Bermuda Triangle

There's a bermuda triangle right outisde my house!

My ball will mysteriously disappeared when I am playing a game of fetch. I tried looking and calling my ball-ball to appear but it didn't work.

Joey : yoo-hoo.. anybody there?

(HC : Joey has lost so many balls inside this drain that I think it might be clogged with balls one day. And it didn't help that sometimes he did it on purpose *roll eyes*)

HC usually bring a spare ball for me - but no matter what, I still want my missing ball-ball!

Then I had a bright idea, I took the abandoned ball and threw it inside the drain. Voila! The force from abandoned ball pushed out my missing ball-ball!


(HC : well, I am still short of 1 ball! Now the 'abandoned ball' is still stuck inside the drain! What a silly dog!)


Despite having an injection on the first vet visit, my fever hasn’t really subsided, and I was still not keeping food down. So HC brought me in for another consultation the next day, and needless to say – another thermometer up my ass and painful injection at my rear.

A day after the second vet visit, I was able to eat without vomiting. However, immediately after eating, I yelped in pain for 5 mins! I think my ‘gassy’ stomach couldn’t take in food without protesting. (HC : It is so pitiful to see Joey yelping in pain. He would stop yelping only when I pat him. I know exactly how it feels cos I am prone to gastritis too)

And thanks to all the well-wishers + 2 injections + big hole in HC’s pocket, I have recovered after 3 days in bed. These 3 days were the most miserable days of my entire life! I was practically in bed ALL THE TIME staring at HC miserably. But the good thing is I got lots of hugs in return.

(HC : I knew Joey had fully recovered when he finally woke up at 8p.m. on Wednesday night and ask to play ball. As a reward, I gave him a new ball. He was soooo ecstatic!)

Hot Hot Dog

Two days ago, we went to Scuba's place to decorate Xmas tree (ok. the humans did - we were only interested in eating the fallen baby breaths). Anyway, Scuba's mum was sympathetic to our hungry stomach and decided to treat us huge deer tendons each.

As mine was really huge, the rest of the dogs finished theirs before me. So i guess I was very worried and take bigger gulps than usual.

By the time I finished it, HC took a look at my bloated tummy and my unusual stand and got worried. She quickly brought me home as she thinks I was gonna puked. True enough I puked once in the car.

As for the rest of the night, HC could tell that I was very uncomfortable. She was worried that the deer tendon was stuck in my insides, (like how Scuba got an oxtail stuck and had to have an operation).

Anyway, she brought me straight to vet the next morning as she felt that my body was hot (not "hot bod", but temperature "hot") and I was having chills and shivering uncontrollably.
The worst thing was i wasn't even interested in food - which was really unusual for me.

The vet diagnosed me as having gastritis and high fever of 39.9 degrees and said I was a hot dog! The vet also drawn alot of blood from my left paw (OMG) and said that the good news is that the fever is due to bacterial infection. He said that most likely, there is nothing stuck in my insides and he does not see a need to spend unnecessary money on doing X-rays. However, should I not recover in the next few days, then he will do further tests.

Anyway, the vet said I am a good dog, and didn't misbehave (i.e. bite) like the JRTs when I had needles stuck in my left paw and bum. I guess JRTs had a reputation?

HC : I guess he had gastritis due to overeating and had also taken large gulps of air when trying to chew the huge tendon. Usually Joey will shriek when he has his temperature taken and injections, but I guess he was too weak to protest verbally.
For the entire day/night, Joey was weak. He does want to eat and drink but will vomit soon after. I had bad gastritis and fever myself once, and know that once you eat/drink, the gas will pushed it out again.
Last night about 3a.m., he behaved weirdly and walked around aimlessly and dazed. Luckily, the vet had informed me earlier that this was a common side effect from the injection. Else I'll really be worried the entire night. Finally, I scooped him up to my bed (I was really tired as I was woken so many times) and he slept throughout after that.
The good thing is this morning, I fed him a spoonful of salmon which he didn't puked out. I also heard him bulping loudly which is a good sign that gas from his stomach is being released. He was just lying down on his bed sadly when I left him for work. :(

I hope to see a more cheery Joey later..

At the vet's office

At home