In the office

HC has been extremely busy at work; and I didn't get to play fetch in the park as often as I wished.(HC : Joey's idea of playing fetch at the park is to demand for a new squeaky ball EVEYTIME he steps into the park. It is really expensive to bring him there nowadays! So I have resorted to letting him play fetch near my place and luckily, he is satisfied with used balls there. He is also getting physically older, so a ten minute of fetch game is usually enough for him.

It is true that my recent work demands had increased, and my dogs didn't get as long walks as they would have liked. On a recent Sunday that I needed to go to office to work, I decided to bring them along - it's like an 'adventure' for them!.

Dogs have super memory. The last time I brought them to my office was 5-6 years ago. This time, when I opened the main entrance to my office level, Jack ran all the way down the hallway and went into the last room. I had to recall him back as my room is in the middle of the hallway. It was much later that I realised that my previous room was the last room that Jack went. Amazing that Jack can still remembered which room I used to occupy after so long)

We behaved very well in her office, and laid quietly on the floor while HC was busy at her computer.

A little photo before we leave.

This morning, instead of leaving us at home after our breakfast, she took out our collars and asked us to 'follow her'. She said that she's leaving for a little holiday, and we are off to Scuba's place for a few days.

Us and our bag of necessities (shampoo, treats, balls and chew toys). The food has already been delivered a couple of days before.

Not too happy about leaving HC.

HC said she hoped Jack will be better behaved this time. The last holiday we had, Jack refused to let Scuba's caregiver put a leash on him, refused to go out for walks, refused showers, refused to do anything he was asked. The only thing he accepts is food!