Dental Apparatus

Ever since our diet has less RMBs (raw meaty bones) due to our little dental accidents, HC is worried about the state of our dental health. She feels that our teeth does not look as good as before despite the bi-monthly recreational bones.

The other day at the dog show, she bought this special toothbrush, 3-in-1 where the front, back and top teeth can be brush at the same time.

Weird-looking toothbrush

However, we don't like this toothbrush as we had to open our mouth real wide, which proved to be a real challenge to HC. Jack, who usually tolerants toothbrushing, started to growl a little nowadays. (of course, HC reprimanded him)

So she alternate this with our regular toothbrush -

Look, our Mickey Mouse toothbrush!

HC has more scary dental apparatus!

The smaller sharp apparatus is for her to dig out stuck tendons and meat pieces in-between our teeth. This is especially useful after our bi-monthly mutton bones.
The bigger one claims to remove tooth stain, which doesn't work, of course.

I think HC is obsessed with our dental health! Can someone please talk some sense to her?

Shopping trip

Last Sunday, we went for a shopping trip at a dog show.

We bought :
- 6 packets of all natural Roo treats,
- a large packet of lamb ears,
- two tubs of raw dehydrated food (see below for more info),

and some stuff that are really a waste of money in my opinion: a special toothbrush (we hate it - will blog about it another day), breath freshenner (definitely for Jack, cos I have wonderful breath), toothpaste (what for?)

We are fed on raw food diet for the last 3-4 years, however, HC decided to get two different kinds of pre-prepared human-grade raw dehydrated food. One is a complete turkey meal because fresh raw turkey meat is not readily available here. It is also more like an 'emergency' meal for us in case HC runs out of our meat supply.(how irresponsible!)

The other tub of dehydrated food is meat-free, grain-free and is more like a base supplement to our regular raw meat. She will alternate this with our normal vegetable bland.

See how excited I am about the human-grade, raw dehydrated food?

Special Ability

We have a new neighbour, a mongrel by the name of Sparker.

I heard he grew up in a nursing home, but for some reason, one of the staff (also HC's ground floor neighbour) decided to bring him home. HC saw him first and find him good mannered as he never barks and allows HC to pat him. But she changed her mind much later when she saw how he bit the head of another of our neighbour - a much bigger sized Lab. What is worse is that Sparker is never leashed. Many a times, they closed their windows and main door, and just leave him to roam outside. (This is really inconsiderate, knowing how aggressive Sparker can be)

HC was pretty worried as we definitely had to pass by his area on our way up. More so, cos my dear brother - Jack is very unfriendly and she is sure he will growl at Sparker. And HC is very very worried that Sparker will pick a fight with Jack. And knowing how small size and old Jack is, HC doubt he will survive. So she is mentally prepared to grab Sparker and kill him if he attacks Jack.

The inevitable happens.....

One day, we were walking down the steps when HC was shocked to see Sparker roaming outside. She decided not to turn back home as Sparker had already spotted us and walking towards our direction. She relax our leash and was prepared to fight if Sparker shows aggression. True enough, my dear brother growl and snarl at Sparker.....

And guess what...

Sparker, upon hearing Jack's growl, actually flatten his ears, avert his eyes, head bow and slowly move away from Jack. hahahahaha... HC and I are so amazed at his reaction and HC broke out in laughter.

Jack, despite being small in size and old, somehow has this special ability to command respect. Some of our dog group - esp the bigger and more domineering ones give way to Jack all the time. They usually avert their eyes when Jack comes near. Once, 2-3 of them were play bitting, Jack walked over and growled at them. Immediately, they stopped playing and all laid down immediately.

I am truly truly amazed at Jack. I wonder how he did it. How come I don't have such respect!!!! Someone please tell me...

Don't ya mess with me!

Club Membership

Finally I have a club membership with pool facilities like the humans!

Today, HC and Auntie W (Tommy's mum) decided to check out a new mega (air-conditioned) pet store. It's a fantastic place for me, cos HC off-leashed me in the store. I was so busy sniffing around the boxes of raw hides, pet food and toys. Then, the staff at the store started feeding me treats! and the amazing thing was that HC didn't really stopped me cos usually she doesn't wants us to eat commercial treats.

While feeding me, the sales staff also took the opportunity to sell HC a membership. We get 20-25% discounts off toys and food, and on top of that we get to use the swimming pool! And each member get a goody bag filled up kibbles samples (that will go to Toto, HC's dog in the office), dog shampoo and a retractable leash! wow.....

Of course, we (Tommy and I), the water boys were esctatic!

When HC threw the ball into the pool, we jumped in without hesitation. But immediately, we regretted. The pool is unlike the usual sea that we swam in, and upon jumping in, our whole head was dunked in water, and horror of horrors... we cannot get back up on land! Immediately, the humans can see how panicky we became! We splashed the water around, and at the same time tried to grab hold of the walls of the pool. HC had to phyically grabbed me by the neck and pulled me out of the pool. As for Tommy, because he was bigger, he could grab the side walls better, but he too had a hard time dragging himself out of the pool. HC said it was a funny sight as it reminds her of a scene in the horror show - The Ring where the ghost slowly crawled out of the t.v.

After that, Tommy and I freaked out and didn't want to go back into the pool.

Ball, come back here. The pool is a horrible place... come baccccckkkkkkk!!!

Don't go... come back

Grrrrr... come closer

Finally, I plucked up my courage and jumped in to save my ball

Of course, HC had to help me get up from the pool.

Poor Tommy still trying to persuade his ball to come back to him

Can we refund our membership? We decided that we don't like the pool facilities at all!

Edited :
Well, if they get one of those pet ramps , I won't ask for a refund then!

The Walking Stocking

Yesterday, the humans had dinner at Scuba’s place. All of a sudden, Scuba’s mum felt something underneath the table. She bent down to take a look, and later stood up holding a rolled-up stockings and exclaimed loudly, "whose STOCKING is this?"

Everyone was shocked for a moment until Auntie W said it was hers, but she had kept the stocking in her bag. Amid the loud laughing, HC said, "I think Joey is the culprit! He must have stolen it from your bag!" (Ooops…. I got found out!)

If you wanna know why she said this, read here

Everyone started laughing and said that if Scuba’s dad is around, Scuba’s mum would probably hid the stocking and wait till everyone has left before kicking up a big fight with the innocent Dad. Lesson to all males, please be careful of cunning dogs....

HC said I should be called - Joey, the Jack-Retriever-Terror

Who? I'm innocent!

Updates about lost Jacker:
We went to search for Jacker at his block as well as the nearby estates. However, I cannot really remember how Jacker smell like, as I only met him once at the beach. At that time, I was too engrossed with my ball and only gave him a obligatory hello (quick sniff at butt). I should have tried to remember his scent more! Darn!

Anyway, HC let me go offleash to sniff around, and I stopped in front of a few units and refused to move until HC came and forcefully grabbed me. I know there are dogs inside the units, but not sure if it is Jacker. Anyway, the doors and windows are locked and there is no way of knowing if it is him. (HC doubt it is Jacker though cos the barking sounds like some CHHs)

But someone up there decided to reward me for my efforts…. I found a biscuit lying on the ground! Well, I am not sure if it really is a biscuit cos I saw HC staring at me and quickly gobbled it up. After gobbling down the ‘biscuit’, I laid on my back, showing my belly as a sign of ‘I’m sorry-and-please-don’t-kill-me’ gesture to HC. Luckily, I only got a few light slaps on my muzzle.. yhew.. I got off lightly!

Jack is missing!

Ermmmm... not my grumpy brother - Jack.

Jacker (aka as Jack) is missing from home on Oct 8, 2006 at 3p.m. at Block 107, Bishan Street 12. If you found/heard of any male JRT found anywhere in Singapore, please call his owner - Marc at 97458525. Reward will be given, I promised.

The owners are really upset now as they only had Jacker for a few months cos his former owner wanted to abandon him. You can read more about his sad story here .

I really hope he can be reunited with his owners soon.....

This is how he look like

HC : I will probably bring Joey down to search for Jacker. Joey is not trained to search for dogs, but it is better then to sit and wait for miracles to happen. Jack will probably not be going cos his spine cannot take too much stairs climbing. Wish us luck!

Longest tongue

Any contest for dogs with longest tongue?

Do I qualify?

5 Little Pigs

HC bought 5 little pigs home!

Here they are....

ooooohhh.. so cute.. they even have ribbons on them.

I like this one best.. she's the cutest

HC said they are actually edible and bought for the forthcoming Mooncake Festival.
She said since I had never tasted them since birth, she will allow Jack and I to share one with her.

I was going, "what???? eat this sweet little thing??"

Well, I almost couldn't bare to eat her. ALMOST...

It smelled heavenly. But to our disappointment, HC cut the piggy into three parts - NOT EQUALLY. She took the biggest portion, and left Jack and I the smaller one. Sigh....
And, it tasted as good as it looks.

Do we have to wait another year before we get to eat it again?

Let me post the cute piggies pictures on my blog.
Serious blogger at work.

How to be a good host?

The humans were having a coffee chat at Scuba's house (again), and Scuba's mum was saying that Scuba's a bad host.

You see, at about 9.30 p.m. every night, he will try to find a way to go to bed, regardless whether there are humans & dogs over at his place. Sometimes, he will stand by the bedroom door, asking to go to bed.

Other times, he will do this if his bed is in the living room.

Scuba : You guys are too noisy and the lights too bright!!

Scuba's mum finally decided that Scuba need to learn how to be a better host, and forcefully carried him up to join in the conversation.

Scuba: Do I really have to join in? *yawns*

On a separate note, PEPPER - Scuba's grouchy feline sibling decided to prepare himself for the forthcoming Deepavali holidays by applying an orange dot on his forehead.

Oh.. Happy Children's Day!