I'm a good boy .... and a little prince

I am bored out of my mind! It has been raining so often, and once - we were about to step out of the house when it started raining. It was so frustrating to get excited when HC put on our collars and leash, only to have it removed without even stepping out of the house.

Obviously, Jack - a homebody has no problems staying at home. After all, he is alot more active when he's at home. At least he is burning off energy and calories with his chewing activity. (calories??? oh no.. I am starting to sound like HC)

Jack and his favourite chill-out activity.

I decided to join him in chewing. This is my favourite chew bone cos I can easily chew off the corners and eat it!

HC : Joey likes to eat this dental bone, which I strongly discouraged cos he will barf it out later at night (or even a few days later) cos it is not digestible. So I usually watch him closely when he chews this bone. But he is a good boy cos he will spit the bits onto my palm when I asked him to.

Joey : ... HC praised me for being a good boy!
See the tiny bits that HC asked me to spit out? She said these will upset my tummy at night.

And since there is no park activity recently, the humans have taken a fancy to this little fat cute prince!

How To Get A New Toy

What do you do when you know your human has your favourite (NEW) toy kept in a 'secret' box that is too high for your reach?

I've tried hinting subtlely for months by sitting and staring at the secret box but HC either pretend she didn't see or point towards my toy box and said, "you still have lots of toys there!"

Thus I decided that to get a new toy, I had to 'throw' away an old one.

Then I remembered my bunny -

Was too rough with bunny and dismembered it. But HC managed to revive it by amputating 1 leg. It is still in the toy box and not thrown away.

So I knew I had to act drastically in order to get one of my toy thrown away.

Sorry but I had to sacrifice you....

It was such a mess that HC didn't know where or how to revive it. So, I had my wish come true...

Ta-da... my new favourite ball!

HC : This is one of Joey's favourite toy. I think it is Apple #4 now. I even wrote to the retailer last year asking for availability, but unfortunately they didn't have it anymore. Luckily one of my friend knew I was looking for this and gave her last stock to me.

To make up to Jack who has very few toys - HC gave this yellow loofah-like thingy to him. Is HC trying to tell Jack to scrub his teeth?

I loved it so much that I had to sleep with it.

Now....which other toy can I sacrifice?

Freezing Nights

Tommy and I have met and we are getting along fine - we totally forgotten about the argument!

It has been a boring week - since it has been raining 'puppies and dogs'. (Jack objected to the word 'cat' in this household).

So no playing in the park, no balls, no nothing....

Except due to the rain, it was really nice to snuggle in bed at night, except for the stupid camera.

Will ya just quit taking pictures, woman!

I was so sleepy I could barely keep both my eyes open!

Maybe I should hide my face so that bored woman can't continue to take pictures.

The woman then turned her attention to grouchy, evil-eyed Jack.

Can't the weather be more co-operative by having sunny days and only start raining late at night?

Are we still friends?

Tommy and I are long-time friends. We meet each other almost every day and loves to play tug together. If he is in the park with me, HC noticed that I am more energetic than usual (note : we usually ignore each other at park though) and continues to play fetch non-stop. HC said that this display of energy is a sign of 'show-off' to Tommy.

Like I said, we played well together. Sometimes, Tommy will teased and tried to entice me to play by his unique poking (Tommy is nick-named - Woody Woodpecker). If he irritates me too much, I would show my displeasure by nipping him, but he will still be very good-natured about it.

However, we had an argument last night.

I was sitting beside HC watching T.V. at Scuba's place. Tommy walked in from the main door and happily ran towards me trying to initiate play. Something in me snapped! I growled and nipped at him and Tommy growled back. Immediately,there was some growling and scuffle and it took HC and Tommy's owner some shouting before the commotion ceased.

After that, we were separated to different areas, and I didn't get to see him after that.

So ..... will we still be friends again?

HC : Tommy and Joey are very alike in terms of their playfulness and activity level. They also like the same type of toys. For the last few years, both were able to compromise - more from Tommy actually, as I can tell he really likes Joey and gives in to him most times. However, I think Joey nipped him a little too hard last night and Tommy couldn't take it. But I am sure they'll be friends again as dogs are alot more forgiving than human beings.


It has been raining non-stop today, but luckily, we I had a fantastic time at Sentosa early in the morning before the rain starts. (HC : Only Joey enjoys himself at Sentosa. Jack will sit and sulk until I said "Let's go home". )

I've got 2 balls!

Now which one should I play first?

Must HC throw the ball that far out to the sea?

Dilemna... red or yellow ball?

let me roll on the yellow one first!

I am so thankful we get to go to the beach before it rained!

Rewards Programme

Hey, remember my post about vitamins that HC bought online?

Well, the company sent HC an email offering a rewards program - new customers can get USD5 off if they use HC's referral code SIB351 . So, do check out this website www.iherb.com . They have alot of brands to choose from, and some brands are also sold in Singapore. The prices worked out to be cheaper than what HC can get here (even after birthday-month discounts.)

1 tip - do ensure your purchases are not more USD80, and less than 3 pounds in weight. They'll then use USPS postal services - which are relatively cheap and reliable. I got my products within 1 week.

Happy Shopping!

(Disclaimer: yes, I do get something out of this - that is 2% credit. But that's not the main purpose of putting this up. I just like to let you know a cheaper alternative as HC spent a bomb getting supplements for us here. It's ok if you prefer not to use the referral code.
HC would also like me to add one recommendation from her : this Sleep and Restore product is good for humans who do not fall asleep easily. It works really well for her. )