Scuba's Huge Bone

Auntie V said that Scuba received a huge bone from Bully.
In order to show you guys how huge the bone was, she asked HC if I could be 'on loan' for a couple of minutes.

And for a stupid moment, I thought the bone was for me and looked up at HC to ask if I can gnaw at it.

Did you see Jack sitting very straight at the other corner? He was hoping to take a bite of the bone too.

As a reward, Auntie V allowed us to gnaw at it for a minute.

Scuba was in the backyard, separated by the glass window and could only looked on forlornly while we were enjoying the bone in the living room.

Alas, the enjoyment only lasted for a minute and then Auntie V put the bone away.

I wonder if the bone is still in Scuba's house? I must search for it on my next visit!


fufu said...

Joey, Thats such a HUGH bone! How long would it take you to gnaw it to nothing???

~ fufu

Joey said...

Fufu.. I wish I had the chance to find out how long it takes me to gnaw to nothing. Can you help me to ask Scuba's mom to let me try it out?

Huskee Boy said...

Woah Joey, that's a ENORMOUS bone. I don't think you can finish it alone.. maybe I can help?? Godma showed it to my ma and she almost fainted cos it's even thicker than her arm.. heheh.. Scuba sure is lucky..

Boy n Baby said...

Thats really a HUGE bone! We think you three can gnaw at it at the same time.

Boy n Baby

buster said...

Yeah, you can go thru the cabinets next time you're there right after you go through the garbage!

Bussie Kissies

joe stains said...

that is a giant bone!!!

Herbie said...

You only had it for a minute? I was gnawing at it for at least 15 min! Hiak hiak hiak....

PS: But didn't make any noticable dent

__qca=45926107-ce48f-93ee1-3bc3c said...

hey its a BIG bone!! where from Bully got this??

And hey guys, just check this out Dog Of The Week Contest!

rafv said...

Too big bone.. I am afraid my teeth can't take so wild stuff. :( I will wait till you/Scuba, whoever make it softer then I might try! hehe


alfie said...

aunty g / jack / joey,, thanks for your pressies. I got to play with them as soon as we got home / had the pleasure of taking the squeaker out of the ball, eaten the eyes of the teddy bear! plenty of licks to 3 of U!

Sunshade said...

OMG.... did you notice Scuuuuuuba's eyes were glowing?? I don't think he was happy about you "borrowing" his bone..

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade