I'm a good boy .... and a little prince

I am bored out of my mind! It has been raining so often, and once - we were about to step out of the house when it started raining. It was so frustrating to get excited when HC put on our collars and leash, only to have it removed without even stepping out of the house.

Obviously, Jack - a homebody has no problems staying at home. After all, he is alot more active when he's at home. At least he is burning off energy and calories with his chewing activity. (calories??? oh no.. I am starting to sound like HC)

Jack and his favourite chill-out activity.

I decided to join him in chewing. This is my favourite chew bone cos I can easily chew off the corners and eat it!

HC : Joey likes to eat this dental bone, which I strongly discouraged cos he will barf it out later at night (or even a few days later) cos it is not digestible. So I usually watch him closely when he chews this bone. But he is a good boy cos he will spit the bits onto my palm when I asked him to.

Joey : ... HC praised me for being a good boy!
See the tiny bits that HC asked me to spit out? She said these will upset my tummy at night.

And since there is no park activity recently, the humans have taken a fancy to this little fat cute prince!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

You sure are a good boy doggie to spit those bits out. What a cute little prince... Is he gonna stay with you?

~ Girl girl

Joey said...

Girl Girl - God forbid! There is no way a crying baby is gonna stay with us! never!!!!!
HC : he's Tommy's little human brother :)

Huskee Boy said...

Wait a minute.. that's not Tommy's little brother right? He looks much ummm .. more muscular now compared to when mom last seen him! He is one cute little prince!

moggy said...

Rain, rain go away but those chew bones look good except of course for the bits you spat out joey. It's always best to do what HC tells you...