Bermuda Triangle

There's a bermuda triangle right outisde my house!

My ball will mysteriously disappeared when I am playing a game of fetch. I tried looking and calling my ball-ball to appear but it didn't work.

Joey : yoo-hoo.. anybody there?

(HC : Joey has lost so many balls inside this drain that I think it might be clogged with balls one day. And it didn't help that sometimes he did it on purpose *roll eyes*)

HC usually bring a spare ball for me - but no matter what, I still want my missing ball-ball!

Then I had a bright idea, I took the abandoned ball and threw it inside the drain. Voila! The force from abandoned ball pushed out my missing ball-ball!


(HC : well, I am still short of 1 ball! Now the 'abandoned ball' is still stuck inside the drain! What a silly dog!)


Despite having an injection on the first vet visit, my fever hasn’t really subsided, and I was still not keeping food down. So HC brought me in for another consultation the next day, and needless to say – another thermometer up my ass and painful injection at my rear.

A day after the second vet visit, I was able to eat without vomiting. However, immediately after eating, I yelped in pain for 5 mins! I think my ‘gassy’ stomach couldn’t take in food without protesting. (HC : It is so pitiful to see Joey yelping in pain. He would stop yelping only when I pat him. I know exactly how it feels cos I am prone to gastritis too)

And thanks to all the well-wishers + 2 injections + big hole in HC’s pocket, I have recovered after 3 days in bed. These 3 days were the most miserable days of my entire life! I was practically in bed ALL THE TIME staring at HC miserably. But the good thing is I got lots of hugs in return.

(HC : I knew Joey had fully recovered when he finally woke up at 8p.m. on Wednesday night and ask to play ball. As a reward, I gave him a new ball. He was soooo ecstatic!)

Hot Hot Dog

Two days ago, we went to Scuba's place to decorate Xmas tree (ok. the humans did - we were only interested in eating the fallen baby breaths). Anyway, Scuba's mum was sympathetic to our hungry stomach and decided to treat us huge deer tendons each.

As mine was really huge, the rest of the dogs finished theirs before me. So i guess I was very worried and take bigger gulps than usual.

By the time I finished it, HC took a look at my bloated tummy and my unusual stand and got worried. She quickly brought me home as she thinks I was gonna puked. True enough I puked once in the car.

As for the rest of the night, HC could tell that I was very uncomfortable. She was worried that the deer tendon was stuck in my insides, (like how Scuba got an oxtail stuck and had to have an operation).

Anyway, she brought me straight to vet the next morning as she felt that my body was hot (not "hot bod", but temperature "hot") and I was having chills and shivering uncontrollably.
The worst thing was i wasn't even interested in food - which was really unusual for me.

The vet diagnosed me as having gastritis and high fever of 39.9 degrees and said I was a hot dog! The vet also drawn alot of blood from my left paw (OMG) and said that the good news is that the fever is due to bacterial infection. He said that most likely, there is nothing stuck in my insides and he does not see a need to spend unnecessary money on doing X-rays. However, should I not recover in the next few days, then he will do further tests.

Anyway, the vet said I am a good dog, and didn't misbehave (i.e. bite) like the JRTs when I had needles stuck in my left paw and bum. I guess JRTs had a reputation?

HC : I guess he had gastritis due to overeating and had also taken large gulps of air when trying to chew the huge tendon. Usually Joey will shriek when he has his temperature taken and injections, but I guess he was too weak to protest verbally.
For the entire day/night, Joey was weak. He does want to eat and drink but will vomit soon after. I had bad gastritis and fever myself once, and know that once you eat/drink, the gas will pushed it out again.
Last night about 3a.m., he behaved weirdly and walked around aimlessly and dazed. Luckily, the vet had informed me earlier that this was a common side effect from the injection. Else I'll really be worried the entire night. Finally, I scooped him up to my bed (I was really tired as I was woken so many times) and he slept throughout after that.
The good thing is this morning, I fed him a spoonful of salmon which he didn't puked out. I also heard him bulping loudly which is a good sign that gas from his stomach is being released. He was just lying down on his bed sadly when I left him for work. :(

I hope to see a more cheery Joey later..

At the vet's office

At home


We were on the way to the dog park recently. Just when HC was opening the gate – 3 kids with a tiny little mongrel puppy started shouting, “don’t come in – our dog will bite!!” HC looked at the little puppy (which she guessed about 2-3 months) and then decided to take the ‘risk’.

She told the kids, “in that case, YOU will have to control your dog.”

The kids continued, “really…. Don’t come in… our dog is a GUARD DOG!”

At that point, HC was trying hard to stop herself from sniggering.

(HC : I suspect the kids were too inexperienced to differentiate between puppy playbiting and real aggressiveness. Furthermore, the pup looked to be 2 months old and showed no signs of aggression. I am confident that Jack and Joey are able to handle this little pup considering he is only 1/3 of their size. I was also amused that they think their two month old pup is a GUARD dog…. heehee)

After we stepped in, the puppy wasn’t even confident enough to come greet us. Of course, both of us tried to sniff/hump him a bit to show him whose boss before our real boss (ahem) stopped us.

HC then tried to ply some information from the kids about the puppy.

HC : “Where did you get the puppy?”

Kid : “My brother’s friend sold him to us at S$300”

HC eyes popped – take another look at the dog, obviously a mongrel - black with slight tan markings on face, and LONG SKINNY tail and said “oh… that is too much to pay!”

Kid : “No… he is a rottweiler.. so it’s ok!”

HC : “he looks like a mongrel to me”

Kid : “No.. he is a Rottweiler.. maybe not so pure”


HC : I like mongrels and have seen enough mongrels and rottweiler to know the difference. But it is incredulous that some stupid backyard breeder would breed a mongrel and sold it off as a rottweiler. I pitied those that are conned this way. But then again, maybe it is a good thing for the kid to think that they have got a rottweiler guard dog? Perhaps they will treasure him more? Some people are more ‘breed’ conscious than others.


Meditating in process....

Joey added : "That's not me! It's Jack".. hahaha

Revenge is sweet

A couple of days ago, we (dogs) were all dumped at Scuba’s house while the humans went for dinner.

As a revenge for being dumped, we asked Jack to help since he’s the only one with ‘stuff’ to spare.

Guess what greeted the humans when they opened the door? Well, Jack has offloaded his wet poo in the living room and toilet. However, Auntie V said the most unusual thing: “I am impressed that Jack knew how to go poo in the toilet!”. HC was not impressed though because she had walked both of us for at least 15 mins to ‘offload’ us – but Jack simply wasn’t interested.

(HC : it is really embarrassing for Jack to mess up Scuba’s place. However, the only consolation was that I knew Jack did it in the toilet first, but when he got too much shit and no space in the toilet, he did it in the living room. He has this habit of wanting ‘space’ for his shit)

Also, the humans were in such a rush that they forgot the most important thing - that is keeping the cat’s food away. But HC thought we didn’t eat much of it, cos there are still kibbles left in the bowl when they checked.

But she’s sooo wrong.

At night, Jack drank a lot of water – which is unusual cos dogs on raw food drank very little water. Also, he looks bloated and vomited a little. The next day, more horrors awaits – Jack pooped almost 1 week worth of shit – during the day as well as middle of the night. Needless to say, HC is not amused.

Jack looking very pleased with himself.

Great Pretender

HC found evidence of our language abilities.

The other day, the humans were having dinner and we were doing our usual waiting - patiently at the bottom of the table.

Suddenly, we heard Auntie V said, " if no one wants this ginseng chicken, I shall give it ot the dogs". I know we - canines are supposed to act as if we don't understand human language, but we were so excited that we forgot all about the pretence. Immediately after Auntie V said that, I was whining, Jack is barking and Scuba woke from his sleep and started staring at the dining table.

(HC: I am amazed that the dogs understood what was said. I have to clarify that when V said it, she didn't look at the dogs and were speaking to us (humans) in a normal conversational tone. However, I also realised that the dogs' language abilities diminished whenever they were told to stop chewing their paws, stop barking, stop eating etc *roll eyes*)

Joey: oops.. I hope I won't have to work for a living like the humans. I definitely prefer to lay in bed while HC work her ass off!

Cool Nights, Warm Nights

Recently, the weather is going a little crazy. It either too warm or too cold.

When it's cold, Jack will hide inside his bed and sleep.

When the weather is warm. Jack will only hide his head.

Willy - belated post

This is a really belated post - because someone was too busy to get the pic out.. hiak hiak

Before Willy was adopted, HC brought him to many places - such as dog run and Scuba's home. For the first time in his life - he met other breeds beside CHH (himself) and Jrts (us).

He met Scuba - a Bull Terrier and CC - a CKCS.

Willy to Scuba : mmm.. what did you have for dinner? You smell good!

Puppy Eyes

We were shopping at a pet store the other day, when a couple stopped and asked HC if we are puppies? HC said noo.... they are old (whaddya mean OLD?) . When the couple heard that I am 7 and Jack's 10 (or older, we don't know...), they exclaimed, "but they look so young! At most 3-4 years old!!".. and kept ooh - ahh over our looks...

I know I know... we do look good.. ahem...

Then the lady exclaimed, "I think it is because they have PUPPY EYES!!"

Puppy eyes? (Jack's)

And maybe the fact that I winked at her?

Anyway, we were totally happy that day as we're acknowledged for good youthful looks and HC bought us lots of treats and balls.

I think we I look great due to good, nutritions food and lots of exercise?

Talking about nutritious food, our local health authority will be testing dog food for melamine soon. This is after the worldwide scare of melamine in human food recently, and also the massive pet food recall in US after some dogs died/seriously sick from tainted products. This is totally sad - and no doubt due to the greedy humans who are only looking to earn quick bucks.

I am glad HC has switched us to raw food years ago. Dogs & cats (I don't know if hammie can eat raw) - please ask your humans to switch your diet! NOW!!


While alot of dogs gets to sleep the whole day - Jack and I have an important job to do...

We may be small - but we can attack and kill any unwelcome intruders.

Jack is tasked with the two legged (HC: yes... Jack can be very unkind to strange humans who step into the house).

While I defend the house against anything with more than 2 legged.

Here's what HC saw when she reached home the other day.

Yes.. I had viciously attacked and leave it dying. HC then finished the vicious job by throwing a thick magazine and stepping on it without mercy.

Bean Bag

I was reading Joe Stains' blog - and there were rare glimpse of him sharing his snuggle ball with Tanner.

It reminds me years years ago - HC bought back a huge bean bag for herself back in Australia. Soon after, Jack was adopted by HC - and decided he wanted the bean bag for himself. Then, me came along - and decided I want it too.
So sometimes, we get to share the bean bag (for about 2 mins - until Jack decides to chase me away).

I know... Jack looks very unwilling to share it with me.

Anyway, the bean bag is history now - as I've peed on it once when I was angry with HC for coming home late. :)

Sunny days

Finally.. the sun is out after weeks of rain.

HC brought me to play ball in this fantastic weather.

And lazy Jack decided to just lay down on the ground and enjoy the sun!

HC : Jack loves lying in the sun. I tried numerous times to bring him back to the shade but he simply refused to. Was worried he might get heat stroke!


I received an award from Helios.

The rules for the award:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs that you've nominated.

But I'm going to bend the rules a little - and not nominate any blogs.. cos there's too many blogs that I love, and it is not fair to only nominate 7!

Thank you, Helios for the award. Perhaps I'll let you invade my personal space a little when I see you next :)

Angels in Heaven

Alfie has been gone for 19 days...

and her mum has not stopped tearing. :(

We met her mum yesterday as she was burying part of Alfie's ashes at her favourite playground. And she teared more when she saw me.. as I was Alfie's boyfriend, and we behave and play similarly.

Alfie's mum finally found the courage to pack Alfie's stuff to give away.
She gave us 2 bags of deer tendon (that's almost 1kg!), some lighted balls and a floatation device.

We sincerely thank Alfie for her generosity.. and I am sure she does not lack toys and treats in heaven.

If you've notice, I've added a new link - called Angels in Heaven, to remember my good friends - Herbie and Alfie. I hope that there will be no more additions to this link :(

I am going to post these pictures- I am sure Alfie will be smiling up there if she saw it.

Alfie's lighted ball

Me trying to squash it

Roll over it..

and chewed it.

Also - belated pictures of Helios' present to me during my birthday last month.

This is one of the presents - Greenie Teddy

Within 5 mins - the neck split open for no reason!

Not for the faint hearted...

I drafted this post yesterday but didn't blog it...
Anyway... this morning, my girlfriend Alfie passed away in her mum's arms.

Here's what I drafted yesterday...

My girlfriend - Alfie was attacked last Friday while taking a walk with her mum and her aunt + aunt's dog.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a female German shephard (GS) dashed to Alfie, pick her up with her strong jaws and shook Alfie like a stuff toy (I do that to my stuff toy too.. but not with another dog!).

The GS owner claimed that she fell and lost control of her dog, thus the dog had the opportunity to go after Alfie.

But the GS had a collar on her and no leash attached! If it is indeed that the dog ran away, she would have a leash attached to her collar right? And, the leash was picked by another bystander who witnessed the entire incident. Luckily the bystander came to help the owner to leash her dog. Furthermore, the GS had a ball in her mouth prior to the attack.. so our guess is, the owner had offleashed the GS to play fetch.

Although HC can understand that dogs need to play freely (without a leash) - she thinks it is irresponsible for the GS owner to have offleash her dog if she cannot control her dog well.

I heard from HC that Auntie SK and Alfie are deeply traumatised - and poor Alfie is suffering from nightmares and screamed in her sleep (the same way when she was bitten).. I think Auntie SK's heart bled everytime she heard Alfie screaming...

Alfie will be going for a second vet's opinion tomorrow to ensure that her organs are not damaged. I hope she will get well soon.

This is not a post about how ferocious big dogs are... but to ask all dog owners to make sure that their dogs are well trained and under their control at all times. All dogs can kill/hurt - it does not matter what size or what breed. But do bear in mind that a bite from a bigger dog does more harm than a small CHH.

These are some pictures of Alfie's wound (4 deep punctured wounds)

Right side - 2 wounds

Left side

Close up

Even her tail is not spared

Iherb Shopping - 99ct Shipping offer

We have just received a piece of good news - our regular online vitamins store - is offering US$0.99 shipping offer!! This offer will ends on 31st Aug 2008 (I guess it's US time).

We were about to order some stuff last week, but thanks to HC's busy schedule (or rather, lazy mode), she has been unable to. Sometimes, one do get benefits when you procastinate!

For those new to this site, do use HC's referral code SIB351 - you'll get US$5.00 off.

P.S. I hate the rain....

Beach Outing

We left the house before dawn break this morning as I am worried that it might rain non-stop like the other few days.

I had fun swimming and retrieving balls. When I am tired from the swim, I will just chill out by the shore with my ball.

Trying to sink my ball...

Sometimes, my ball tried to run away...

But he is no match for me

Since I am not unable to drown my ball, I decided to bury him in the sand.

Digging his grave..

HC complained that I messed up the beach with my digging.

How it looked before I started digging.

End result!

Isn't it beautiful with all the potholes?

I'm bored....

I am officially bored....
didn't go anywhere yesterday (HC : Grrrrr.. I took you to play ball at our estate in the evening, remember?)

And today, I thought we would go out after HC's finished her work... and it had to rain!

So, I end up eating flies the entire day!
(HC : yes, Joey was really trying to eat a fly that was flying around him. I had to tell him "Stop eating flies"... but I think he might have ate it already!)

I am really really bored...

Pampered Life

After HC said I had a 'pampered' life.. I realised that the other creatures in my home enjoys a pampered life too!

During the day, when the weather gets too hot, the little creatures get to swim in their very own clean pool!

Spotted - a baby lizard coming out of the pool!

New 'things'

HC said I shouldn't be complaining about a boring 7th birthday... as I'm a very pampered (really??) dog who has alot of new 'things' almost every other week.

So.. she reminded me to post these pictures.

A new collar?

Don't I look smashing? Ermm.. actually I look smashing all the time, with or without collars.

New toy.

Besides trying to 'kill' the bird, sometimes I am very loving and sleep on it.

So... I guess I am luckier than most dogs..

My 7th Birthday

It's my birthday.. and HC would have forgotten all about it if not for a reminder by Auntie V :(

So, HC cancelled her appointment at night in order to spend some time with me.

She said she bought me a 'cake' from Delifrance.

Ermmm... is that a cake? or leftover 2-day old pastry from the fridge?
It was hard as a rock and as tiny as my little paw. Worse is, I had only 2/3 of it, as Jack had to eat some too.
There are NO PRESENTS this year, and NO CELEBRATION (WITH REAL CAKES AND COOKIES) with my friends!!!!! What's happening??????
HC explained that I had presents (i.e. new toys) every other week or so, so it is not important to have any present on my birthday. Most importantly, the person I love (which is HC - according to her *roll eyes*) spend the day evening with me, right?
Oh well, I did have fun in the park with HC..... sigh...
(HC : I used to really look forward to celebrating birthdays with my dogs - but somehow not this year. I guess it is because having birthdays mean that they are reaching their old age. it is the same with my own birthday too... hahahha... I have stopped counting the birthdays since my early 20s..
I was thinking back when Joey came into my family home when he's a mere 3 months old puppy. He's mischievous, naughty, hyperactive.... I remembered the damage he did - chewing off part of the wall, chewing the legs of tables and chairs, dragging Jack's bed across the hall with Jack STILL SLEEPING on it, stealing human's socks and lingerie and ran around the house happily, eating my mum's high blood pressure pills...
I am so glad that he has passed his naughty phase. After 7 years, he has become a very good companion, and the bond between us is indescribable... I knew exactly what he is thinking/plotting even before he act it out. I am so glad that he is still very active and healthy at 7 years of age... and I hope to have many many more years with him, and of course with Jack)

Too many visitors

Max is gone !!!! YAY!

His mum and human brother came to pick him up in the evening after HC returned home from work. Max was so so happy to see his family again! HC reminded the owner that Max's AVA tag is coming off, and advised her to also engraved their personal contact number. If they had done that, HC would be able to call them directly instead of waiting for the next morning when AVA is available to assist.

Anyway, Max's family said that Max should be enticed by the workers nearby with food cos he is very greedy (which explains his waist size!), and that Max was all along very well behaved and do not wander off on his own. He is so well bahaved that he won't step into the house until the owners give the okay (think they have a garden for Max). But they did say that they will fix the gate properly as it wasn't very secure.

Max's mum was very nice and gave HC a bottle of wine, chocolates and a thank-you card. HC gave the bottle of wine to her neighbour cos they sponsored Max's food last night. (We couldn't feed Max as we do not have kibbles at home, and all our fresh meat in the fridge are not enough to feed him! hiak hiak hiak)

Max finally left after some small talk made by the humans.... and Jack and I were so relieved to have HC all to ourselves again.

I think we had too many visitors this past week. First, we had Willy who left early this week, then now this Max!

We really need to have the bed to sleep on (HC:selfish bugger!)

Let me show you how I was denied a place on my own bed!

The injustice!


More waiting....

Finally, I couldn't take the waiting anymore and found a small spot on MY bed!

Found - Lab

HC found a male yellow lab sitting right outside our house!

Can all bloggers help to spread the news so that the dog can be reunited with owner soon?

Edited : Good news. This morning, HC managed to trace the owner's contact through AVA (Agri-food and Veterinary Authority) as the lab has a AVA tag on him. She has made contact with a relieved owner and will pass the lab (a.k.a MAX) tonight.

Max is really lucky cos he has actually crossed a very very busy road from his home to ours. And he is lucky to still have his AVA tag on him (which was hanged very loosely on his collar. In fact, it dropped on the floor once when HC was walking him).

It is really strange cos a neighbour who is staying on the ground floor said Max was hanging around the estate at 10a.m. or so, and when HC reached home at 6p.m, Max were up on our 3rd floor apartment sitting outside our main door and wagging his tail at the sight of HC!

I heard that the owner's children were worrying very much about Max last night.

And Max? well he slept really well. HC said he is a very polite dog and only slept on Jack's bed after HC invited him. (HC: the floor is too cold due to the air conditioning, so he slept curled up on Jack's bed the entire night. Jack's huge bed suddenly look so small with Max on it! hahaha)

You bet we can't wait to get rid of him tonight!
(HC : Jack and Joey are not the friendliest dogs especially on home ground. Jack yelled at Max alot, and Joey tried to nip Max when I wasn't looking... hahaha... poor Max)

Smart boy? NOT!

....hiak hiak hiak... Willy thought he was sooo smart...

This happened yesterday.... a video of him chewing spare rib while we were eating raw lamb bone in the kitchen.

(Please ignore the background noise. Willy tried to look knowledgeable by pretending to listen to CNA's news)

Before HC left Willy in the bedroom to clean us up, she saw that Willy still had a big piece of spare rib left. After cleaning us, she wanted to 'help' Willy to keep away the spare rib as she knew that I will snatch it from him once I am released in the bedroom. However, when she went back in the bedroom, the spare rib was nowhere to be found.

Puzzled, she decided to stop searching and let me into the room. Immediately, I was able to sniff out where Willy had hidden the spare rib and ate it ALL UP!!!!

(HC : hee hee... Willy has this bad habit of trying to hide his treats but he always fail to stop Joey from sniffing it out! This time, Willy hid the spare rib behind the table. After Joey ate up the hidden spare rib, I can see Willy going back to the hiding place to look for it! Silly boy!)

Anyway, today's menu is french duck!

After eating the sumptous french duck, Willy went to sleep. He was so contented that he had his tongue sticking out

Close up

Sometimes, he will try to act cute and wants to sit on HC's lap.

I wonder when is he going back? sigh.....