Willy's gone.....

to a new home.

For the last few days, HC has been taking pictures of Willy.

When he is sleeping soundly (see how his silly tongue hang sideways?)

And woken up by the camera flash lights. (tongue still hanging)

He loves to be hug like a baby (tongue still hanging out)!!

2 days ago, we even decided to split the cob bone into 3 parts so that we don't have to take turns to chew it.

To show our generosity, we gave Willy the biggest portion to bring to his new home as a souvenir. Maybe he can chew on it when he misses us??

The house seems emptier without his bed, quieter without his pig grunting sound.

We are starting to miss him already...... :(

Belly Band

After HC knew that Willy will stay with us for longer than the usual one week, she decided to DIY a belly band for him.

Actually, Willy does not mark at our place. He had only had 2 minor accidents during the first 2 days, and is now totally reliable. Even when he is alone (HC will bring us out sometimes without him, he does not mark or mess up the place).

But she heard from her previous owner that sometimes he marks at home. HC thinks that is because Willy is usually confined in the kitchen, and only let out for an hour or even less per day - thus he felt the need to mark his territory.

Anyway, HC sometimes will bring Willy along to friends' place - and didn't want him to mark unnecessarily due to the presence of other dogs. So she read up about the belly band and decided to diy.

The purpose of the belly band is to protect the furniture should a dog marks. Also, some dogs will actually cease marking as it is uncomfortable due to the damp belly band. The trick is to let the dog wear the damp belly band around so he knows the uncomfortable consequence.
*note : do clean the dog properly after in case of infection.

And the funny thing is that to allow the DIY belly band to absorb more liquid - HC actually placed a human mini sanitary pad on it! hahahaha....

Willy is definitely not a happy dog wearing the humiliating band.

But HC does not know if it really works cos Willy has not marked !
For dogs who marks, owners may want to try this method to save their furnitures and sanity!
*note : belly band are not supposed to be worn the entire day. Please remove the band when the dog needs to pee at designated place.


After diligently working on the cob bone for 4 days...

This is the progress..

Good work, huh?
Anyway, Jack helped me with it as well. Sometimes he is so tired he slept with it.

Prize from Huskee

I have just received a prize from Huskee! Well, I am one of the lucky ones who guess his evil deed correctly.

In the nice package - there's a Cob Bone (Tanner's favorite!), a huge bone-shaped biscuit and a nicely done congratulatory card.

Almost immediately, I started to work on the cob bone. Maybe I can turn it into a weapon like what Tanner did to his.

Have a good weekend ahead!

All's Well At Home

Remember I said that Jack is feeling miserable about Willy taking over his bed?

HC couldn’t bear to see Jack circling the bed (when Willy is on it) and looking unhappy. So she went to Ikea to get a big cushion for Willy.

Instead, silly Jack is happy with the new cushion and immediately bring his chew toy on it.

Everyone is happy – and HC decided to bring us to Sentosa.

This is Willy’s first time to the beach – in fact, he hardly ever leave the house in the last 10 years.

At first, he was quite unsure of the vast and breezy place.

Willy to Jack : what are we doing here?

Then he started to relax a little and looked around with interest.

There isn’t much photos taken (thank god!)… as we were distracted by the appearance of my girlfriend – Alfie (another JRT).

HC caught Willy eating sand off the beach – and scolded him a couple of times. But I think he ate too much. So by late afternoon, he started to puke and pooped lots of sand out.

By night, he started to just leak blood from his anus, and looked very uncomfortable.

He is just sitting straight on the bed looking sick.

He started lying down only when HC patted him repeatedly.

Then the next morning, he fell really really sick. He didn’t want to eat at all (which is rare cos he is such a glutton). Even when HC bring him to the toilet area to pee, he laid down to rest. And HC knew he is seriously sick when he didn’t even moved from his bed when we went out for a walk.

So before HC left for work, she confined him to a playpen in case he vomited all over the house.

He hid under the layers of towels to keep himself warm.

HC is puzzled when I gave her 'the look'.

Then she realised that I was unhappy that she used my food bowl as water bowl for Willy!

HC came back from work and tried to feed him more food. Again he refuses to eat. So HC forced fed him some chicken broth to avoid dehydration and slipper elm for his upset stomach.

Here's how he looked the entire night - not moving at all.

Luckily, by this morning – Willy is up and about. HC is elated to see him going to the kitchen when he smell steamed mutton (HC steam his meals instead of feeding raw to retain the broth in case he didn’t want to eat).

And after not having food for 1.5 days – he ate up all the mutton greedily.

Oh well, I had 2 days of peace as Willy was too sick to annoy me. But I am glad he is ok now.

Many Firsts

Willy has had many 'firsts' while staying with us..

Daily brushing of teeth - this is a nightly routine for all of us. And since Willy has joined us - he is not spared. At first he will grumbled* a little, but now he has more or less accepted it. Just to let you know, four of Willy's teeth was surgically removed a couple of years ago as the vet said it was decaying.

Frequent Showering / Nightly wipe down - Whenever we go to the park, we will get washed otherwise Jack and I would get rashes. Again, Willy is not spared! :)
An as an after shower rinse - we would have diluted ACV poured all over our body to prevent ticks/fleas, and HC will let it stay on our body for 5 mins before patting us dry. However, we are very smart to shake off the water. Stupid Willy will just stand there with water dripping and shivering! :) Of course he grumbles .

(HC : Willy's grumbling is very unique. He will gives out this low grunting sounds - like a pig, whenever he is unhappy or wants attention. He is not used to all these showering and brushing as I think his teeth was never brushed and he had shower like every few weeks back home)

But other than the above, he is happy with his other 'firsts'.

The first time he had deer tendon!

The first time he had raw lamb bone

The bone is bigger than his leg!

Surprisingly, he took raw diet very well with no signs of detox, and he enjoys his meals very very much.
HC didn't want to feed him kibbles as he will take a few bites and walked away. And she really didn't have to time to sit and watch him eat - knowing that Jack and I will gobbled up whatever kibbles there is.

Of course - Jack and I each get a mutton bone too!

Here's Jack

And handsome Me!

Vitamins purchase

This is really a delayed post.

Our loot from iherb came in less than five days after we made the order. HC is really amazed at the speed of the iherb team and USPS!

Some of these bottles are meant for our consumption. There's freeze-dried hawthorne, CoQ10, super colostrum as our existing supplies are running out soon.

Hidden behind the hawthorne was a big bottle of Enriching Greens for HC. She said that she need this as she does not take vegetables - or anything that does not move!

So how come Jack and I are made to eat blended organic vegetables when HC herself does not????
Double standards???