Jack is missing!

Ermmmm... not my grumpy brother - Jack.

Jacker (aka as Jack) is missing from home on Oct 8, 2006 at 3p.m. at Block 107, Bishan Street 12. If you found/heard of any male JRT found anywhere in Singapore, please call his owner - Marc at 97458525. Reward will be given, I promised.

The owners are really upset now as they only had Jacker for a few months cos his former owner wanted to abandon him. You can read more about his sad story here .

I really hope he can be reunited with his owners soon.....

This is how he look like

HC : I will probably bring Joey down to search for Jacker. Joey is not trained to search for dogs, but it is better then to sit and wait for miracles to happen. Jack will probably not be going cos his spine cannot take too much stairs climbing. Wish us luck!


herbie said...

Oh dear! Good luck in finding Jack! If you manage to find him, you can set up a lost dog search company!

In the meantime, I'll try to keep my eyes open.

fufu said...

Joey, Good luck in helping. I hope you Jacker gets to go home soon.

~ fufu

rafv said...

Oh... Poor Jacker.. He doesn't know how to go back...
Joey, you are good good boy to help his upset owner to find him. God bless you.

I will cross my finger.


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I hope he comes homes soon. Good Luck!

Bussie Kissies

Scuba said...

Good luck

Jack can come over while Joey help in finding Jacker

Jay said...

Good Luck, Joey! I hope that Jacker could be found soon.

Huskee Boy said...

Hey Joey,
Good luck with finding Jack.. Hoe he is reunited with his owners soon *crosses paws*

Huskee Boy

BooBoo said...

hi Joey,

If you go in the morning or evening to Bishan park, look out for an uncle who is about 60 years old, also with a male JRT.

Ask that uncle to help you keep a look out cos I know that uncle hangs around bishan park and Ave 1 daily.

I will also help you look around when I goes for my walk tomorrow (if I do), else I will get Ah Gal, the CKCS, to look out. She has got longer legs and runs faster than me, and she is a hunter dog, she got a better chance in finding Jack compare to me >.<

Opy said...

We have our paws crossed that Jack will return home soon - positive thoughts are sent your way.