Role reversal

There are dogs who sleeps like human...

And human who like to sleep on dog's bed.



We had a little visitor the other day - HC's 4 year old niece.

She came specially to see me as she loved me lots (only me, not Jack!)

See how happy she was to see me?

She laid on my bed to watch me chew my toy.

Jack Rejuvenated

Jack is an avid chew. See how he chewed through the key ring?

Just a month after his 13th birthday, (HC's guess)
HC found a strand of black hair on Jack.
She's surprised cos she had never seen this black hair before.

Is he getting younger or what? HC wished Jack could share his secret with her? hahaha.. I bet alot of women wants to know his secret too!


We received some gifts from Willy's mummy.

A tight-tight tee-shirt for me! Can you see my muscles?

Jack received a raincoat.

HC likes the color combination very much. She said the orange make Jack look younger and more vibrant. Haha - ya, good old boring Jack.
There is 1 more raincoat - unfortunately HC said she have to chop off our legs to fit it in. So, she said to wait and let 'puppy' wear it! (what 'puppy'?????)
Thank you, Willy's mummy!

Dogs for adoption

Jack and I have a very happy and enviable life. But I know there are alot of homeless dogs out there looking for love and a place to call home. Do look at this site for dogs for adoption.