Search & Rescue Demo + Inhales Food

Today is a special day.

HC brought me to Parkway Parade for a pet event as the SCDF's search team were conducting a demo.

During the demo, which is a simplified version of our actual training, they placed 4 large boxes and hid a young kid in 1 of them. Luckily, I didn't disappoint HC - and were able to find the victim very quickly. Just a few barks and seconds - the demo ended.

After the demo, I was rewarded with humans'ICE CREAM! Woah - this is better than normal training as I usually only get ball as a reward.

We walked around abit, and just before HC decided to bring me home - she heard that there is a HUNGRIEST DOG CONTEST. She knew I would do very well as I am a very greedy dog who "inhales" food.

Before the start of contest - food was laid down about a metre away from us. See how much I was straining against the leash to try to get closer to the food? (HC: this is embarrassing - but the other dogs were calmly waiting! Others might think I starved Joey for days!)

Look at how I "inhale" food?

There were 4 other dogs participating - I was too busy to look at them , but I think I might be the smallest dog as I think I saw a mini schnauzer, german shephard, lab...

and needless to say, I won the contest paws down... hahahahaha...

(HC: big dogs were given 2 portions of food - but I seriously don't think I've see any dogs that eat as fast as Joey.. hahaha)

Busy with new toy

I am so busy with my new toy!

I tried to kill it so many times but aren't successsful!

Reason being that it was made for tough love and to be pulled apart into 3 pieces.

darn! please teach me how to kill it properly.

For you information, I had one exactly the same only it's dressed as a clown. It's so well stitched that it had maintained intact despite being with me for a couple of years. HC bought me a new one simply because it's starting to show signs of wear and tear due to age.

I can't believe how difficult it is to kill them! *shake head*

Hot hot day

It was a crazily hot few days recently.... too hot for me to go out to play.
So I tried to nap, but someone keep taking pictures of me.
I know, I know - it's tough to be this handsome!

Bull terrier wanna be

Many people have commented that my brother Jack look like a bull terrier...

and he decided to do weird things with his eye to achieve the bull-terrier-beady-eyes look.

This is how a real bull terrier looked like (My friend Scuba)

haha.. do you think Jack look like Scuba?

(HC : Jack had a small problem (literally) with his eyes recently. It's like he can barely opened them and he couldn't focus at all ! Luckily he recovered within 2 days...)

Robi - HC's New Best Friend

HC brought home her new best friend - Robi.

He's round, loud and plain looking....

Jack didn't like him - he kept shouting at Robi "WHo are you? what do you want? you're loud.. but I can be LOUDER!!!"

Me? Since he is HC's new best friend - I wagged my tail but looked a bit worried as he sure is noisy and runs around fast like a little mouse. Should I play catch with him?