Our Diet

We have been taking raw diet for the last 7-8 years. Twice a month, HCwill drive to our preferred wet market to get our fresh supplies of lamb and chicken meat, and occasional fish, too.

However, HC was told recently that the wet market will be closed for a year for upgrading! That is a major problem as there are very few wet markets that sells lamb meat. Of course that's still a nice (read "expensive") butchery within 5 mins drive from our place, but that will cost HC an arm and a leg to feed us.

HC had also tried ordering frozen meat that does delivery - but the quality of the meat is less than desirable.

Anyway, here's a picture of how she prepares our food.

The lamb is weighed (yup, we are on a strict diet - although if I exercise alot that day, I get more dried natural treats).

And packed in individual containers.
Here's mine - and it says "Joey 160 g" (of meat)

And carefully stored in the freezer.

Mine are stored in square containers on the right, while Jack's stored in round containers on the left. Jack takes about 100-120g of meat per day as he is not as active as I am.

Chicken meat and chicken necks on the bottom layer of the freezer.

HC gets only a pathetic space in the freezer. Haha.. now you know who's the boss at home, right?

Oh, we get fed only once a day in the morning. Most nights, we do get fed a tablespoon of steamed pumpkin - which gives us nice round poop the next day.

Bishan Dog Run - Updates II

Oh… we are getting so mad with Nparks.

First, it was closure of dog run for 10 days (13 – 23 Sep), then 1 month (13 Sept – 15 Oct), and the latest news is that they will extend the closure till 10 Nov which is a total duration of 2 months! Of course they added a disclaimer that dates is subject to site conditions, which means that the closure may be further extended till god-knows-when.

We were there 2 days ago, and were pleased to see that the new dog run is done up, with pavement and fenced up properly. The only construction works we saw were outside the new dog run. We were then quite sure it will be re-opened by this week. So you can guess how upset HC is upon receiving the email notification from Nparks.

HC also received news from another regular via email that he was told by a supervisor there that they have to wait for all the grass to grow back!

WHAT????? How can the grass grow properly without our nutrients??

HC had written to them again to expedite the opening of dog run as there was no reason not to as the construction were done outside. Even partial opening of the run will be greatly appreciated by all dogs, for sure.

To all regular visitors to dog run – do drop an email NPARKS_MAILBOX@NPARKS.GOV.SG
Or LIM-CHENG_Siew_Lee@nparks.gov.sg

I am not getting any younger. 2 months to me is equivalent to 14 months for a human!

We almost died...

yup... HC said we almost died due to her carelessness.

As usual, we had our morning meal routine. Jack will be fed first in the kitchen, while I am kept away in the living area as HC said I steal Jack's food.

While Jack was having his meal and I was whining impatiently to be fed - HC went out of the house with the garbage. This is nothing new as she will come back within a minute. But I waited, and waited and waited.. and HC only came back 20mins later. When we finally saw her, her face was pale and panting and we barked at her for taking such a long time to come back.

HC version of story is here:
What happened was that I went downstairs to throw away the garbage, but accidentally shut the door and left my house keys inside the house. I quickly looked for my neighbour who has my spare key. But alas, she was not at home. Luckily I had my mobile phone with me and tried to call her. By then, I was frantic as I remembered that I was steaming some food in the kitchen! My neighbour finally picked up on my second call - and said she was in a nearby hospital visiting her husband, and fortunately she had my house keys in her bag.

It was fortunately that it's a Sunday morning and taxis were readily available. I pleaded with the taxi driver to speed as I told him I was steaming some food, and my two dogs were stucked at home. I can imagine either the pot boiling over and scald Jack, or it might just explode! All horrible thoughts were running in my mind as the taxi sped along.

It took the taxi about 20 mins to finally sent me back home. By then I was experiencing cold sweat and shaky hands.. haha..

Thank goodness my neighbour wasn't too far away.. else god knows what will happen!

Good neighbours

We lived in a place where the neighbours are friendly and kind.

When it rains and HC is not at home, neighbours will help to collect her laundry back into their home (yes, we lived in a place where laundry are hang outside our unit - like those kampong style!).

HC regularly receives home-cooked dishes from another nice neighbour.

The neighbours tolerate my barking while playing ball. Sometimes, they would stop and watch me play.

Just the other day, HC was contemplating driving out to all her friends' place to collect newspapers for our poop/urine as our supplies were running low. Lo and behold, she opened her door and saw this...

A precious gift of newspapers from a kind neighbour. She had carried this all the way up 3 storeys just to give it to us.

The neighbours are so nice that HC couldn't bear to leave this place.

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day for us.

HC bought us new toys again.

Jack's favourite key ring had fallen apart, and HC bought another one to replace it.

He's happy with the new ring. But I think secretly he still preferred the old, dirty one but HC had thrown it away.

I had a new ball (HC : Joey has a new ball like every week!)

After a long time, we were all tired from playing the toys and went to sleep.

Look at Jack's disgusting sleeping position?

Another position of Jack with his head hanging. I wasn't sleeping.. but just meditating.

(Jack was sleeping a bed named "Joey" while I was sleeping on one that says "Jack". But he likes round bed and I accommodated him on that)

Later in the afternoon, we met some doggy friends at a cafe. It's a really cool place as we get to sit on the couch.

We also had yummy chicken pasta. No pictures as we gobbled it up too fast.
It's a good day, but would have been better if we have a chicken pasta each instead of sharing it among 4 dogs!