Treats and Tricks

HC has this belief that "there is NO free lunch in this world". And if we want treats, we had to work for it.

Jack has been taught the command 'bang' years ago, and recently, HC started to refresh his memory. And since he was taught before, he only need 2-3 reminders to get it right.

Jack has always been a vocal dog (he likes to speak to HC alot - sometimes mumbling, sometimes barking). So, he decided to create his own version of dying.

Hear how he grumbles before he 'dies'

He finally decided to give in to HC and 'died peacefully'.

As for me, HC likes to make treats more challenging. Sometimes she puts my treats in treat balls, kong, roller ball, knotted towels, and even sealed boxes.

Initially I took a while to open up a seal box, and now I take less than 8 seconds to tear open a tissue box.

(HC : I used to place treats in challenging ways so that I can take my time to leave the house. But Joey has gotten so fast with the challenges that now I had to quickly slip on my shoes and dash out of the house!)

Beach Boys

It has been raining non-stop (yes again..) for the last few days. And it usually starts from mid day onwards, and spoilt our plans to go out and play.

HC and friends felt bad and decided to bring all of us to Sentosa if it doesn't rain this Sunday morning.

And, the weather was kind and didn't start to rain until it was time for us to leave.

Me retrieving ball as usual

Aye...Tommy, can you don't block my way??

My favourite pastime - burying my ball

Jack as usual was bored to tears

After more than an hour of swimming and playing, the humans decided that it's time to go when it started to drizzle.

Of course, we had to have an 'unglam' shower before heading home.

hehehe... there is no pic of me showering cos HC didn't want her new camera to be drenched.

A very unglam Tommy

Herbie's new hairdo (or hair don't) ???

Herbie closing his eyes thinking that no one can recognise him with eyes closed!

We really had a fun time, and HC was hoping I can sleep throughout the day and not disturb her. But she is soooo wrong! I still have alot of energy and made her threw balls for me in the afternoon. hehehe

Monkeys Galore

This post is dedicated to my two friends -

Ice - who went through two operations and is locked inside a fortress by his evil mistress, 24/7 for the last 2 weeks, doing nothing except twiddling his toes maybe. Ice, this post is for you to imagine being there with the monkeys.


Rafv - who has some weird obsession with monkeys.

HC brought us to a leisure afternoon walk around the park last Sunday, and we saw a group of more than 10 monkeys. They were not afraid of humans and dogs, and some in fact followed us a distance.

A couple of times, I tried to pull on to my leash to go nearer to the monkeys, but HC said a low 'No'. She didn't want us to disturb the monkeys unnecessary as this is their territory.

There was a couple of loving monkeys scratching each other's back.

But I think they took their loving a bit too extreme.

Eeeekk.... scratching the poo poo area??

I couldn't bear to look further and walked away

Jack had to pee before we were made to pose together.

Posing together

A 2-head dog?

My Gal's Revenge

Remember my earlier post about how Jack's disfigured my gal - Sasha?

Well, Sasha finally decided to retaliate.

Jack was again chewing her almost lifeless body(and this time he was targeting her neck), and suddenly Sasha sprung to life!

See how Jack jumped!

New girlfriend

Last month, HC got me a new girlfriend. Her name is Sasha. She speaks and dances very well and she is was a very beautiful gal.

Unfortunately, Jack took a liking to her....

Here's how she look like within 5 mins of Jack's loving..

Another few mins later...

Here's how she looks like now.

Poor Sasha... she is totally disfigured.

Jack simply loves all fluffy, girly dogs.


Special note to my friend - Huskee.

Beware of Jack when you see him.

He drools over this picture of you.

My suggestion - shave bald!

Scuba's Huge Bone

Auntie V said that Scuba received a huge bone from Bully.
In order to show you guys how huge the bone was, she asked HC if I could be 'on loan' for a couple of minutes.

And for a stupid moment, I thought the bone was for me and looked up at HC to ask if I can gnaw at it.

Did you see Jack sitting very straight at the other corner? He was hoping to take a bite of the bone too.

As a reward, Auntie V allowed us to gnaw at it for a minute.

Scuba was in the backyard, separated by the glass window and could only looked on forlornly while we were enjoying the bone in the living room.

Alas, the enjoyment only lasted for a minute and then Auntie V put the bone away.

I wonder if the bone is still in Scuba's house? I must search for it on my next visit!

Pet Shop Dog

Following Sunshade’s post earlier, I would like to share some of my personal experience and views.

I was unfortunately a petshop dog. I was purchased as a ‘school holiday gift’ to a young boy. The boy had wanted a jack russell because he had seen how attached Jack is to HC and also amazed by the tricks he can do…(ahem, it’s not really a big deal but non-dog owners are often amazed by how a dog can learn to sit, down, stay, beg etc. I know it is really silly! Hahahaha). At that time, HC was more interested in dog obedience and regrettably didn’t read up much about puppy mills and stuff to discourage the purchase.

To cut the long story short, the petshop owner sort of cheated the boy’s family. (On hindsight, HC thinks they, including herself deserved to be cheated for being ignorant.)

During the viewing, I showed signs of kennel cough. HC voiced her concerns that I will pass on the virus to Jack but the owner said kennel cough was not infectious (bullshit!). They gave a bottle of un-labelled cough syrup and said that the kennel cough would go away within days. In actual fact, it took two weeks of bad, persistent coughing and a visit to the vet before it clears up.

Not only that, I do not conform to the breed standards. For example, initially I had nicely folded ears but within a month it started to erect like Jack’s. I also had undescended testicles. (That said, I am not ashamed of my looks, as what matters most is that HC said I am the cutest dog in the entire world :))

The petshop also said that I ‘came with papers’, and that family innocently thought they meant pedigree certificate. When they were queried a month later when no ‘papers’ were received, they replied that owners have to approach our kennel club to get the ‘papers’. Their so-called ‘papers’ were actually breed certificate. I know alot of people were cheated through this way too.

Luckily, I had no other major problems (thank you god!). But I have heard/known of petshop puppies dying from parvo, or having genetic problems such as heart diseases, hip problems etc.

HC has become less ignorant nowadays about puppy mills and has decided that her next dog is either going to be a rescued dog or a dog from a reputable breeder, one who breeds dog for health, temperament and conformation (the order of HC’s preference). Do not buy just because the breeder said his/her stud/bitch is a champion! Cos you may end up with a dog that looks like a champion but suffers from health problems.

She has also made it a point to stop buying from shops that sell livestock.

Once, she accidentally saw the back of a popular shop (who gives really good prices) and almost had a heart attack. The stench was overpowering and the floor and crates were really dirty. There were also a few miserable looking dogs that looked like they were used for breeding.

HC used to frequent another popular petshop. One incident puts her off - there was this dog whose twice bigger than a standard JRT, has big pointed ears like a welsh corgi (wayyyyy bigger than Jack’s). When HC asked what breed that is, the owner said it with a straight face, "that is a jack russell… and he comes with pedigree certificate" and "is only 3 months old" (HC have seen that dog in the miserable crate for 2 months!). HC also heard that there were a few parvo cases from that petshop yet they continued to sell dogs there.

There were also unethnical home breeders whom HC detests. There was this ex-friend who boasted that he used to breed his GSD and earned quite abit from the litters. Luckily, in recent years, he has not been successful to breed his GRs. This unethnical person has been heard persuading other dog owners to breed their dogs (with one such dog displaying hip problems).

Needless to say, HC is not on speaking terms with such person.

See this picture.

Remember this post?

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

To celebrate the New Year, HC opened a miniature bottle of wine and shared it with us.

Fortunately for me, Jack disliked the smell and turned his face away from the wine. So I drank it all on my own.


And......I think I know what Jack's new year resolution is.

He hopes to be more tolerant towards humans.

Proof? Jack was bullied by his No.1 fan. and didn't even react to it.

Hiak hiak hiak