One eye Jack

Since last Friday, HC noticed that Jack was squinting his left eye. His squinting got worse on Sat, and HC feared that he had (again) tore his cornea and sent him to the vet.

True enough, the vet said that Jack had tore his cornea. This was like the 3-4th time he did it for the last 10 years. The most serious was back in 2001, whereby the eye specialist - Dr Stanley did a surgery on him - and sewed his third eyelid shut for a week. Ya.. during that week, he was a one-eyed Jack.. hahaha

This time, the tear was not that bad - and he only requires to administered eye drops 3-4 times before the next review tomorrow.

How he looked this morning after putting the eye drop. He squinted very badly at home, but when he is out - he hardly squint. Perhaps Mr. Cool wants to look good when he's out.

There are 3 types of eye drop. The red one has to be administered in a dark environment as it will make his eye very sensitive to light. So HC applied it on Jack before bedtime.

As there is no one at home during the day, Jack couldn't have his eye drop. Let's hope he heal before tomorrow's medical review.

Other presents

The other presents that we received from HC's recent overseas trip.

Personalised collars. HC's mobile number is embroidered on the underside of the collar in case we ever get lost.

T-shirts for me.

Jumper - cos I like to jump up to catch my ball. I am almost 99% accurate in ball catching. I'm also a good agility dog many many years ago :)

Another t-shirt. I am chewing a deer tendon in both pic.

These t-shirts are to protect my belly from the grass area. So since Jack doesn't roll on the grass - he didn't get any t-shirt from HC. And he didn't get any balls too ... hiak hiak hiak

On a separate note :
I love playing with my rubber squeaky balls. My favourite is the small spiky ones ..

I don't know if anyone has seen this report about toys having phthalates added in to increase its flexibility and durability.

The effects of phthalates caused vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach cramps.

Now, HC is worried that the balls I played with - has this ingredient in it.

However, she can't stop me from playing with such toys as my life (and happiness) revolved around the balls!!!

P.S. We did something really naughty while HC was away... will update later!

Back from a short trip

We went for a 4N5D trip at Scuba's place recently.

It was really fun but I missed my HC alot. When HC picked us up at Scuba's place - we whined non-stop - for about 5 mins or more.

When we went home, we saw what HC bought for us:

We have like 4-5 beds at home - but a dog can never have 'too many beds', right? heehee
I am most pleased with these presents...

I will post up my other presents another day. Too busy killing my rubber ball now :)