Domineering Me

Jack and I have different characters and most times, we complement each other. There were days where I will give in (by looking away to avoid confrontation) when Jack growls at me. But when it comes to HC's affection and food - I am usually the more domineering one.

Today, I did a really naughty deed and I hope Santa is not reading this.

The source of confrontation...

Big, red juicy 'rose' apples that HC bought for all the humans to share at Scuba's place.

Both Jack and I were running around HC so that she will notice and feed us, when I heard a voice in my head saying "bite Jack so I have all the apples to myself!!"

So I did what I was told... turned around and bit Jack on the face.

Fortunately, HC shouting "hey!" stopped the evil demon invading my thoughts...

but the damage was bloody apparent..

Jack had a cut just above his eye and was bleeding slightly.

We quickly returned home so that HC can wash his wounds. Luckily for Jack - HC has a anti-bacterial ointment that is safe to apply on/around the eye.

Jack had to wear the lampshade so that the ointment can work its magic.

HC doesn't think that Jack's eye is hurt - but she will continue to monitor closely the next few days due to the last incident.

(HC : Jack and Joey both tore their cornea before on 2 separate fights. But I am lucky in that they do not fight often, and one usually gives way to the other, plus they will stop their nonsense whenever I reprimand them. And they do not bear grudges - they could fight/squabble now, and within a minute, quietly sleep near to each other.)