Angels in Heaven

Alfie has been gone for 19 days...

and her mum has not stopped tearing. :(

We met her mum yesterday as she was burying part of Alfie's ashes at her favourite playground. And she teared more when she saw me.. as I was Alfie's boyfriend, and we behave and play similarly.

Alfie's mum finally found the courage to pack Alfie's stuff to give away.
She gave us 2 bags of deer tendon (that's almost 1kg!), some lighted balls and a floatation device.

We sincerely thank Alfie for her generosity.. and I am sure she does not lack toys and treats in heaven.

If you've notice, I've added a new link - called Angels in Heaven, to remember my good friends - Herbie and Alfie. I hope that there will be no more additions to this link :(

I am going to post these pictures- I am sure Alfie will be smiling up there if she saw it.

Alfie's lighted ball

Me trying to squash it

Roll over it..

and chewed it.

Also - belated pictures of Helios' present to me during my birthday last month.

This is one of the presents - Greenie Teddy

Within 5 mins - the neck split open for no reason!


Bee Bee said...

Life is so unpredictable :( I hate saying bye bye too :(

billiejean said...

Hi Joey,

May I know how can I join the search and rescue training? are my legs too short, as I am a hotdog.


Huskee and Hershey said...

Poor Alfie's mom... we feel her pain. I hope the GS's owner are duly punished.. Then again, it will not bring Alfie back. :(