Willy's here for a holiday

Willy's parents went for an overseas trip and decided Willy also need a short holiday from his other siblings and sent him to my home.

Before long, he decided to make himself comfy on Jack's bed even though his parents bring along his bed.

Small dog on a big bed. What a waste of space!

Jack had no choice but to squeeze into Willy's tiny bed. Can you see how unhappy he is?

At night, Willy get to sleep on the human's bed with us.

To celebrate his arrival, HC bought french duck...

and Emu meat!

The emu meat is delicious, and I gobbled it raw without hesitation. But Jack couldn't get used to the taste and keep spitting out the raw meat. So HC had to steam it as Jack prefers the steam version. What a waste, HC should have just given Jack's share to me. I don't mind if it was spitted out by Jack. I am not a fussy dog!

Great News

I have great news to share - I do not have Cushing disease!

The vet called and shared the good news with HC. However, this mean that she doesn't have the answer to my skin problem. She suggested that perhaps I could go for a skin biopsy and/or a skin patch test.

HC said that my skin has improved tremendously.. and for the moment - she doesn't think I should go for any tests as Jack had done a skin biopsy years ago and the result was non-conclusive. In addition, the skin patch test is only available at a clinic that HC doesn't have a good impression of, and thus she is not keen to let me go there. Which to me.. is GREAT NEWS. No more needles!!

In fact, HC suspected that the calcinosis cuties (calcium-like deposits) on my belly area was caused by the prolonged use of steriod cream which had helped with my grass allergies, which then created 'artificial cushing's' . She had stopped using the steriod cream after the initial failed blood test 6 weeks ago, and perhaps my body has time to dispose of these steriods.

So, it may be a blessing in disguise that the first blood test failed, otherwise, I may be wrongly diagnosed and had to take lifelong medication??

Anyways... I am happy. And the calcinosis cuties on my belly seem to have lessen alot!

Remember I posted the pic of a petedge box in my previous posts?

Well, HC distributed the items accordingly and packed them secretly in her office into several big red plastic bag - hoping I wouldn't know these are toys for dogs!

I am not stupid, ok.

HC walked away for a while - I tore opened the plastic bag and managed to take out half of a toy before she came back and reprimanded me.

(HC : I don't know how Joey knew the bag is filled with dog toys? He doesn't have the habit of tearing up plastic bags at home, and I am amused by the sight of this. A friend said that these toys must have a 'PETEDGE - DOG TOYS' scent on them. I also hereby apologise to HERSHEY as the gecko belongs to him..haha)

HC decided that Jack and I deserved to enjoy a new toy each.

see how I tried to bite off the gecko's head? heehee

Happiness is.....


Calling Huskee/Hershey, Helios, Happy and Willy. Please contact me for collection!
hahahahah.... happy happy

I would also like to update on my suspected Cushing Disease. Well, after waiting for 6 long weeks, I finally did the second LDDS blood test.

It was an eventful day - HC took a day off to personally be in the clinic with me for the 'supposedly' 3 blood tests. She knew that I would be calm and won't struggle if she is around.

True enough, the blood tests went well. I didn't struggle at all, and there was NO bruising. The vet said that there were various reasons why the first blood tests 6 weeks ago couldn't be processed by the lab that day i.e, I struggled too much / too stressed / skill of the vet ( vet not talking about herself, obviously) / blood was not sent to the lab quick enough.

If you noticed, I highlighted the word 'supposedly' 3 blood tests. Well I had 4 blood tests!

I had the first blood drawn at 920a.m., and the vet said to come back at 12.20a.m and 4.20 a.m.

Just before 12noon, HC recalculated the time interval and realised it should be 920a.m, 1.20p.m and 5.20 p.m. So she called the clinic to verify as it should be a 4 hour interval. The vet nurse said "yes... Dr. XX confimed the next test is at 12.20." HC then heed the nurse's advice and took me down for the 2nd test at 12.20 p.m.

After we left the clinic - the nurse called and apologised that they had made a mistake. The 2nd test was at 1.20pm!

So in the end I had 4 tests - 9.20 a.m, 12.20 a.m, 1.20 pm. and 5.20pm.

The vet was very apologetic and was aghast to hear that HC had called and was told she (the vet) confirmed the wrong timing. In reality, the vet received no such message.

*&%&^^%^$$) whoever who handled the call really deserved to be nipped in the butt!