In my last blog - I mentioned that we won a car seat at the Dogs Charity Lunch?

Well, me the hunk gets to enjoy the seat! The uglier one - Jack has to sit on the floor board hahahaha

We also got to taste Scuba's new treat from Japan.

Horse Tendons!

Trust me... they are really yummy. HC is trying to find out how to get hold of these in Japan.

Dogs Charity Lunch

Yesterday we went to a very interesting Dogs' Charity Lunch.

This is the first (and last??) time a dogs' charity lunch was held in a hotel and dogs were of course included.

HC expected some rundown hotel..howevee, we were at the hotel unexpectedly earlier and walked around and saw through the glass windows that the boutique hotel, Klapsons is very classy. As hotels in Singapore generally does not allow dogs' admission, we had to take the fireman's lift to go up to our designated function room on the 29th floor.

The view from roof garden is amazing!

The dining area.

The humans were treated to a buffet lunch, and dogs were given a huge lunch box containing pasta, tuna, potatoes and carrots.

As it was a huge serving, HC made us share 1 box, and brought the other back to give it to our neighbour's dog.

Luckily HC brought our own bowls so we do not need to eat from the lunch box cover like billyjean (the black dog behind) hahahaha

To live up to her shopholic's nature, HC had to buy something from the charity organisations...

She bought an umbrella (we had dozens of umbrellas at home), a watch and a hair clip.

The rest came from our goody bags. All the sample kibbles pack were given away to my very lucky neighbour's dog.

Best of all, we were lucky enough to win a car seat cover! This is a front seat passenger cover which is perfect so HC has no excuse not to let us sit beside her.

We also engaged the organiser's photographer to take photos of us.
Unfortunately, softcopies of the photos were not given, so these were captured via HC's phone - so that quality wasn't as good.

What was Jack doing??

Jack had to be held by HC as he kept trying to get away from the camera. And look at how handsome I am!!!

Again, Jack squinted his eyes and looked ugly.

I am sure you can tell that I am the hunk in the family, right?


We got our Xmas presents from HC!

We used to have pet blinkers a while back, but somehow both were lost along the way.

So HC ordered from ebay.

This new type of blinkers are better as they have a push button on the side for ease of switching it on/off.

These are great for our walks, so that cars can see us afar!

Have a Happy New Year!