Water Boys

Was trying to sort out my messy picture folder in my laptop and found these funny pictures:

Ball competition between Tommy and I

Guess who won?


Tommy was a sore loser... see how he stuck out his tongue at me?

Trying to shake the water out of my ears

And, while we were busy having a ball competition,
a certain dog was drowning...

Help! Help! Help!

hahahahahahah... fortunately, Jaffe has learnt how to swim well now. If not the mummy will have a heart attack everytime we go to Sentosa.

Photo taken by Herbie's M. Not my HC cos she is a moron when it comes to photo-taking. I'll bet even if HC is using the same camera as Herbie's M, the effect will come out different.
(I know I sound as if I am trying to get into herbie's M's good books. ... cos u see, the next Sentosa trip is coming up and I need more nice photos!!)

Bones Day

We are having mutton bones today!

Ever since my little mishap, we only get to eat bones once in a while.

So, imagine how happy we were when we saw the mutton bones!

Yum yum

Jack is also having a great time!

Can I have your attention, please?

I realised the humans love yakking non-stop.

At the park, I like to play ball fetching with the humans. In order to be fair, almost everyone will get a chance to throw a ball for me. And I have learnt that humans are lazy, thus I always placed the ball very near to them. Sometimes even on their palms if I can reach.

But sometimes, I am so exasperated when the humans ignored me and continued yakking. So I have to be rude and barked at them to get their attention.

However, there are times when barking does not work i.e. humans talk louder than my barking.

So this is what I do.....

I placed my ball ON Auntie S's shoe. And it works!!! She turned her attention to me and play fetch. I think I am damn smart. This works even better than barking and I can preserved my voice for something more important.

Maybe I should try to think of something to play fetch in reverse i.e. humans fetch the ball for me to throw??? Any idea how to do that????

After a fun day at park, time to hug my ball and go to dreamland.

Big Boo-boo

We were at Scuba's place last Thursday. I am not going to divulge what we did while home alone as we made a pact not to (scout's honor).

However, I made a major boo-boo at night.

Usually, here's my pee schedule:
1. 6.30a.m. - big puddle of pee
2. 7.30 a.m. - smaller puddle of pee
3. noon - another pee
4. early afternoon - maybe just another pee if I drink too much
5. 6p.m. a - another pee
Usually at park - too busy playing ball to pee :)
6. 8p.m. - another pee after leaving park
7. 8.30p.m. - another pee before reaching home/Auntie's places for dinner
8. 9.30p.m. - another pee if I am still playing ball
9. 10.30p.m. - pee before bedtime

So you see, basically I have a really small bladder.

I am not going to find excuses for my boo boo ... but here's what happened...

HC only came to pick us at 9ish after her dinner appointment. Prior to that, Auntie V brought me to the park and later back to her home. She told HC she totally forgot to ask me to pee before reaching her home. (whether that is true or not.. I cannot remember, SERIOUS!)

When HC came up to pick us, she spent some time chatting with the other humans. I was trying to catch her attention but she was oblivious to my cues. I couldn't control any longer and leaked urine!! yes.. LEAKED!!! There was drips of urine all around the dining area. The other humans went laughing hysterically when they saw the amount of urine.

Not surprisingly HC was upset with me. Auntie S said I looked so sorry and scared and laughed at me instead. Luckily Auntie V came to hug and tell me it is okay.

I would like to publicly said sorry to Auntie Sam cos she had to clean the floor after we left. *kiss kiss*

mmmm... I wonder if I will be welcome back to Scuba's house again.

Much much later at home, HC took out these from her bag

Veal Spare Ribs + Ball

It was a gift from Jack's godma. She said the ball was for me, and the spare ribs for Jack. What she didn't realised is that Jack is allergic to VEAL!
HC gave Jack a tiny piece and said the rest are mine... muahahahaha...

Me with my new ball!

Trust Your Dog

Many a times, I always hear the SAR Officers say "Trust Your Dog" to our human handlers.

However, in the initial stage, HC was not confident of my ability, and started to direct me in the search even though my nose tells me otherwise (wasting my time and energy, really). Sometimes, she even cheated by helping me look for ‘humans’ and gave me cues. (She swears she no longer cheats.)

Now, she has learnt to trust me and stay away while I am doing my nose job.

Sometime back, someone decided to teach us a new method of searching for victims. That meant that we have to start from scratch. Unfortunately, the method backfired on me as I find the search job unchallenging and unfulfilled. Slowly, I started to hit a plateau and am unable to progress. Luckily, HC understood and protested against the new method.

I am now enjoying myself so much that I can’t wait for the bi-monthly training.

Lesson learnt – Trust your dog. Understand their needs.

I am further motivated by the article on Straits Times last Saturday on how SCDF plan to get 4 dogs to boost its fire investigation unit, in addition to their 10 resident SAR dogs and another 10 ‘civilian’ dogs (ahem… I am one of them)

In the report, Captain Lim was quoted "Dogs will always be an asset to the SCDF, even with rapid technological developments…. While there are detectors or equipment that may serve the same function, these detectors do have limitations…. Dogs are fast and accurate. They can even be highly passionate and intelligent, making them suitable partners during rescue missions."

What Captain Lim said is absolutely true. I have seen on television how some rescue workers go round the disaster area slowly with equipment to look for signs of life. However, as they progress so slowly, the victims chances of living are diminishing. Dogs are so much faster, we just sniff the air for a couple of seconds and can almost find the correct direction to go to.

Yeah… we dogs are wonderful beings, right?

(HC :errrrr.. not quite wonderful yet. Joey is very stupid. The other day at training, I can clearly see the victim hiding among the rubble but our 'smart' Joey followed the victim's scent and had to go a big round to reach the victim. If only, he had use his other senses - SIGHT, he would have seen the human lying on his (Joey's) left)

Minor Scuffle

I think that in my past life I must have offended huskies. I said this because the huskies I know always disturb me.

Just yesterday, we were at Scuba’s place as the humans were having dinner together (Uncle M went fishing and came back with 3 fishes). During the entire dinner, Chewie the husky kept disturbing Jack and I. Of course we warned him to stay away as we have an important job on hand, that is begging for food.

After dinner, the greedy humans decided to have tea and cakes. I heard Auntie S making tea and cutting up the cakes in the kitchen, and we waited anxiously by the door. Chewie came at me again, and I growled at him. I cannot remember who started first but there was a minor scuffle. HC was nearby and she shouted at us. We stopped fighting when we saw what she was holding – a CHAIR!!! Thank god she didn’t throw the chair at us. If she did, both Chewie and I will probably land up in hospital.

I had a scratch on the head

and a scratch on my muzzle

Picture of the offender. I think he is fine cos he has lots of fur to protect him

HC said I should not put the blame entirely on Chewie cos I didn't behave well too. She said I should not always be so possessive & territorial over food and toys.

The other huskies in my life :

Rafv - He likes to 'invite play' and once he went too far and used his paw to hit my head.
Read more about it here

Chili - He love to disturb me whenever I was playing ball in the park, and he loves it when I growled and chase him away. (SADIST!!) The other day, he sneaked up on me and used his paw to nudge my bum several times! Irritating.....

Max - have not seen him for a long time. But here's the evidence that he also likes to disturb when I am swimming

Toys Collection

After the sad and angry post about the abandoned dachshund, I thought it is time to write something light hearted - my toys collection.

Alot of people give names to their toys. But not ours. For example, all of Jack's chew toys are called "Bone Bone". HC will usually asks "where is bone bone?", Jack will pick up whichever bone he prefers. As for me, since I got many varieties of toys, the most I will go is to identify them by their animal breed such as bunny, oink oink.

Why do I not name my toys?
Firstly - I had too many toys, difficult to remember their names.
Secondly, and most important is that if I give them names, they will be like my friends, and I will definitely feel sad and guilty after I had tormented (shake them like a prey) and killed them.

Look at the Snowman's long battle scar. He is one brave guy.

This is OINK OINK II (USA). The predecessor - OINK OINK I (Bangkok) died within 1 month of his arrival in Singapore.

These are my current OLD soft toys.

These are NEW TOYS ON DISPLAY (meaning can see, no touch)

These are the latest petedge collection to NEW TOYS ON DISPLAY

Our chew toys that were laid out to dry after washing. When can we play with it?