The day my bed got hijacked....

... was the day Scuba came over for daycare.

Scuba's mum was out of town and his caregiver took a day off. So HC was his nanny for the day.

He came in, sniffed around for a minute, and continue his usual all-time activity, "SLEEP".

He found our comfy bed and immediately slept on one of our bed.

After a while he decided he needed to sleep on BOTH beds.
Head on one, body on another's bed. He's such a selfish dog ... grrrr....

Jack, the master of the house asked him to make way, and Scuba relented a little.

Jack found a corner to snooze.

Then I had to find a subsitute, right?

Folded carton box (we are planning a little move the next few days, thus needed carton boxes, will update later)

HC pitied me and took out one of our temporary beds.

I still look pitiful, right ?

Much much later, Scuba fell so deep asleep and forgot to hog my bed.
And I quickly went to reclaim it.

Other than eat, sleep, scratch - HC said Scuba is an easy dog to take care. The only slight problem she had was to force him out of his deep sleep for pee break.

I have to say Scuba really can sleep... all day long....


Joe Stains said...

Mom wishes she was able to sleep so deeply and easily!!

billiejean said...

Scuba has such good temparement! and he is a bull terrier!