It's a beautiful day!

The sun is finally out after weeks of non-stop rain.

Even though HC played ball with me at home during this prolong wet season, it just doesn't feel the same like in a park.

See how happy I am

I got it!

I love rolling over the ball

Heehee... thanks HC for bringing me to the park.

While I enjoy playing outside, Jack preferred to chew his toy at home. (I think this chew toy is a Xmas gift from Huskee)

Toto - updates

Remember Toto, the stray dog in HC's office?

This was how small he was four months back.

Now he is almost 2.5 times bigger!

HC and colleague have been feeding him. They have come to a set time table- HC will feed at 8.30a.m. with mainly dry food, and occasional wet canned food. Her colleague will feed him during lunch time with duck/chicken bones and pork ribs that either she bought cheap from food stall or leftover dinners. Although HC is not keen on feeding Toto cooked bones and had tried to dissuade unsucessfully to her colleague about the cons of feeding cooked bones. Likewise, her colleague tried to tell HC unsucessfully that feeding raw mutton bones will make the dog "aggressive" (hahahaha). Well, I guess not everyone share the same thoughts about dogs' feeding.

On long weekends, HC will drive back to her workplace and feed Toto. Sometimes, she even provide stew meat with eggs over plain rice. We are soooooo jealous...

Of course, HC brought us along during the weekend visits. But Toto freaked out when Jack barked at him at HIS (TOTO'S) territory.

And HC said that after 4 months of feeding and talking nicely to Toto, he is still very shy and will not stand more than 1 metre away from her. But HC had seen him wagging his tail when she walks by and is pretty touched at that, considering that he growls (and then runs away) when someone else walks near.

Toto enjoying his X'mas meal (turkey, prawns, fried rice, teriyaki chicken, lyonnaise potatoes)

Celebrating Xmas

HC said she had an 'obligation' to celebrate X'mas Eve without us. To make up for not being with us, she gave us an early X'mas present.

My singing Santa who goes, "Ho Ho Ho ... Merry Xmas..." and then start singing "Santa is coming to town". I loved it!

Since it's X'mas, I let Jack play with it for a while.

Jack chewing the Santa. I hope he don't kill it.

Jack hugging Santa to sleep.

When HC came back from her 'obligatory' party, she smelled very familiar. Jack and I sniffed her all over, and I decided to check on her camera to see the 'evidence'.

Why is Tommy's picture in her camera?

And what is that pork rib doing in front of Tommy? Does that mean she went to a party when there's other dogs around? I thought dogs are not ALLOWED???

HC quickly distracted my attention by placing all our presents together on the floor.


HC especially like this present as it is the one-and-only bowl in the world.

Thank you everyone for the wonder presents!

SG Dloggers Party

While FuFu the hams-terrier was busy picking up dogs from all over the world in his FuFuMOBILE to visit Santa Paws, we decided to go with HC to the SG Dloggers Party. (Ermm…wait, Fu Fu, how did you managed to squeeze in 16 dogs in your FuFumobile? Was it magic?)

Finally, after months of reading each other’s blog – we met up with Jay, CoCo, Whisky, Brandy, Bond and Boo Boo.

Jay and CoCo. CoCo seems so small and sweet, how can she be a biter?

Jay and CoCo were really pampered. For the entire party, they were either carried or sat inside the stroller.

While their two other playmates were made to sit on the floor and had to wear costumes for the Best Dressed Contest.

Brandy the reindeer and Whisky the elf(?)

Erm... Santa's busy working bee? (Bear Bear)

Fu Fu????

Oopss.. I forgot to take a picture of BooBoo and Bond!

Back home, I am so tired and couldn't keep my eyes open.

Wake me only when it is time to open the presents, ok?

X'mas Tagged - Just in Time!

I have been X'mas tagged by Jaffe, Sundae and Hammer.

The Rules: The player of this game starts with "3 things he/ she would love to get for Christmas" and also has to list "3 things he/ she definitely does not want to get for Christmas". Then he/she tags 5 friends and list their names. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. And the one who tags need to leave a comment that says "you've been Christmas tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog

3 things I would love to get for Christmas:
1. Balls
2. Food (all-natural please, otherwise, HC will give it to the strays cos she doesn't believe in feeding us commercial treats)
3. Trip to the beach

3 things I definitely does not want to get for Christmas
1. obedience / tricks manual
2. Rain (the weather, not FuFu's owner dream guy)
3. Commercial food (see point 2 on "what I would love to get")

I am not gonna tag any dogs cos it's 23rd Dec today, everyone will be out doing last minute shopping, so quite pointless, right?


Remember the much earlier post about HC's stolen camera?

Well, she bought a new one yesterday. She was contemplating between an Olympus and Sony, and her first question to the salesman was , "what color do you have in stock now?". Yup, that's HC.

So between an boring silver Olympus and a glittering pink Sony, the choice is clear....

Updates on theft case

Latest updates regarding the theft case posted earlier (An Expensive Spring Cleaning Session).

HC called the police officer-in-charge. He said that he had interviewed the 2 ladies. he found out that they are sisters who do cleaning services only during weekends as they have their own day job. And of course, they denied taking the pouch and its valuables, detergent and dilution bottle. (you mean the detergent and dilution bottle went into hiding on its own???)

They also told another lie to HC. When the pouch was lost, HC asked to speak to the owner of the agency, and the bitch said that she cannot find the owner when.... all along she is the one managing the company while the legal owners are her children!

As expected, the officer told HC that this is a lost case as there is no evidence that the 2 ladies (actually they are sisters! ) stole the stuff. GRRRRRRRRRRR....

But the officer said that HC will not be in the wrong if she wants to feedback on their 'services' to her friends, in the forums and in blogs, since there is a proper police report made.

So there.....

The cleaning service co is called FRESHOME CLEANING SERVICES, and the lady-in-charge is called CONNIE ONG! She is about late 40s, and looked like a typical auntie with heavily tattooed eyeliner.

Blardy bitch....

HC said to cool down and that people who do evil will eventually suffer either this life or the next. So we just have to wait patiently.......grrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

okay okay.. I know I have been X'mas tagged by Jaffe and Sundae. I will do it soon.... erm... before X'mas?

An Expensive Spring Cleaning Session

HC had a busy and upset weekend.

She was busy clearing out the cabinets and wardrobes on Saturday as she had made an appointment with a professional cleaning company to provide a one-time spring cleaning on Sunday.

Sunday came. Early in the morning, HC sent us to grandpa's place in case Jack bites the cleaning people when they enter the house. So, we did not get to meet any of the cleaners.

When we finally reach home, we opened the door, and ahhhhhhh.... a strong washing detergent smell filled the air (HC said the smell is nice, but our sensitive nose cannot take it that well). And, from outside, the floor and doors look sparkly clean, which brought a wide smile from HC. Little did she know that will be her only smile for the rest of the day.

However, HC is disappointed to see that not every nooks and corners is spotless. They didn't clean up the top of cabinets, some parts of the t.v. console is still dusty... but HC just brushed it off, thinking that they must have missed it.

Suddenly, she realised that her waist pouch is missing from its usual place. In it, contains her ATM card, some cash and her supercompact CANON IXUS camera! She quickly searched around the house including her wardrobes TWICE before she called the cleaning company. The lady whom she liases with denied seeing the waist pouch. HC did another thorough check around the house, even went down to the car TWICE in the rain in case she mistakenly left it there, but it cannot be found anywhere.

In the end she had to make a police report. As this is considered a theft case, she took an hour to record her statement. By then, she almost fainted with exhaustion.

I like to look at the bright side. I think HC is 'fortunate'. She went to the gucci store last week to look for another pouch to replace the current model, but it was out-of-stock. Thus, if the pouch is not out-of-stock, she would have lost her NEW gucci pouch, right?

And.... she has been drooling over this camera cos she find it oh-so-pretty...
Source :

But it is out-of-stock islandwide!!!!!

Oh... and something else are missing from the house. HC's bottle of floor detergent, and another dilution bottle (to clean our pee area) are missing! These items, though not valuable are included in the police report.. hiak hiak hiak

Additional Post by Jack:
HC should have asked me to stay back and watch the cleaners. I may be smaller than Joey, but a very good watch dog. Let me relate some incidences:
- Back when we were staying at grandpa's house where we have domestic maids with us, I will spend my day watching them. Whenever the maid walked into the bedrooms and opened the wardrobe, I will quietly stand behind them with my tail wagging very slowly (HC :slow wagging of tail is a sign that Jack is thinking and watching). Once the maid walked away from the wardrobe with something in their hands, I will jumped up and either nipped their bum or grabbed their shorts and shake them violently. A few times, the maid had to hold on her shorts to avoid it falling off...
I even bit a man who tried to steal grandma's t.v.. Needless to say, he bled quite a bit.
(HC : The poor guy was carrying the t.v. that he BOUGHT from my mother!)

Last night I dreamt of....


Actually, I can't quite remember what the dream was about, but HC is very sure that it was Scuba that I dreamt of.

Well, for the first time in her years of living with me, I growled in my sleep. And the only dog that I was upset with these past two days was Scuba.
(Usually when I dream, I only whine, make 'hiccup' sounds and moved my limbs in the air as if I am running).


The last two evenings, we were all taking 'shelter' at Scuba's house due to the raining season. I had been very upset with Scuba because

(1) He was eyeing at the humans' dinner and dessert (X'mas cookies). Scuba actually had the nerve to stand on his hind legs (front paws on the table) and took a cookie. I was so angry that I was growling and snarling at him at the other end of the table.

(2) He was checking out the presents under the X'mas trees the whole time. When I realised he was trying to open one of the presents, I couldn't take it anymore! In retaliation, I took another present and tore it. Unfortunately, HC saw it and stopped me. She was upset as the present that I tore (it's only a teeny wheeny corner) was a present to Herbie from Auntie Sam. Sorry, Herbs... you can give it to me if you don't want a torn present. :)

Last night, Scuba even grabbed a present and ran around the house with it. The humans and I were chasing him around the house. Uncle C said that I looked as if I was gonna bite his (I mean Scuba's, not Uncle C's) testicles from behind as I was chasing him.


HC : Joey has very bad manners and is very possessive. He doesn't care if the cookies and presents are not his. He made growling sound when he saw other dogs checking out what he thinks is his. Joey and Scuba are going crazy with the amount of presents under the tree, I'll bet they wish Xmas is tomorrow!

Losing weight

HC is back on her exercise machine at an ungodly hour - 5.45a.m.!!!!! and the blardy noise from the machine is affecting our beauty sleep.

HC said that she need to tone up to look good for the coming festive season. She has not been doing much exercise for the last two months due to health/physical reasons. Actually, I don't see the need to do so as she has not been invited to any gala events (teeheehee)

Anyway, I know of a very good way to look slim without much effort.

Stretch your body ...

as looooong as possible....

Geddit? Now can we please go back to sleep?

Weird Creatures

HC said dogs are weird creatures....

Let me explain why she said that.

Since goodness-knows-when, whenever we arrived home, we are trained to sit outside the house and wait for HC to carry us from the doorstep to the toilet. You see, Jack and I bathe partially (belly, bum, legs) every day using either diluted or medicated shampoo depending on the weather. (If the ground was damp, medicated shampoo will be used). This is because we will get rashes if only a simple wipe down was done.

Anyway, in recent months, Jack and I had decided to change our routine despite HC's violent objections.

If we go to the dog run that day, we will sit outside the corridor willingly and patiently wait for HC to carry us from doorstep to toilet.

But, if we simply go for a walk or home visiting, we will NOT sit outside the corridor. We will step into the house, sit near to the main door, and wait patiently for HC to carry us into the toilet (which is located about 3 metres away).

HC said that we are sooooo weird.

But our logic are simple.

Dog Run = FUN = muddy body

Walk/House visiting/Human's having dinner = NOT SO FUN = less muddy body/paws

Thus, with cleaner bodies, we won't dirty the house right?

HC couldn't figure out how dogs, with their smaller-than-human brains but bigger-than-pea sized brains could differentiate between very muddy body and not-so-muddy body.

Do you guys have any habits that humans find it weird?

Another Ability of Jack's

Remember I posted about Jack's special ability?

Well, he has another, but this ability has gotten him into trouble many many times. Last night he went abit too far and got himself into serious trouble!

While the humans were having dinner at Scuba's house, Auntie Sam went into the kitchen to get more rice. Jack sneaked in behind her, went straight to the garbage bin, used his muzzle to lift up the lid, put his whole head inside the bin and rummaged out a huge chicken breast bone.
HC went up to Jack, caught hold of his muzzle and digged out the huge bone. After that, she started to slap him real hard and hold down his muzzle.

In order to get Jack to learn a bitter lesson, HC leashed him and 'threw' him outside the house. She closed the door on him (HC : I leashed him very near to the gate in case Jack went crazy and start biting the neighbours.)

We, the dogs were quite petrified and didn't dare to go near the closed door. I was sitting on Auntie S's lap while throwing worried glances at HC who was fuming.

Only Ginger dared to go near to the closed door.

After a short 5 mins (probably an eternity to Jack), HC opened the door slightly and took some pictures. Auntie S laughingly said that since we started the blog, the humans never fail to take pictures even when they were angry.

A sorry looking Jack.

Of course HC didn't let him in immediately. She opened and closed the door like 3 times, each time scolding him and making him do a down position.

Finally, he was allowed back into the house. But still got punished to do a 'bang'

Scuba's grand godmother was saying Jack's so smart to lift open the rubbish lid. But why can't he learnt to do something useful instead? like Sunshade's unlocking car doors ? What is the use of learning how to lift up the rubbish lid and rummaged through it?

Auntie V then got a bright idea and wanted to get Pepper (Jack's petrified of Pepper, and Pepper hate dogs) and Jack to take a picture together.

Pepper hissed and hissed non-stop. Jack tried to move away several times.

So this is the 'closest' picture HC could take.

Amidst all the scolding, punishing, slapping, door slamming and cats hissing session, I was tucked safely on Auntie S's lap.

And where is our dear Tommy.....???

Hiding behind the coffee table and sofa. Far, far away from the evil cats, dogs and humans.

(Tommy wasn't smiling.. he's panting nervously)

And the fur-owner of the house ?

In La-La land despite the commotion.

Scuba guardian Xmas gifts

(HC : I hated it when Jack or Joey steals food. Most times, they will spit out the food whenever I scolded them, but meat and bones are a different story. Their motto is : Eat now, 'die' later. I remembered once, on a Christmas Eve, I bought only ONE chicken curry drumstick and rice for lunch as I was anticipating a heavy dinner. Just when I was about to eat, Jack poo on the papers. I went to clear the soiled papers and didn't realised it was a ploy by Jack to steal my chicken drumstick.I was real upset and whacked him really hard and left him outside the house for 20 mins. I had to eat plain rice with some curry sauce for my Xmas lunch. reallyupset....
After that bitter lesson, Jack had not stolen food off the table for a long time.
I hope he learnt his lesson last night, and will not rummaged through the bins again. But I seriously doubt he can remember cos chicken bones are just too irresistable.. sigh )

What did you do today?

That was what HC asked when she saw me yesterday.

We are home alone for about 10 hours daily, and HC has always assumed we sleep the entire time. But after looking at my face, she has her doubts.

I had dark eye rings?

I tried desperately to remove that black ring around my eyes (and some parts of face, but the camera couldn't capture that)but to no avail.

HC had to use her eye make up remover on me about 3 times before the black marks came off.

Later in the evening, after our daily romp in the park, we opened the letter box and found stacks of Xmas cards. One of them was bulkier than usual. It was from Jay and it contains two bandanas along with the handmade card.

Obviously, HC sucks at tying the bandanas on us.
Do we look like we are going to rob the bank any moment?

Or would this be better?

We look like old ladies instead!

Toys for Sale

Yes, I have registered as an Ebay Seller!

I have decided to try to earn some money to lessen the burden on HC (yeah, I am so considerate). Don't worry, the toys are completely new, and I have not salivated on them yet.

There are only 3 toys for sale now, more will come later!

I am so ashamed !

When I first received my Christmas cards, I was elated! However,now I have started to dread when HC bring home stacks of envelopes. This is because after HC had seen the cards, she will look at me in disgust and says, "look at how much effort these dogs have put into the cards, how at how simple yours is!"

She then said that I should start wearing a paper bag when she brings me out as she don't want people to know that her dog is - Joey, the lazy dlogger.

Do you think I will trip and fall if I wear this out?

Posing with the wonderful Xmas cards

On a happier note, we received a present. It was from Sparky's owners. They wanted to thank HC for helping them when Sparky passed away.

The nice thank-you note!

But I think nice Mrs Charles forgot to complete her message. Her last sentence was "May God bless your lovely two dogs and keep them...". Errr... keep them what? safe? from hunger?
But anyway, it was nice of her to call us LOVELY! hehe

She also sent us a present. Before giving it to us, she said the present resembled Jack and I.
Guess what... it was a porcelain statue of a Welsh Corgi!

In what way (besides the stand-up ears) do we resemble a corgi???

Obviously, we don't look pleased. (no offence to Corgis... they are one of the cuter breed, but ... but..but...)

We already have a miniature US at home. (Picture was taken years ago, that's why Jack seems fat then)