The economy must be bad....

even a dog gets retrenched :(

HC received this email from Singapore's Civil Defence - Search Platoon Team, where I have been a volunteer search and rescue dog for 8 years 10 months.

"This email is to inform you that the Saturday Volunteer Training Programme will cease. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your tremendous support for the past months/years. "

I have been doing this since I was 18 months old, and I am at a loss on what to do with my life.... now I can totally understand how the humans feel when they get retrenched. Though I am worse off as I got no retrenchment benefits. The Singapore Government should reward me with a nice steak at least, right?

(HC : I have mixed feelings when I received this email. One, I have been postponing Joey's retirement as he still has the drive despite his advancing age (he's 10). In fact, I am secretly proud that his stamina surpasses alot of younger dogs and reluctant to retire him as it is an admission to myself that he is aging. When I received this email - it is like the case of a woman waiting to break off with her boyfriend but was dumped by him before she could do so. hahaha.
On a brighter note, I now have my alternate Saturdays free!)

We'll miss the training sessions :(

Home-made Treats

HC bought a new oven recently, and decided to dig out her old cookbook from "Three Dog Bakery".

After looking through all the recipes, she decided to pick out "Howl-O-Ween Tricking Treats" because she has most of the ingredients (i.e. pumpkin and flour) and it was near to Halloween then.

As she knows we are not fussy dogs, she decided to tweat the recipe and add in ingredients we love.. such as slice cheddar cheese...

She mixed all the ingredients in a large bowl. (HC was so lazy that she didn't even use a measuring cup for all the ingredients!)

The end product does not even remotely resembles the pic on the recipe book - because she was too lazy to roll the dough!

But it tasted good nevertheless. (The uneven burnt stuff on the top are slice cheddar cheese).

She also purchased some duck liver recently and decided to dry it for us.

After a day of drying... this is the end product.

We had to wait for her command before eating the treats.

See how Jack's body was tilted away from me? He was worried that I might bite his head off. LOL

Remembering Willy

A few days ago, HC told us sadly that Willy has gone to 'the other side' - a place where we would like to believe is a better place than earth. It's a place where demise dogs would be free from pain and suffering, and where they would be waiting patiently for their owners to join them later.

Willy lived a miserable lonely existence in the first 12 years of his life. However in his last 3 years, his life was filled with love and care from his adopted family. If Willy could talk - he would have said to his adopted family - "thank you for your love and care, till we meet again."

The Revenge of the Clothes Peg

Jack has been acting weird since last Thursday ..

He looked scared (tail down, shivering), and hid underneath tables, bed, toilets. Even when there were visitors to the home, he used less than 50% of his usual barking energy and wasn't interested in the doggie cookies (That's a big deal for greedy dogs like us).

Miserable looking

When we visited Scuba, he slept next to Scuba which was very unusual as Jack does not like to have bodily contact with any dog.

He doesn't even move from the bed when HC was leaving Scuba's place.

Our human god-sister thought it was fun to join in.

Sherylyn pretending to sleep.

Remember the previous post when I said we secretly sleep on the leather sofa when HC is not at home?
Well, Jack doesn't care about respecting HC anymore and jumped on the leather sofa when HC was home. Of course he received stern warning from HC.

(HC : as much as I wanted Jack to be comfortable since he is ill, I decided to chase him away from the sofa as I believe in being consistent with my dogs)

After 3 days of seeing Jack in a miserable state, HC made an appointment with the vet on Sunday.

Before visiting the vet, HC did a quick body check on Jack - he seems to be ok in all parts of his body, except when HC tried to pry his mouth open.

Then, HC did some investigative work at home and remembered she threw away a broken clothes peg on the table.

It was then she remembered that on Thursday, our part-time cleaner came to do some household chores. The cleaner must have dropped the clothes peg on the floor, and Jack chewed it. (HC : Jack had destroyed a few clothes peg before this).

However, this particular clothes peg that HC bought is more 'springy' and HC suspected that it must have sprung hard against Jack's mouth while he was chewing it, and hurt his mouth badly.

HC talked about her suspicious with the vet, and the vet thought that it is highly possible as well.
Due to Jack's age, they decided not to put him on sedation to check the extent of his injuries. Instead strong painkillers and inflammation pills were prescribed, and HC will see if Jack starts eating hard treats and allow HC to pry open his mouth. If he does that, it means that his injury had healed.

However, the irony is that upon returning home from the vet, Jack seems to be his usual self - walking around HC to beg for treats - even BEFORE any medication was given to him!!!!

Latest updates : Jack IS DEFINITELY back! He barked very very loudly when HC came home last night and HC joked that she should not sent him to the vet to earn a few more days of peace... HAHAHA

After Jack's consultation with the vet, I thought we could go home but HC said that since we're here, might as well get my paws checked.

I had been limping since Sat, and HC found my rear left paw swollen and there is a black growth in-between my toes.

HC applied calendula oil on my hurt paw, and I seemed to be doing better and doesn't limp as much.

The yellowed paw is due to the calendula oil applied.

After applying calendula oil, I was told to stay at this position for 2 mins !!!

Anyway, the vet took a look at my paw, did a body check and found my left rear lymph nodes slightly swollen and painted 2 scenarios:

1. An inflammation - antibiotics will be prescribed for 2 weeks. Sometimes, inflammation may cause lymph nodes to be slightly swollen.

or it could be

2. A tumor. The vet said that if the swelling and growth did not improve after 2 weeks of antibiotics, then she may have to remove the growth to check for tumor. One of my toes may have to be removed as well!

Scenario 2 sounds bad. Losing a toe may affect my balance, and I may have to quit my Saturday job as a Search and Rescue Volunteer!

My paws are crossed that I won't have to remove my toe!

Fat Jack and Skinny Willy

Jack used to be double his size. He lost weight about 8 years ago, now has a lean body.

This pic was taken like 10 years ago. Beside Jack is our ex-cousin and now godbrother Willy!

New Leather Bed

We have finally adapted to our new home ! (HC : it took jack and joey 10 days to start playing with their toys at the new place, and that was when I think they finally realised that this is 'home'.)

Both of us have 2 beds each. One is a day time bed like this :

This other one is for night use.

We decided two aren't enough, and went to search for more.

We found leather beds - something new to us!

One huge one in the living room!

Another hot pink one in HC's room!

Of course, we will behave when HC is at home and use only the day-time bed .. hehe
(HC : i found evidence of their fur all over the black leather seat.. and I mean 'ALL OVER'. I bet they were happy rolling around the entire L-shaped leather sofa while I am at work! Grrrrr....)

Garage Sale II

We had quite a good response from our garage sale last week as HC priced her stuff really low (like $2 for her clothes, $1 for leash, $20 for a almost new YSL shoes etc...).

A neighbour asked to have another garage sale as her friends are keen to come, so we decided to have it tomorrow (17th September 2011, Sat) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m..

We added new stuff to our garage sale such as ipanima bags, branded clothes, dog related books, blankets, and.......

our Coach collar and leash (2 sets)!

I'm wearing the red coach collar in this picture.

Pictures from our garage sale last week.

I don't find this picture funny... wonder why are the humans laughing?

Garage Sale

We will be doing a garage sale on Sept 11 at our walk up apartment located somewhere along Thomson Road. Do email us at for the full address.

I (Joey) will be there to monitor and perhaps give you a few kisses. My grouchy brother, Jack (fortunately) will not be there as he kisses quite differently - like a vampire! .. hahaha and he gets very stress if he sees people taking away our stuff.

There were quite a bit of stuff for sale at unbelievable price - so please come.

Once upon a time, HC was very into 'handicraft' but obviously it didn't last long judging by the unopened beads pack.

Also 5 different pliers are avail. (there's only 4 in this pic). All very good condition as she only used it ONCE!

There are also 2 packets of 50 litres top up beads. Please let us know in advance cos this will not be on display during the garage sale.

and many many others...

(this microwave must be reserved in advance as it will not be on display at the garage sale)

Hope to see you come Sept 11!

- Joey -

For Sale

HC will be having a garage sale next month for some of her stuff, and she decided to put one of our toys up for sale as well!

Used 3-4 times as we learnt how to use it within minutes, and after that HC became too lazy to play it with us.

But selling this away is good news for us - i.e. we do not need to work to get our treats anymore!

haha.. any takers?

(Note : HC bought this in Australia for about SG55+... and is selling it now for SG25.00!)

Smart Jack

HC has been bringing us to our new home over the weekends for a couple of hours each time so that we can be familiarise with the place while she is busying packing.

We have never used a pee tray before, so HC was abit worried we won't want to use it. She left it in the toilet, placed some newspaper over the pee tray. She told Jack and I calmly that we have to pee there.

Within an hour, HC found that Jack has peed on the pee tray without any mistake!

My Birthday..

I am really sad as my birthday came and went without any celebration..

In fact, my HC didn't even realised it was my birthday until facebook prompted her! (Yes, I had a facebook account as HC set it up on my behalf when she was very much addicted to facebook's game then.)

She said it slipped her mind as she is busy with the "BIG MOVE" end of this month.

Yes, she took almost 2 years to made up her mind to move from our current cozy place.

We were there last weekend as HC was doing some minor packing and waiting for the delivery of the new bed.

(HC : I noted an interesting fact about Jack, my other dog. When the workers were installing the bed, Jack was barking madly even though he was in the kitchen and the workers and I were in the room. But when I am in Jack's full view - he would calm down and stopped barking. I think Jack was worried about the intruders harming me. That's how protective Jack is)

Resting on my new bed while HC was busy packing.

HC promised she would get me a cake when she's free. I wonder when would that be?

ASD Tea Pawty

Back in January, we went to ASD Charity Lunch. This time round, they organised another event - a high tea buffet.

To show our support, both Jack and myself went to the event. It was held in Klapson Hotel's rooftop - it was breezy.. but super hot in the late afternoon.

We were there late as HC was caught in a horrible horrible traffic jam and poor Helios had to take a cab there with his M.

The perpetually drooling Helios...

Billyjean was there too with her owner.

And us, begging for food.

We also met a new friend- Homer there. He's a big sized handsome GR although Jack did yell at him a couple of times when he gets too close for comfort! haha.. but that's so typical of Jack - he's forever rude.

My friends - Billyjean, Helios and Homer all joined some doggy contest, and won some edible biscuit medals. We didn't enter any contest tho as my HC was too lazy and tired to do anything other than eat. LOL.

We did steal a biscuit medal though at the end of the event cos there's leftovers!

Birthday and Presents

We celebrated Scuba's birthday last Saturday.

A home-made cake for the 8 year old birthday boy.

There is also a figurine of him on the cake! The expression was so like him - when he's staring at the human's food.

Sometimes I forgot my manners when presented with such yummy food.

I just had to sit close to the cake. (note : birthday boy is on the far left side)

The human kids got all excited and started singing the birthday song. My human god-sister - Sherylyn took after me - we are both love attention!

Again, I had to squeeze in front and sat on Auntie Viv's lap when she was trying to take a picture with the birthday boy.

Since Scuba loves to sleep, we gave him a bed!

Of course we got ourselves new beds too - in 3 different colors!

Pink/white checks

Red/Green checks

and a green.

HC went overseas recently and we holidayed at Scuba's place.

We had fun swopping beds with Scuba and his feline sibling - Pepper.
Pepper would take over Jack's bed, and Jack will take over Scuba's. etc.. its like playing musical chairs.

Jack on Scuba's bed when HC went to pick us up.

Jack had the 'unfortunate' luck of having Helios stayed over for 2 nights (Helios' family were holidaying overseas too). I am fine with Helios - but Jack doesn't like him as Helios is a stalker!

Se how Helios stalked?

Jack was actually guarding Scuba's house because.....

Scuba sleeps on his job.

After we left, Bully the bull terrier also came by for a stay as her owner went overseas too.

I think Scuba's place is really 'hot'. Hope we don't need to ballot to stay there in future.. haha