Toys for Sale

Yes, I have registered as an Ebay Seller!

I have decided to try to earn some money to lessen the burden on HC (yeah, I am so considerate). Don't worry, the toys are completely new, and I have not salivated on them yet.

There are only 3 toys for sale now, more will come later!


fufu said...

Hey Joey, that's so nice of you to make $ for HC. :)
Anything for hamsters?

~ fufu

FRQSTR=19274566x300502:1:1440|19274566|19274566|19274566|19274566 said...

Hmmm, no saliva or pee? And no balls, like you could ever part with a ball!

Bussie Kissies

peonythestormrider said...

You are so nice to think for your boss..I think I hv to start up some business as well then.. emmm.. what can I do... emm.. nrvm let me sleep for while first... be right back... ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Boo said...

hey joey, i got your card last night. thank you very very much!!!

wet wet licks