My Brother

This is my grouchy older brother - Jack.
His sad story - he was found abandoned by his god-mother's colleague(Julie) in Simei Estate. Julie saw my brother hanging around the block for 2 days, but was unable to get hold of my brother as he was too scared of strangers. Once, she saw my poor brother waiting in the rain hoping that his previous owner will come back for him.

Anyway, Julie finally brought her little pretty silky terrier down for a walk, and my brother was hooked! He happily followed them home. But alas, Julie was horrified to find my brother wanting to do the 'right' thing to her little princess, and frantically called up friends to rehome him. Fate has it that, my HC happened to hear abt it, and offered to take my brother home to 'try first'.
This time, my brother fell in love with my HC and happily followed her home. Of course, he didn't know that my HC has training programs lined up to curb his bitting and aggressive self. Not to mention, a trip to the vet to remove his manhood .. hee...hee.....

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Julie Theng said...

Hey! This is Julie :) Ad gave me this url few years ago and I had it bookmarked. Didn't really spend time to look at it before. Was doing housekeeping on my pc and saw this url so took a better look at it. I'm smiling ear to ear and happy tears :P when I see Jack is having such a good life.... and so many friends! He sure is lucky to have you :) Great page! :D TC n TTFN!