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Calling Huskee/Hershey, Helios, Happy and Willy. Please contact me for collection!
hahahahah.... happy happy

I would also like to update on my suspected Cushing Disease. Well, after waiting for 6 long weeks, I finally did the second LDDS blood test.

It was an eventful day - HC took a day off to personally be in the clinic with me for the 'supposedly' 3 blood tests. She knew that I would be calm and won't struggle if she is around.

True enough, the blood tests went well. I didn't struggle at all, and there was NO bruising. The vet said that there were various reasons why the first blood tests 6 weeks ago couldn't be processed by the lab that day i.e, I struggled too much / too stressed / skill of the vet ( vet not talking about herself, obviously) / blood was not sent to the lab quick enough.

If you noticed, I highlighted the word 'supposedly' 3 blood tests. Well I had 4 blood tests!

I had the first blood drawn at 920a.m., and the vet said to come back at 12.20a.m and 4.20 a.m.

Just before 12noon, HC recalculated the time interval and realised it should be 920a.m, 1.20p.m and 5.20 p.m. So she called the clinic to verify as it should be a 4 hour interval. The vet nurse said "yes... Dr. XX confimed the next test is at 12.20." HC then heed the nurse's advice and took me down for the 2nd test at 12.20 p.m.

After we left the clinic - the nurse called and apologised that they had made a mistake. The 2nd test was at 1.20pm!

So in the end I had 4 tests - 9.20 a.m, 12.20 a.m, 1.20 pm. and 5.20pm.

The vet was very apologetic and was aghast to hear that HC had called and was told she (the vet) confirmed the wrong timing. In reality, the vet received no such message.

*&%&^^%^$$) whoever who handled the call really deserved to be nipped in the butt!


billiejean said...

quik quik reveal the contents in the package.. can not wait to see liao! fast fast open up...

Alfie's Mum said...

aiyoyo, I just realised that the 3 dog owners with names beginning with S, also have their dogs' names beginning with "H". the 3 "s" gang with their 3 'H" gang!!!!!!!!!!!

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