An Expensive Spring Cleaning Session

HC had a busy and upset weekend.

She was busy clearing out the cabinets and wardrobes on Saturday as she had made an appointment with a professional cleaning company to provide a one-time spring cleaning on Sunday.

Sunday came. Early in the morning, HC sent us to grandpa's place in case Jack bites the cleaning people when they enter the house. So, we did not get to meet any of the cleaners.

When we finally reach home, we opened the door, and ahhhhhhh.... a strong washing detergent smell filled the air (HC said the smell is nice, but our sensitive nose cannot take it that well). And, from outside, the floor and doors look sparkly clean, which brought a wide smile from HC. Little did she know that will be her only smile for the rest of the day.

However, HC is disappointed to see that not every nooks and corners is spotless. They didn't clean up the top of cabinets, some parts of the t.v. console is still dusty... but HC just brushed it off, thinking that they must have missed it.

Suddenly, she realised that her waist pouch is missing from its usual place. In it, contains her ATM card, some cash and her supercompact CANON IXUS camera! She quickly searched around the house including her wardrobes TWICE before she called the cleaning company. The lady whom she liases with denied seeing the waist pouch. HC did another thorough check around the house, even went down to the car TWICE in the rain in case she mistakenly left it there, but it cannot be found anywhere.

In the end she had to make a police report. As this is considered a theft case, she took an hour to record her statement. By then, she almost fainted with exhaustion.

I like to look at the bright side. I think HC is 'fortunate'. She went to the gucci store last week to look for another pouch to replace the current model, but it was out-of-stock. Thus, if the pouch is not out-of-stock, she would have lost her NEW gucci pouch, right?

And.... she has been drooling over this camera cos she find it oh-so-pretty...
Source :

But it is out-of-stock islandwide!!!!!

Oh... and something else are missing from the house. HC's bottle of floor detergent, and another dilution bottle (to clean our pee area) are missing! These items, though not valuable are included in the police report.. hiak hiak hiak

Additional Post by Jack:
HC should have asked me to stay back and watch the cleaners. I may be smaller than Joey, but a very good watch dog. Let me relate some incidences:
- Back when we were staying at grandpa's house where we have domestic maids with us, I will spend my day watching them. Whenever the maid walked into the bedrooms and opened the wardrobe, I will quietly stand behind them with my tail wagging very slowly (HC :slow wagging of tail is a sign that Jack is thinking and watching). Once the maid walked away from the wardrobe with something in their hands, I will jumped up and either nipped their bum or grabbed their shorts and shake them violently. A few times, the maid had to hold on her shorts to avoid it falling off...
I even bit a man who tried to steal grandma's t.v.. Needless to say, he bled quite a bit.
(HC : The poor guy was carrying the t.v. that he BOUGHT from my mother!)


Buster said...

Ouch! My Mom woulda been through the phone strangling somebody!

Bussie Kissies

Boy n Baby said...

Oh no... What a bad experience. I think the next time when HC call them to spring clean, it is safer for you guys to be around.

U mean the 'pink T10' is out of stock. Mama jus got a silver T10 last friday and she is loving it.

Boy n Baby

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Joey,
Gooosshhhh... that's terrible! Did you and Jack check to see if all your toys are accounted for??! If not, you need to go back and make another police report! (I think the next time your HC decides to have cleaning people over at her place, maybe she can borrow Scuba. I think that'd be a great idea cos he looks so intimidating but he'd probably leave them in peace to do their work!)

Scout said...

That's just TERRIBLE!!!

fufu said...

Oh dear, how dishonest of those cleaning people. Jack should have been there to bite all their bums.

~ fufu

Russell said...

gosh. sorry to hear about your loss. I would have gladly volunteered my services! Nothing ever goes missing when i am on guard...

Sighz. Try calling the spring cleaning company again?

rafv said...

Oh gosh... terrible experience. Hope you can find the pouch soon.(Maybe you throw away that pouch with your unwanted clothes together? I did it once before... Cz I put it on the floor and grabbed them together into prastic bag..)

Sorry to hear this..


Ben@Benjamin said...

Ouch...thats bad.

Hmm...they are really bad !! I will write a letter to Santa & no pressie for them this xmas....& Santa will give lotsa lotsa pressie to you all....dont b too sad k.

By the way, thanks for the xmas card. Love it so much.


Sundae said...

Hi Joey!

You've been Xmas tagged! read my blog for more details. :D

Love Sundae

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Jumped to your site from Charlie the Big Dogs paw it forward random blog button.

That's awful for your HC. Huskee Boy has the right idea. Check to make sure none of your stuff is gone. If they will sink so low as to take cleaning products, they might even take doggy stuff.

Hope everything is better for the holidays. I can't imagine Christmas without snow (it is snowing outside right now). Hope you get lots of treats and pressies.


Scuba said...

...and an expensive Gucci pouch too.

Have Santa visited you already? He was at my place last night.

Hopefully he leave behind nice and expensive present for you.

You could have me and Ginger over to watch the cleaners.

I have the look and Ginger has the claw