The Revenge of the Clothes Peg

Jack has been acting weird since last Thursday ..

He looked scared (tail down, shivering), and hid underneath tables, bed, toilets. Even when there were visitors to the home, he used less than 50% of his usual barking energy and wasn't interested in the doggie cookies (That's a big deal for greedy dogs like us).

Miserable looking

When we visited Scuba, he slept next to Scuba which was very unusual as Jack does not like to have bodily contact with any dog.

He doesn't even move from the bed when HC was leaving Scuba's place.

Our human god-sister thought it was fun to join in.

Sherylyn pretending to sleep.

Remember the previous post when I said we secretly sleep on the leather sofa when HC is not at home?
Well, Jack doesn't care about respecting HC anymore and jumped on the leather sofa when HC was home. Of course he received stern warning from HC.

(HC : as much as I wanted Jack to be comfortable since he is ill, I decided to chase him away from the sofa as I believe in being consistent with my dogs)

After 3 days of seeing Jack in a miserable state, HC made an appointment with the vet on Sunday.

Before visiting the vet, HC did a quick body check on Jack - he seems to be ok in all parts of his body, except when HC tried to pry his mouth open.

Then, HC did some investigative work at home and remembered she threw away a broken clothes peg on the table.

It was then she remembered that on Thursday, our part-time cleaner came to do some household chores. The cleaner must have dropped the clothes peg on the floor, and Jack chewed it. (HC : Jack had destroyed a few clothes peg before this).

However, this particular clothes peg that HC bought is more 'springy' and HC suspected that it must have sprung hard against Jack's mouth while he was chewing it, and hurt his mouth badly.

HC talked about her suspicious with the vet, and the vet thought that it is highly possible as well.
Due to Jack's age, they decided not to put him on sedation to check the extent of his injuries. Instead strong painkillers and inflammation pills were prescribed, and HC will see if Jack starts eating hard treats and allow HC to pry open his mouth. If he does that, it means that his injury had healed.

However, the irony is that upon returning home from the vet, Jack seems to be his usual self - walking around HC to beg for treats - even BEFORE any medication was given to him!!!!

Latest updates : Jack IS DEFINITELY back! He barked very very loudly when HC came home last night and HC joked that she should not sent him to the vet to earn a few more days of peace... HAHAHA

After Jack's consultation with the vet, I thought we could go home but HC said that since we're here, might as well get my paws checked.

I had been limping since Sat, and HC found my rear left paw swollen and there is a black growth in-between my toes.

HC applied calendula oil on my hurt paw, and I seemed to be doing better and doesn't limp as much.

The yellowed paw is due to the calendula oil applied.

After applying calendula oil, I was told to stay at this position for 2 mins !!!

Anyway, the vet took a look at my paw, did a body check and found my left rear lymph nodes slightly swollen and painted 2 scenarios:

1. An inflammation - antibiotics will be prescribed for 2 weeks. Sometimes, inflammation may cause lymph nodes to be slightly swollen.

or it could be

2. A tumor. The vet said that if the swelling and growth did not improve after 2 weeks of antibiotics, then she may have to remove the growth to check for tumor. One of my toes may have to be removed as well!

Scenario 2 sounds bad. Losing a toe may affect my balance, and I may have to quit my Saturday job as a Search and Rescue Volunteer!

My paws are crossed that I won't have to remove my toe!