Happy News

It was a very happy week for all of us.

Remember Jack was due for his cornea operation last Saturday?

On the day of op, HC had wanted to just drop Jack off at the clinic. But the vet told HC he wants to do a pre-op check. During the check, the vet was very surprised to find that the cornea had healed. It was a miracle as the cornea didn't heal at all for the last 3 weeks, and just before the op - it healed! (The last review was 5 days before the op, and the wound was still quite big).... so really it is a miracle.

Then Billyjean and Cookie visited us at our place. Both Cookie and I had a 'bad experience' with each other many years back. But surprisingly, we were all cordial and well-behaved. I am sure looking forward to more visits from them.
(sorry - no photo as the humans were more preoccupied with eating and yakking)

Yesterday, Jack had a belated cake as HC didn't buy him 1 last week for fear of upsetting his stomach before surgery.

He had a 'shou tou' - peach that usually for older people as it symbolises longevity. HC said only dogs who are about 100 yrs old will get it.

Jack also had a choir to sing him a birthday song. Although one of them keep singing "happy birthday to JOEYYYY"... hahahaha.. it was funny.

Jack likes to call them N.L.B. - nasty little things ... hahahahaha.. now I know why.

Bad news and more rain

After the last vet review, it is confirmed that Jack's cornea has still not healed. So surgery is the only option for him - and is on this Saturday! Poor Jack - knowing that Sat was the day after his birthday.

There are more rainfall this week, and the infuriating thing is that it usually happens in the evening - when we were due for our walks! Grrr....

To make up for it, HC bought more deer tendon for us.

Here's 1 kg worth of deer tendons!

The lady at the shop was surprised and asked HC : "Woah.. your doggies ate the deer tendons so fast?" as the last time she bought it were about a month or two ago!

Jack enjoying his deer tendon. His eye seems ok, and don't squint as much. But still didn't heal well enough.

I tried all angles to get a better bite.

After an hour of wrestling with the deer tendon, I am still full of energy and wants to play. So HC gave me a new toy : Eggplant Giggle!

I like it so much that I took it to bed with me last night!

Can the rain please go away?

News on Jacks....

Firstly - updates about the 'abandoned' JRT (DIDI) found by Auntie S.

Auntie S decided to walk around the Kovan estate - hoping to see if any one recognises DIDI. At one particular house, 2 young girls were very excited upon seeing DIDI - and after much 'interrogation' by Auntie S - it was found that DIDI was NOT abandoned by the owners. In fact, the family (grandfather and 2 young girls) spent the afternoon combing the estate for DIDI. When Auntie S told them what she saw in the morning (a mother and son pair with DIDI) - they concluded that these two are their tenants from China. The grandparents were very upset that the tenants didn't care to return the dog safely back home in the morning nor took the effort to inform them.

The family was really happy and grateful that Auntie S found DIDI and took the effort to walk around the estate to look for the owners. By the way, the dog's real name is DAISY!

Second - updates about the "JACK" at home.

He had his third review a couple of days ago, and the vet suggested surgery since it has been two weeks and the cornea ulcer is still there. So HC decided that Jack will have to go for the surgery if the eye didn't heal by this week. Let's hope his corner heal fast. *fingers crosssed*

As for me - I was utterly bored at home cos it has been raining non-stop. The only good thing is that we are given daily deer tendon to chew to keep us occupied. Cos, HC know that I will be up to no good if I am too bored....

oops... caught in the act

I stole HC's socks and decided to play tug when she tried to retrieve it.

Abandoned Dog

HC received an email from Auntie S (Alfie's and Happy's owner )

To cut a long story short, Auntie S saw this unleashed dog with a woman and a boy about 6a.m.. The unleashed dog came to Happy - and Auntie S asked the owner why her dog was not leashed. The owner ignored the question and the boy called the dog "DiDi" which the dog responded. However, Auntie S noticed that the woman had her arm on the boy's shoulder as if to stop him from calling the dog back.

Auntie S continued to walked on home, but felt that something wasn't right as the woman was in working clothes, the boy in school uniform and the dog was not leashed. She turned back to Kovan MRT - and true enough, only the dog was nearby pacing up and down looking for the owner.

Obviously the poor dog was abandoned by both the woman and her son. Auntie S had no choice but to bring the JRT home first even though Happy was not happy about it.

Personally I hate these people. Why buy dogs and abandoned them? If life situation is so bad that you can't have the dog - at least have the decency to rehome the dog properly. And what values isa the mother trying to teach her son? That abandonment is ok? So years to come, can the son abandoned the mum when she's no longer needed in his life?

There are alot of parents feel that the school is not doing enough to teach the child right moral education such as filial peity, family values, intergrity....even sex education. However, how much can the authorities do? Ultimately, it all boils them to the right upbringing by the parents. There is a saying " the apple never falls far from the tree".

(Joey : ok, the last 2 para not written by me. Obviously, I have never been abandoned and am also too preoccupied with playing balls than to pay any attention to human(not-so)kind.

Jack was the angry one here as he was abandoned too! unlucky for him - he had to wait for his owner at the same place for 3-4 days, even when its raining, before an acquaintance of HC lured Jack back to her home.)

Picture of the female JRT. She must be thinking "is this an April Fools' Joke? Is my mum and human brother coming to pick me up soon?"