Willy is here

Willy is here for a short vacation as his parents were out of town.

His fur has grown longer and more beautiful. However, having a longer fur is not good news for HC, as on the second day, Willy had wet poop, and HC has to use a whole package of wet wipes to clean his bum and the surrounding fur... eek.

(His wet poop was probably due to over eating LOL. Thank goodness it cleared up after eating some slippery elm.)

Jack, the goldilocks trying out Willy's bed. He found the bed not right, and promptly went back to his own.

Peacefully napping on a rainy afternoon.

Although Willy brought his own bed, he asked to sleep with us on the big bed every night.

So I graciously allowed him to use my sleeping bag.

He slept like a pig every night.... only woke HC up once when he felt the need to poop (again, over eating!)

Me? I slept on my very own laura-ashley sheet.

We also prepared sumptuous meals for Willy.

Boring chicken breast on day 1.

Duck on day 2.

Venison on day 3

Day 4 onwards - lamb meat.

We fed Willy raw too, as he has eaten it while HC was looking after him for a couple of months 2 years ago before his adoption. So we know he can handle raw meat with no problems. However, as he has little teeth left, HC will cut the meat to smaller pieces so that he can eat with ease. HC had the funny experience whereby Willy screamed when the meat was not cut small enough (***brat... hahahaha**)

There's also pumpkin in the evenings.

And rabbit snacks!

yes, HC bought rabbit meat sticks from Australia.
I wonder how our cousin bunbun feels about us eating her own kind.

Bun bun : RABBIT MEAT???

Another injury + the anti-water bottle

Last year, I had an eye injury after HC slammed her door on my face.

This time, I had a small cut right underneath my eye. Thank god it didn't hurt my eye.

HC believed that the cut was due to me jumping up to the car when the door was not yet fully opened, and I hit the side of the door. I didn't yelp so she thought it was no big deal. It was only a day later, when the cut formed into a scab that she realised it was that close to my eye.

We were also excited to receive these from USA.

Can you believe how bad a shopaholic HC is? She bought 12 of these bottles as she said buying more would save her money! Really??? what kind of logic is that?

It's called Vapur - the environmentally friendly anti-water bottle.

K9 Dog Run

We went to meet up with Willy and his family recently.

My late morning exercises... HC is pleased to know that I still remembered how to use the agility equipments - the see-saw, weaving pole, jumping bar, jumping tyre....

Me posing on the agility see-saw.

Jack minding his own business. He is very greedy and hangs around the cafe - and HC had to keep calling him back.

Willy waiting for food.

One of his siblings - Marvy.. another greedy dog.. hahaha

We had good fun meeting them for about 2 hours. I heard Willy might come over for a short holiday!