Treats and Tricks

HC has this belief that "there is NO free lunch in this world". And if we want treats, we had to work for it.

Jack has been taught the command 'bang' years ago, and recently, HC started to refresh his memory. And since he was taught before, he only need 2-3 reminders to get it right.

Jack has always been a vocal dog (he likes to speak to HC alot - sometimes mumbling, sometimes barking). So, he decided to create his own version of dying.

Hear how he grumbles before he 'dies'

He finally decided to give in to HC and 'died peacefully'.

As for me, HC likes to make treats more challenging. Sometimes she puts my treats in treat balls, kong, roller ball, knotted towels, and even sealed boxes.

Initially I took a while to open up a seal box, and now I take less than 8 seconds to tear open a tissue box.

(HC : I used to place treats in challenging ways so that I can take my time to leave the house. But Joey has gotten so fast with the challenges that now I had to quickly slip on my shoes and dash out of the house!)

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