Uncle M asked if I am wearing the perfume "Romance" because Tommy has been showing alot of interest in me during the past two months. In fact, according to Auntie S (herbie's mum), Rafv shows an interest in me only to spite Tommy (as you know, Tommy & Rafv has alot of old scores to settle, but whenever they fought, the humans stopped them). Anyway, Auntie S said that a few times, Rafv came over to lick and paw me, he will use his 'corner' eye to see if Tommy is watching us. (Rafv very 'creative' - new word for evil).

Tommy has a very funny way of playing.... Auntie V said he looked like he is doing a lion dance (do lions dance??). HC said he looked like a woody wood pecker cos he likes to peck his mouth onto my head continously. He also does that to HC before, and she got to go wash hair after that cos her hair is wet from his saliva! Eeekkk..

Joey : stop poking me
Tommy : yummy, you taste good!

Look at Tommy's expression! rofl


Note to SCUBA & his mum, post edited on 31st March 2006
Jack and I got a new god-sister. I am ok about it, but I think Jack is still sulking. Reason is because Jack hates cats, and my new stepsister is a fat fat cat.She is about 8 kg, double the size of Jack's weight! Not only that, she is as ancient as Jack.
HC said she is pretty, but I don't think so. How pretty can a catty cat be?

Here's the picture of the old dame...

Her name is Ginger, and she lives with Scuba. HC likes her as she is very manja when she sees HC. She will come when called (no big deal, we go to HC when she calls too) and will sit on her lap (again, no big deal, I am a lap dog too at home). HC laughily said she has got to 'adopt' Ginger cos she got an evil stepmother at home.(edited: According to Scuba's blog, Ginger has a loving mum at home, not evil stepmother. Point noted hehe). You see, Scuba gets to sleep on human bed, has his own doggy bed, gets to sleep on sofa, sleeps in air-con room, has oxtails (oops...) and so on. But Ginger has to sleep on the cold hard floor, and if lucky, on Scuba's discarded bed.

But I have to admit Ginger is one cool cat, she walks around the house with as many as 8-9 dogs sometimes and still acts cool. The only thing is once she caught me trying to steal her kibbles from her bowl and swipe her claws at me! Ok, I than move away and spotted ONE LONE kibble at the corner of the cabinet. My mouth was almost reaching the single kibble but Ginger came over and *swipe* swipe* her claws at me again. But, the kibble is lying on the floor! She wasn't even gonna eat that! She has a whole bowl of kibbles in front of her!!! She must have learned the irritating guarding habit from Chewie (who is nursing at her house).

Oh, we (Jack and I) are so glad that HC didn't 'adopt' Pepper, the other fat cat. He is even worse, and will hiss and swipe his claws at any dogs when they are not even 1 metre away. Jack is petrified of Pepper!

Puppy Shots

Time flies really fast. I'll be 5 this August, but it seems that puppyhood was not too long ago. I remember sitting in a tiny crate in the petshop the day after I touched down from Melbourne. (HC said she will not buy dogs from petshop again.. why??? I am so cute, right?)
Anyway, I did alot of bad things while still a puppy, such as
- chewing the walls,
- stealing someone's lingerie or socks and ran around the entire house with it.
- Dragging Jack's bed (with Jack still sleeping on it) across the room. Jack screamed at me for waking him ....
- I even stole & ate Grandma's high blood pressure pills ( please don't worry that I will have problems with high blood pressure, after all, I already took the medication as prevention)
- blah blah blah....

Though I was naughty, alot of people couldn't resist me cos I was small, white, fat and cute!
Here's two pictures of me (sorry for the poor, poor quality. It was shot with a very lousy camera.)

I was the size of a small rabbit. In fact, I looked like one cos I used to hop alot

Did you notice that my ears were folded then? Well, that was exactly how I looked when HC got me. But 2 months later, it started to prick like Jack's. HC said it is due to bad genes... really?? oh dear....

That reminds me of a long ago post, where HC gave me a makeover

This is the natural me.. without folded ears.

Unglam Kitchen God

I am talking about Herbie..

Yesterday, no park for me as I am still recovering from the rashes. So we went to Auntie V's place for free human dinner. Herbie was there too cos his MM and M went to a wedding dinner. As usual, Herbie a.k.a Kitchen God hanged around the kitchen waiting for Auntie S to drop some food for him. Much later, Auntie W asked Herbie to leave the kitchen but he refused to move. So Auntie W got no choice but to asked HC to help to shove him out of the kitchen. HC stood in front of Herbie and pull him by the neck, and Auntie W pushed his bum out. I can see Herbie is trying to put his weight down his paws and refused to move an inch. Finally after much pulling & pushing, they managed to shove him out.
Here's a picture to illustrate: (I don't draw as well as Herbie, and he refused to teach me cos he is upset that I am putting this pic up my blog)

Water treatment at Search & Rescue

No no... not the water torture treatment.

During our last search & rescue exercise, we were told "Be prepared to get wet and dirty". We didnt know what it means exactly until the first team - Scott & handler came back from the search. Both of them came back covered with mud from head to toe. Some teams decided not to go ahead as they are not prepared. But HC decided that we should do it, since we only get to trained twice a month unlike the rest.
When it was our turn to search, I dashed ahead of HC and started using my nose to find the victim. I go through tunnels and go all the way inside the rubbles, and found muddy water that is chest deep (my chest la, not human's). I can smell that the victim was behind the wall and started barking. HC, who was not allowed into the rubble until I barked as indication, started her way into the tunnel and rubble very slowly. (HC needs to work on her agility skills.. she's damn slow). While waiting for her slow descend, I spotted a few large foam boards floating on the muddy water. I decided to keep myself dry and climb onto the foam board. When HC and officer saw me, they started laughing cos it looks like I am on a 'boat' instead of in the water as expected.
Finally, after my continous barking, they decided to reward me with the ball. Yeah! mission accomplished!

(HC : this exercise was tough for the humans instead as we had to walk in muddy water that is ankle deep and had to climb up and down to reach inside the rubble. After that exercise, my shoes and pants were all muddy and wet. But my condition was not as bad as Scott's handler cos I heard that Scott led his handler into the rumble through a longer and dirtier route. Naughty Scott! hehe)


*scratch* scratch* scratch*

Oh no... I am having rashes again. This time, it is a bit more serious than before. I am always allergic to grass. especially if it is a bit damp. As you guys know, I love going to dog run to play fetch, or to roll over my ball in the grass. HC tried to protect my skin as much as possible by letting me wear a tee. But there are certain parts that the tee can't cover such as lower belly, head and legs. (Dun tell me to wear boots... HC bought for me before, but my legs go all over the place when I wore them, in the end, I refused to walk/run when I am made to wear them).

OOps.... R(A) shots

Lost Dogs

Tommy almost had an adopted brother a few days ago. His parents found a beagle wandering on the road but decided against bringing him home as he was quite barky. Instead, they left him with the kindly security guards at a nearby condo. I heard they took good care of the beagle and cleaned up his wounds too.

That got me thinking, "why are there so many lost dogs?" Did they dashed out of the house in their excitement and forgot the way home? Me, I was given TWO opportunities to be a lost dog too.

Opportunity 1 : I was still living with HC's family at that time. And one day, a plumber came by to fix some stuff. Jack was as usual locked behind closed door cos he bites. But, since I am the friendlier one, HC's family allows me to roam free. And, boy, was I excited! I kept going over to see what the plumber was doing, and he in turn, kept saying hello to me. What HC's family didnt realised (oh couldn't be bothered, I don't really know) was that the main door was wide open. But I wasn't interested in going out cos the plumber guy looks more interesting. Suddenly, my keen sense of hearing told me that HC is on the way home. Happily, I went out to the corridor to greet her and gave her my widest smile....
Smiling face..

she looked so shocked to see me! Later, I heard her scolding the other humans for leaving the door open. From then onwards, I was made to wear a collar with tag at home. damn....

Opportunity 2 : We had just moved into our own apartment. On the first day, Jack and myself were quite nervous and kept following HC around. At night, one of HC's friend came over to pass her some stuff. Usually, we won't stepped out of any home without HC's permission. But when HC's friend was going home, he said to me: "Joey, wanna follow me?" I thought he meant he will send me back to the old home and dashed out to the road. (HC : luckily, this is a private road, otherwise I cannot imagine the consequence). HC's friend panicked and started chasing me. The more he chased me, the more panicky I became and ran further away from him. (HC : from my 3rd floor window, it is rather comical to see Joey running, and my friend chasing him on the private road, back and forth many many times. Also, friend was screaming Joey's name hysterically with arms waving).
Luckily, I heard HC calling me, and ran back to her open arms. By then, HC's poor friend almost collapsed from the running.

I must always remind myself never never to run away from home. God knows what will happen if I lost HC? Will I find a owner who will neglect me after the novelty wears off? Will I get fed properly? Will I get to go to the field to play ball to my heart's content every day? Worse, what if I get sent to SPCA and they put me to sleep!!!!!

Duck for Supper, anyone?

Many a times, while HC is at work, I usually switched on the laptop to blog or surf the internet to gain more knowledge. As I am fed barf meals, I read up as much as I can about this type of feeding. I remembered that it was modelled after some wolf diet. In fact, I am always fascinated by how the wolf hunt and eat their prey. Sometimes, I wish I can do the same instead of being fed slaughtered meat from the market.

And my chance came (well, almost) this evening....

It was a wet evening and HC decided to walk us at Park 1 instead of going dog run. During the walk, she will alternate leashing one of us, so that we can have some freedom to roam. (Not that we will roam far as we are more worried of losing HC...hehe)

At one point, Jack was leashed and he was trying to poo (he takes a long time to poo cos he is forever constipated). Suddenly, I sensed something else near me and looked around. There she was, all wet and rolly-polly shaped - DUCK! From the corner of my eye, I noticed that HC was preoccupied with watching Jack poo-poo. Quickening my pace, I ran towards the duck, at the same time, trying hard not to growl so as not to attract HC's attention. Alas, I was almost one feet away from the delicious duck when HC shouted, "Joey, No, Come back". Dammit.... reluctantly, I make a U-turn and walked dejected with my head down.
(HC - Stupid Duck is still ignorant that she almost became Joey's supper)

One good thing came out of it though, HC praised me for being such a good boy in responding quickly to her recall. When we got back home, she gave us freshly dried lamb tendons to chew. Yummy... it is really really tasty. But I really wished I had the duck instead as it was almost 3/4 of my size, whereas the tendon is only paw-sized.

Edited by Joey on 22nd March 2006 : Oh no.. duck imports banned in Singapore! I should have eaten that fat one at the park. Maybe I will discuss with HC tonight if we can go there again.


Herbie had blogged about Sat's trip to Japanese Restaurant so I shall not say more, except that the food is not only expensive, but delayed as well. They took the order at 8.45 p.m but HC only got hers served at 10p.m. I think she almost fainted from hunger.

Anyway, I didnt get to sleep soundly until 2a.m. and was dead tired. I thought I could sleep late, but HC woke up at 6a.m. and decided not to sleep and woke us all up to go Sentosa for a swim. Oh my.... I was practically dragged out of the house with the swimming costume on my back. Once I reached there, I was totally awaken by the glorious sun and the clear blue waters. I swam till my hearts content as I have not been swimming for months!

In the evening, we didnt go to the park cos it was raining and ground was wet. Instead. HC bought some famous curry fish head to Auntie V's place. We poor dogs don't get to eat any because Auntie V said it is spicy. (But we won't mind though)As compensation, she gave us some dog biscuits. Jack & I, nicknamed Pirahnas, of course gobbled up the biscuits. Auntie V, however, insisted on Scuba doing some tricks like 'Speak'. However, by the time Scuba decide to 'speak' (he, the daydreamer), Jack almost stole his biscuits. Snigger....

Rare Moments

Jack is a loner, he does not like the company of other dogs nor does he plays with them. Although sometimes, he will play fight and/or tug with me (lots of growling and barking involved). But usually he is happy to be left alone to chew his nylabones.

The other day, the humans were resting and watching videos after a heavy dinner at Herbie's home. Lolo was leashed up as she habitually pees wherever she likes. Jack who usually ignored Lolo, suddenly shown an interest in her and started playing. However, he is very gentle and quiet when he plays with her, whereas with me, he will growl and snap at me. So unfair....

Pictures below : Lolo is the female JRT that was leashed up.

Gee... your hair smells terrific

Biting each others neck...

hahahaha... dun bit my stomach.. itchy..

what are you doing, Lolo?

As you can all see, Lolo is the dominant one in this game...power woman.... (jealous)


That's what Grandpa called us today...

HC was on medical leave and brought us to Grandpa's place so that she can see a doctor and buy our BARF meals. When we reached the gate, Grandpa was just leaving the house. However, when he saw us, he was very happy and decided not to leave home yet. We followed him to our favorite place - Kitchen, and ate a slice of bread each. Immediately after we ate, we ran away to find toys to play. Grandpa keep calling us as he wanted to pet us before leaving, and we ignored. He than said we are heartless cos we ignored him once the food is gone. He left the house dejected.

Watch Dog

Jack's self appointed job is to be a good watch dog. He is so good that he thinks he need to protect ALL homes, even if he is only visiting (such as Scuba's, Tommy's and Herbie's). But he really take his job too seriously sometimes. The other day, we were in our usual 'exclusive' area of the dog run. Usually, dog owners hang around the common area. But HC likes to bring us to the exclusive area so that I can play with my ball in peace (read: no fights), and no dog irritates Jack.

As I was saying, we were in the 'exclusive' area, and Jack as usual was sitting by the gate. One couple came in the dog run with their husky. I think the female owner was worried the husky gets bullied by more boisterous dogs and wanted to come into the exclusive area cos only Jack & myself were there. (She must be thinking : only 2 small harmless dogs inside, what is there to worry?) When she came near the gate, she said a cheery "Hello" to Jack. Immediately, Jack growled very loudly as if to warn her to stay away. The girl was shocked and said..'Wah.. so fierce' and walked away!

Good job, Jack! At least I get to play in peace. Don't really enjoy huskies cos they always pawed me or stared at me too intently (like Rafv, Chilli and Chewie).
(HC : I am sure that huskies don't mean any harm to Joey, they are just being cheeky and wanted to disturb him)

I am also very pissed last night at Herbie. I was happily rolling over the ball on the grass, and Herbie, the big clumsy one, was playing with Jaffe and almost stepped on me. I was so angry I chased the both of them away.

(HC & Jack : Snigger.....)

Bones Feeding

This post is for ignorant humans like Uncle J. (hehehe)

There are basically two types of bones in BARF terms.
RMBs - Has both meat and EDIBLE bones. They are usually smaller and softer and takes only a few mins to consume.
Recreational bones - harder bones that are meant to carry the weight of the animal such as lamb leg (aka tulang). THis type of bones is good to remove tartar and develop stronger and whiter teeth. I usually gnaw on it for 1.5 hrs and will leave the hollow bones after that cos it gets a bit tasteless when there is no more meat and marrow left. For greedier dogs like Jack, they can go on non stop gnawing for hours but it is no good cos it may wear down their teeth too much. In fact, Jack has a chipped tooth on his left molar cos he tried too hard to break down the bone.

Why did I say Uncle J ignorant? the story goes like this,
One day, HC was holding Lolo the 2 yr old female JRT, and realised that she has alot of tartar and plague on her teeth. HC than offered to get tulang for her.
A few days later, Uncle J was happily saying that he left the tulang to LOLO before he leaves for work. HC and the rest of the humans were horrified as dogs need to be supervised when feeding bones. They painted all sort of horror stories such as Uncle J finding Lolo's dead corpse (from choking to death) in the garden when he returns home. I can see from Uncle J's expression that he was pretty worried and can't wait to go home to check on Lolo(hehehe)

After that, Uncle J reported that Lolo is fine and she left a small piece of bone behind and it was already infested by ants by the time he went back to clear it. Thank goodness Lolo is still alive.


As you all know, Jack & I are fed on BARF meals. Even our treats are as natural as possible - dried organs and meat that HC does herself. Sometimes, she gets lazy and buy commercial ones, but they are always 100% natural.
Even though I loved what I am fed, sometimes, I just look at kibbles or commerical treats and drool! oh boy, I cannot understand why HC wants us on a NATURAL diet. After all, she eats junk food ALL the time.

Ever since Scuba's episode with oxtail, our lives had changed a little.

1. Oxtail
I was fed once but HC stopped buying as she saw that most of these were not very big and not enough meat around the bones (she read somewhere that more meats on the bones is desired so that it 'cushioned' the bones into the stomach). After Scuba's episode, she resolved NEVER to feed oxtail. Poor me.

2. Bigger RMB (Raw meaty bones)
Now, HC fed us bigger pieces of RMBs. I dislike it cos it takes too long to eat and I got to chew till ny jaws hurt.And, i cannot gobbled up!

3. Taking turns to eat
Jack and I are no longer fed together. Jack will eat first while I look in through the door and whined. By feeding us individually, HC now has less time to spare in the morning, and had been late for work since. (hiak hiak hiak)

Untouchable? Not really..

Remember my last post about Jack and his fear of being carried?
I have said that sometimes he will allow his godma to carry. Here's the picture:

Ok.. let you carry since you are my godma, but can U release me soon?? (Scared look)

I guess he is ok with godma because she was looking after him for 3 days when HC went for a family holiday after adopting Jack for a month. In fact, I heard he was very well taken care of. He was carried to hawker centres, and even gets to sit on a chair when the humans were eating (with HC, we dun get the chance to sit on chairs.) And, the best thing is, when Jack pooed on a carpet, they didnt scold him. In fact, they blamed themselves for overfeeding him with treats!! hahaha...

But I heard that when he came back, he was worried that HC and family will leave him again. When HC brought out a leash, he started shaking very badly. And, when offleashed, he immediately dashed home. Insecure dog....

A grinning Jack

Scuba in hospital

Poor Scubs is in hospital!
For the last two days, Scuba was not feeling well, and vomitted whenever he eats. HC wondered if it was because he ate the toad! Finally, today, Scuba's mummy decided to bring him to see the vet. It was found out that the oxtail that he ate 2 days ago was stuck somewhere in his stomach. Vet tried to push the oxtail (I think through the anus.. ouch), but not successful. So in the end, Scuba had to go through a surgery. Poor Scuba. I think HC is gonna go visit him later in the hospital.

Scuba's mummy said that he probably gobbled down his oxtail as he is worried that Chewie (who is boarding there to nurse his broken leg) will snatched his food. Sigh.... HC just reminded us never to gobble down food (which I sometimes forgets), else we will end up like Scuba.

Speedy recovery, Scubs! Hope to see you at the park soon.

Intelligent Toys

I meant toys to teach dogs how to be intelligent, not toys that are intelligent.

When I was younger, HC constantly search for new & interesting toys in order to get me off chewing the wall (I managed to chew 3-4 patches of the wall). One such toy was the intellibone.
It says : "The IntelliBone helps develop eye-paw coordination skills as they learn to remove the squeaker rings from the plush bone.The dog will use its mouth and paws to maneuver the bone and gradually learn how to remove the rings. By successfully removing the rings from the bone, your pet's innate "stalk and conquer the prey" instincts will be satisfied"

With that kind of description, HC happily paid almost $30 for it, thinking that it will entertain me and make me more intelligent.

From the instructions on the box, HC tried to show me how to take off the squeaky rings. But I decided to do things the faster and easier way. Ignoring her, I hold the bone in my mouth and started to shake it violently so that the rings dropped out. See, mission accomplished in faster time!
(HC : I was hoping Joey will slowly take out the rings like the collie in the picture.... )

After a short while, I get quite bored with the Intellibone and decided that chewing wall is more fun.

Beware of Dog

Some aunties have mentioned before that Jack should wear a tee shirt that says - "Beware of Dog" cos he bites.
Jack's adoption story can be found here.

As we were saying, Jack is a fear biter. He bites when he feels cornered. He is also a domineering dog - if he don't get his way, he bites / barked / pulled your pants / skirt.

My human granddad was bitten quite badly with blood oozing out from his thumb. I cannot believe Jack did it cos grandad was only patting him.

HC's niece was bitten (small wound) on face cos she tried to carry him (mind you, at that time, she is staying with Jack, so should be considered FAMILY. How can Jack bite her?). The only successful people who have carried him are his human godma (when Jack is in good mood), and Auntie Sam who carried him up the car (she did it very fast and jack was caught offguard).

A garang guni man was bitten on his leg when he is carrying an old T.V. out of my granny's place (To Jack - he thinks the man is stealing the T.V.).

HC was bitten a few times (no blood though) when she tried to train him.

Others who tried to touch him were nipped / growled at, but luckily nothing serious.

Anyway, this is ancient history as Jack has been properly trained by HC over the last 6 years. In fact, Jack had went through basic and advance obedience, agility. But HC said that Jack's advance level is not quite as good as those we see in Dog Show Competition. And, for sure, he will fail when it comes to the part when the Judge supposed to touch the dog.

Sometimes, strangers are very weird. Without asking HC, they will try to pat Jack from behind. Luckily, Jack is better behaved nowadays, and on good days, he even asks for pats from people he knows.

P.S. He has not bitten someone for quite a while. Nowadays, he only nipped as warning. But I dread the day he bite cos his mood is a bit unpredictable. Please pardon him as old age promotes crankiness.

(HC : For those humans who have the misfortune to adopt a bitting dog, please do not despair. It takes time to train and build up the respect between dog and handler.)

Big Dogs

HC and her group of dog owners usually have dinner together every night, and many a times, strangers and stall owners will asked if the dogs bite (pointing to the bigger ones), and the replies are usually "big ones don't bite, the small ones (Jack) do". hehehe .. I will post another day why Jack bites.

Sometimes, I don't understand why strangers are so scared of big dogs. In fact, the barky ones are usually the small dogs, JRTs being one of the culprits. Fortunately, I don't bark except when it comes to ball playing and guarding the house. (Edited to include : barking and chasing chickens, cats)

And, believe it or not, the bigger dogs in my group gives way to me.
Tommy, our resident paikia (bad boy) who readily get into fights, usually let me have my way. Even if the ball is in his mouth, he will let me take it without much complaints. And when he sees me, he will lick or smell me very gently as if I am a fragile toy. I got to admit once at my house, he was very manja with HC, and Igot jealous, jumped up and nipped on his cheek. He merely yelped, and tried to hide his big head onto HC's lap.
Another of our 'bad' boy - Rafv.. He, who likes to put small dogs in his mouth, is also very nice to me. He will usually come to lick and offered his paw. But I hate it, cos he always use his paw to push my head or bum. HC always laughed when she saw it! Irritating!!! But I am so glad he does not like me enough to put in his mouth!! hahahaha
Herbie - nothing much to say cos he is alright with ALL dogs (except big strange male humper).
Scuba - medium size, he looks scary but he never retaliates when another dog bite/scold him. Once, during Xmas, I was at his place, and realised that some presents under the Xmas tree contain treats. I decided to guard it, and when Scuba comes near, I actually scolded and nipped him in the cheek. Actually, I know it is bad manners cos the presents belongs to him.

I am very ball (and food) possessive, HC is very careful when I meet new dogs. She will usually play ball with me in an enclosed area, as she does not want me to get into a fight. The last time I had a fight was with another JRT. Actually, I know I can win the fight, but HC came to call me off, and I listened to her and turn away. The JRT saw the opportunity and bite my leg and refused to let go. The silly owner actually went to pull her JRT, and end up my leg is being pulled as well ( long scratch marks after that). Out of desperation, HC pinched the JRT on the neck. After the fight, I had to be sent to the clinic and had swollen leg for a couple of days. (HC : it is a dilemna for dog owners, if you don't stop your dog, one or the other may be hurt badly. But if you do, your dog may end up like Joey)

Muzzled Dogs
In Singapore, category B dogs have to be muzzled. However, many of these dog owners do not at all. I know some of them are very gentle and friendly (like my GSD friend - Stallion), but if HC sees strange dogs, she won't let me go sniff cos not every dog is properly socialised. You can read more about poor Jaffe's incident. (HC : alot of owners must think I am snobbish, but I am doing for my dog's own good)
A few years ago, when the dog run was not so strict in enforcing the muzzling rule, a few GSDs frequently come to the park. I was playing ball, and HC asked the owners if the GSDs are ok cos she saw the GSDs looking interested in my ball. The owners said their GSDs are alright and not possessive. So, HC believed them and started throwing balls for us to retrieve. Even though GSDs are bigger, I managed to outrun them as I am smaller and can turn corners faster (mmm... sound like a car, don't I). A while later, one of the GSD got fed up and started barking at me. Moments later, 3 other GSDs surrounded me and started barking at me too. Of course, I barked back as I was really angry. HC and the other owners panicked as I was surrounded by 4 GSDs, and quickly ran over and scolded all of us in a very harsh voice. Luckily, no harm was done. (HC : this Joey sometimes really try to push his luck).

So should you see me playing in an enclosed area, please do not think I am snobbish. hiak hiak hiak. I am friendly with dogs - don't bite or bully them for no reason, but I don't enjoy playing with dogs as much as balls. Maybe it is from my growing up years with an aloof dog like Jack.