Another injury + the anti-water bottle

Last year, I had an eye injury after HC slammed her door on my face.

This time, I had a small cut right underneath my eye. Thank god it didn't hurt my eye.

HC believed that the cut was due to me jumping up to the car when the door was not yet fully opened, and I hit the side of the door. I didn't yelp so she thought it was no big deal. It was only a day later, when the cut formed into a scab that she realised it was that close to my eye.

We were also excited to receive these from USA.

Can you believe how bad a shopaholic HC is? She bought 12 of these bottles as she said buying more would save her money! Really??? what kind of logic is that?

It's called Vapur - the environmentally friendly anti-water bottle.


Angel n Miko said...

Ouch, that must've hurt!
Let's hope that it gets healed quickly:D

That kinda logic is not in our doggie dictionary of course.
UNLESS, if it was meant for us like "buying more treats would save her money"!!

-Angel & Miko.

Pepsi Bum said...

Ow! What a brave girl for not crying! Sending healing licks to help the cut heal faster!

Oh yes, I'm a fellow Singaporean dlogger! Perhaps we could meet up somewhere some day!