom door and leaning his head against the door (he thinks he has to power to open the door just by meditation). And he doesn't care that his guests (us) are still around and playing noisily. If he needs to sleep, he will...
And Scuba takes power nap. He will nap for 1/2 hr, and then wakes up to try to join in the game. But sometimes, he joins in at the wrong time - such as when Tommy is tired and sleeping. Scuba aspires to be either a dentist or beautician (he cannot decide which) by licking another dog's entire head and/or mouth.

And of course Tommy is irritated sometimes and tried to push Scuba away (hehehe).

(HC : I am very glad Joey gets to meet and play with his friends daily. All of them play very well together and politely too. For example, we had a chew hoove once. And all the dogs (I think there were about 6-7 of them) took turns to chew at it. I am serious... one will be chewing while the others waited. Then the one chewing it will get distracted and walks away. Another dog will then take over the chew hoove. So far, only my other dog - Jack is a bit rude. Jack actually growled at Tommy and snatched the chew hoove right under Tommy's nose. Luckily, most of them give way to Jack:)
However, Jack still does not want to play with the rest of the dogs. He is more of a discipline master. One bark, and the dogs will stop playing)

Forget Me Not

Remember my HC's office dog - ToTo?

Well, he is actually 'illegal', as HC has not sought proper permission to keep ToTo in the office compound. HC cannot find a good excuse for the office to keep him officially, because ToTo is a scaredy dog. After feeding him for 9 months, he still runs away when HC comes near. I think HC has now called him "the useless guard dog", because ToTo will attempt to guard the office by barking at strangers and then runs away!

To help him overcome his fear, HC has bought 2 Bach remedies - Mimulus and Larch. She has been feeding him for the last 1 week. However, HC could only feed him twice a day with food which is different from the recommended instructions. So hopefully, it'll work for him.

The useless guard dog...

Remember my new door tag?

I think ToTo should get a few of these to remind his 'two' slaves: - HC will feed in the morning and another colleague during lunchtime. However, sometimes due to wet weather or workload, they'll forget and will only remember when HC and her colleague meet after the usual mealtime. (They would say, "OHH I forgot to feed ToTo!" and rushed down to feed him.)

And HC complains that ToTo is very smelly. He has never showered in his entire life! eeek!


Have you wonder how many dogs and human can a normal sedan car fits?

Answer - 3 humans, 5 dogs (3 retrievers + 2 jacks)

The other day, we were planning to go for dinner and decided all of us should try to fit into ONE car instead.

Although the car belongs to me (yes Mine, HC is my designated driver), Jack and I are good hosts and leave the good seats to my friends.

Back seat - Auntie S and the three retrievers

Did you notice Herbie fell asleep almost immediately? Or is he one of those selfish humans on the train that pretend to sleep so that they do not need to offer the seats to the needy?

Jack and I laid down on the floor board.

Also, we received a gift recently from HC's friend.

At first we were disappointed that the gift was made of wood and not edible. Then, I had a bright idea! I decided to hang this on the main door so HC has no excuse not to feed us before she leaves the house.
Don't you think all doggies should have one of these at home?

Disastrous pictures

HC was looking through our photo album, and realised she has very few pictures with us. Though she doesn't fancy taking pictures, she knows she should take more with us else she might regret in future.

So, with no other humans at home, she decided to DIY and set up the camera timer.

sigh.... it was a long session (20 mins, 100 over pictures) as we were not very co-operative dogs when it comes to picture taking. And HC was getting really angry and exasperated with us. What was supposed to be a loving photo taking session ended up in her scolding, threatening us to sit still and to look into the blardy camera!

Jack shows his obvious displeasure at taking pictures.

HC almost struggled me to death !

A more acceptable picture, but unfortunately the picture was not sharp enough.

oh well, at least HC now has some pictures with us, never mind the disastrous results!