What did you do today?

That was what HC asked when she saw me yesterday.

We are home alone for about 10 hours daily, and HC has always assumed we sleep the entire time. But after looking at my face, she has her doubts.

I had dark eye rings?

I tried desperately to remove that black ring around my eyes (and some parts of face, but the camera couldn't capture that)but to no avail.

HC had to use her eye make up remover on me about 3 times before the black marks came off.

Later in the evening, after our daily romp in the park, we opened the letter box and found stacks of Xmas cards. One of them was bulkier than usual. It was from Jay and it contains two bandanas along with the handmade card.

Obviously, HC sucks at tying the bandanas on us.
Do we look like we are going to rob the bank any moment?

Or would this be better?

We look like old ladies instead!


fufu said...

Joey, did you found out how you got the dark eye rings?
Hee. you guys look so cute with the bandana..

~ fufu

Scout said...

Hahahahaa! I love the old ladies picture!! I just wrote about what I do during the day on my blog, share about what you do too! :)

Joey said...

sssshhhhh.. I cannot blog what I do during the day. HC will know about it then!

Sunshade said...

Hey Joey and Jack,

I got your cards today, I LOVED the drawing of you guys. Did your mom draw/paint that herself??

ps. Joey... were you practicing putting eye liner on you??

Love nibbles,
MIss Sunshade

mary jane potter said...

I like your old lady pictures also...i wonder if you sleep as much as I do when i am at home....I dont want my mom to think i can do anything productive or she would make me help her...

Buster said...

Hahahaha guys in babushkas! That is a doggie hoot! Watch out, you'll find it on you tube!

Bussie Kissies

The Army of Four said...

Hey you guys! Cool bandanas... but be careful with those things! My brother got this idea that we should all be pirates and then it went really bad from there when a friend's mom heard about it. Check out those links for more info. :/ I love my little brother, but sometimes his ideas get us where we'd rather not go!

joestains said...

OMG your name is Joey too?! You must be SO totally cool!! Anyway, I got your card today, THANK YOU!

Joey said...

well, scout, fufu, maryjane potter and Buster. Since you like the old ladies pic so much, please get your mum to wear it for you :)

Army of Four - my sympathies with you.

Sunshade - i know of someone who partner with a Thai guy to draw it. They will send you the finished drawing in A3 and a softcopy I think. All these can be done via email and post. if you need the contact, let me know!

Scuba said...

Didn't notice the dark rings round your eyes.

Can I have some money after you've robbed the bank?

BooBoo said...

hahahhahahaha ... you guys looks so cute in the last pics ..... so funny

Tin Tin said...

Hee hee hee,

I'm not sure which photo is funnier...they're both a hoot!

Anyway, I got your card today guys, thanks so much. It's really coool...you must be famous, having your portrait done like that.

Thanks a million again.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Joey,
Aiyah.. my ma read your blog and now she is having 'ideas' with the bandana!! (heehee.. poor ol' Jack sure looks like a grumpy old lady..)

Jay said...

Hi, I don't mind sharing the loot. Just let me know when you will be robbing the bank! hiak hiak hiak