HC went overseas recently and we holidayed at Scuba's place.

We had fun swopping beds with Scuba and his feline sibling - Pepper.
Pepper would take over Jack's bed, and Jack will take over Scuba's. etc.. its like playing musical chairs.

Jack on Scuba's bed when HC went to pick us up.

Jack had the 'unfortunate' luck of having Helios stayed over for 2 nights (Helios' family were holidaying overseas too). I am fine with Helios - but Jack doesn't like him as Helios is a stalker!

Se how Helios stalked?

Jack was actually guarding Scuba's house because.....

Scuba sleeps on his job.

After we left, Bully the bull terrier also came by for a stay as her owner went overseas too.

I think Scuba's place is really 'hot'. Hope we don't need to ballot to stay there in future.. haha

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Joe Stains said...

Joey and Jack - Thank you for stopping by Joe's blog, the comments have helped us all so much.