Not for the faint hearted...

I drafted this post yesterday but didn't blog it...
Anyway... this morning, my girlfriend Alfie passed away in her mum's arms.

Here's what I drafted yesterday...

My girlfriend - Alfie was attacked last Friday while taking a walk with her mum and her aunt + aunt's dog.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a female German shephard (GS) dashed to Alfie, pick her up with her strong jaws and shook Alfie like a stuff toy (I do that to my stuff toy too.. but not with another dog!).

The GS owner claimed that she fell and lost control of her dog, thus the dog had the opportunity to go after Alfie.

But the GS had a collar on her and no leash attached! If it is indeed that the dog ran away, she would have a leash attached to her collar right? And, the leash was picked by another bystander who witnessed the entire incident. Luckily the bystander came to help the owner to leash her dog. Furthermore, the GS had a ball in her mouth prior to the attack.. so our guess is, the owner had offleashed the GS to play fetch.

Although HC can understand that dogs need to play freely (without a leash) - she thinks it is irresponsible for the GS owner to have offleash her dog if she cannot control her dog well.

I heard from HC that Auntie SK and Alfie are deeply traumatised - and poor Alfie is suffering from nightmares and screamed in her sleep (the same way when she was bitten).. I think Auntie SK's heart bled everytime she heard Alfie screaming...

Alfie will be going for a second vet's opinion tomorrow to ensure that her organs are not damaged. I hope she will get well soon.

This is not a post about how ferocious big dogs are... but to ask all dog owners to make sure that their dogs are well trained and under their control at all times. All dogs can kill/hurt - it does not matter what size or what breed. But do bear in mind that a bite from a bigger dog does more harm than a small CHH.

These are some pictures of Alfie's wound (4 deep punctured wounds)

Right side - 2 wounds

Left side

Close up

Even her tail is not spared


Sundae said...

Mom and I was shocked beyond words when we got the news this morning.

Poor Alfie

Hope she's better now in Rainbow bridge with lotsa friendly dogs and yummilicious munchies.


Huskee Boy said...

Poor poor Alfie.. Mom can't believe she's gone, just like that!! Her life was taken away from her so unfairly.. and I know she is very close with her mom, so her poor mom must be suffering too. *sigh*.. there are no nad dogs, only bad owners!!
RIP Alfie..

Bee Bee said...

:~( RIP Alfie....

Sugar the Beagle said...

Alfie certainly doesn't deserve to die. It must have been a traumatising experience for Alfie's owner and her aunt.

The main problem with dog owners in Singapore (in general) is they have no idea how to assess how aggressive or tame their dogs are; to most owners, their dogs are tame irregardless of how they behave. I guess it'll take much efforts to educate dog owners the importance of socialising, taming and controlling their dogs.


Anonymous said...

Dear Alfie's Mum,
Our deepest condolences.

My mummy says irregardless of the owner or the dog, both should be put down

Let us know if we can be of any help.

Willy and friends.

billiejean said...

We small dogs are simply defenseless against big and fierce dogs. We can only hope that some day humans will come to their senses and not to keep any working dogs or dangerous breeds as pets. Its so unfair towards these dogs and those they hurt. What happened to our dear friend Alfie is so unfair and so unnecessary...... After this sad incident hope that all owners will leash their big dogs in public places to avoid more victims being hurt..... My prayers go to Alfie and her mom.

Serene said...

My deepest condolences to Auntie SK.

Really sorry to hear abt this. When such things happen, I always feel that it's the fault of the owner and not the dog. They should be responsible in their actions and not come out with all sort of excuses when things happened.

Alfie will be happier at the rainbow bridge..

dun mind if I ask wat actually caused the death - wound too serious or?

3 Furballs said...

This is so sad. We are sorry to hear abt Alfie.

It is so irresponsible of the owner and notti big dog.

*~*EtErNiTy WiNteRiNe ButTeRfLy*~* said...

We're sorry to hear about Alfie, hope that she's all happy in Rainbow Bridge and making new friends.

This actually happened to my boy if my bf hadn't protect him from the GSD, n he got himself bitten. The owner didnt even dare to go near the dog, it's the maid who came up to leash up the pounding dog. My friend commented that breed such as GSD must be limited to special forces only, not kept as pets/guard dogs which are not even trained.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh no poor Alfie.. so sorry to hear that she passed away. That GS owner should be more responsible about her dog. And keep the GS in control

~ Girl girl

xiaocangshu said...

Oh my goodness... I am so so sorry.

Jake of Florida said...

How sad.

We've never visited before and were just scrolling through the DWB list when we decided to stop by. And we found this sad sad story.

We're two wire fox terriers (close cousins to you, right?) and worry all the time about the unexpected, unleashed aggressive dog.

Please come visit when you feel less sad -- and,in the meantime, tell Alfie's mum how sorry we are for her loss.

Jake (I'll be 7 too, on January 1) and Just Harry (I'm about 4)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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