Bishan Dog Run - updates

Nparks replied to HC regarding the operation of Bishan Dog Run. They even sent HC a picture of the new notice (I think they must secretly think my HC is a nosy bitch! LOL).

Obviously, they had a lousy camera or maybe just shaky hands from too much manual work - but the sign actually says "Turf Establishment 23/9/2010 - 15/10/2010".

Does this mean the new dog run is ready by 15/10/2010? For the sake of HC's sanity, I hope it does!

They also told HC that the new dog run will have two new taps but will only be ready in Dec 2010, due to phasing of works.

Fine, good.. that they are prompt with replying emails...

But why then does the fence of the old dog run needs to be removed?? I mean, the new dog run is at a different site, it is currently already blocked up (as seen in pictures)... why the hell do they need to remove the fence from the old dog run?? I still see the old fences lying on the ground for more than 10 days! They actually had no use for the fences! Why Why Why??

Bishan Dog Run

If you have read my friend Helio's blog, you would know about the closure of bishan dog run. It was supposed to be re-open yesterday - 24th Sept 2010. So HC drove us there even though it had rained heavily - hoping that we would be the first few to see the new/old dog run.

Can you see the old dog run behind whereby its fences have been removed?
Looks like nothing has been done since they removed the old fences on 13 Sept. And the new dog run does not look like it can be completed anytime soon. The pictures can be found on Helio's blog.

Well, since we are already there - I demanded to play ball even though the dog run is technically closed and it is MUDDY.

I got my wish.

Can you see my muddy legs and belly? I loveeeeee mud bath.
Thank goodness Jack and I are reliable offleash - else we probably have to go home straightaway.
HC had already written to Nparks - who is the authority-in-charge of the revamp. Hopefully we will receive good news soon.
Please ask your humans to write to Nparks too! The more emails they receive, the likelihood of them moving their butts are quicker.

Jack's new toy

Jack found a new toy.

It took HC about less than a minute to realise that her shades had dropped on the floor and Jack had claimed it as his 'toy'.

This is how he looked when HC exclaimed, "Hey, stupid Jack.. .what are u doing?"

The damages....

This is HC's new shades that she bought last month while holidaying overseas. She was very sure Jack took less than a minute to create this damage, as we had just came back from a walk and HC left her shades on top of the cabinet (which then fell off to the floor - cos Jack and I do not steal things which is above our height). She went to rinse our feet towel, and when she came back to the room - the damage was done.

Luckily she didn't punish Jack cos she knew that our policy is.. "whatever on the floor is OURS". She could only blame her own carelessness.

A Long Walk

We took a long walk recently at Macritchie Reservoir.

Of course I had to mark my presence.

Then I spotted something weird...

water sprouting out from the sewage system???

HC had to drag me away from the water fountain to continue our walk.

We had to stop once in a while to take some pictures.

Can we go now??

After an hour walk, Jack was too tired and laid down to have his picture taken.

Me? I am still energetic... can we play ball now?

The Chick and the Lighting Ball

Introducing ..... our new chick

Ms. September - Henrietta!

Jack said she is beautiful, but I have my eyes on the lighting ball below.

See how the ball glows? cool!

Jack prefers Henrietta and is tickling her toes now

Then he tickles her head.