Rewards Programme

Hey, remember my post about vitamins that HC bought online?

Well, the company sent HC an email offering a rewards program - new customers can get USD5 off if they use HC's referral code SIB351 . So, do check out this website . They have alot of brands to choose from, and some brands are also sold in Singapore. The prices worked out to be cheaper than what HC can get here (even after birthday-month discounts.)

1 tip - do ensure your purchases are not more USD80, and less than 3 pounds in weight. They'll then use USPS postal services - which are relatively cheap and reliable. I got my products within 1 week.

Happy Shopping!

(Disclaimer: yes, I do get something out of this - that is 2% credit. But that's not the main purpose of putting this up. I just like to let you know a cheaper alternative as HC spent a bomb getting supplements for us here. It's ok if you prefer not to use the referral code.
HC would also like me to add one recommendation from her : this Sleep and Restore product is good for humans who do not fall asleep easily. It works really well for her. )

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