A walk by the reservoir

It was raining very heavily yesterday afternoon, and I thought that I would be stuck at home. However, HC came back earlier than usual and said to us that we are driving to Scuba's place and going for a long walk at Pierce Reservoir!

When we reached there, Uncle C, Rafv, Auntie S, Auntie V and Scuba are all ready and waiting. While we were walking on this narrow pavement beside a main road, we saw two strays nearby. One of them looks like a female cross husky. As usual, Ti-gor Rafv looks on interested. However, Uncle C thinks that the other stray (male, most likely) will not tolerant Rafv's interest towards the other. Anyway, we all knew that pavement is the strays territory (remember my post about the macho man who invade onto stray's territories?). We tried to avoid them, but alas, there is no way we could as the pavement is against a huge wall, and the other side is a 4 lane road. So we have no choice, but as soon as there is no car, we quickly dashed across the street, walk on the central divider until we 'passed' the strays than quickly dashed back to the pavement to avoid becoming minced meat by the passing cars. Well, what an adventure!

When we reached the entrance of Pierce Reservior, we saw plenty of monkeys! Jack and I had absolutely no interest in them and walked on. We can hear some monkeys making funny noises, possibly to warn others of the silly animals on leash. Rafv lunged towards them (luckily Uncle C is holding on to the leash, if not Auntie R will not see Rafv when she gets back from Japan). One of the monkeys panic and climb up a lamp post (hehe), than funny scuba gave a few shrill bark and one of the monkeys almost fell off the tree by his barking! Heehee, Rafv and Scuba really partners in crime.

We continued our walk into the reservoir and took the trail along the water. I was so tempted to run around, and maybe have a go at the gorgeous water. But HC leashed us up as it is the "Park's Rules". However, I did have a 5 min free run and am so happy running around. Scuba also had fun picking up big chunk of wood, almost a metre long. He had a bit of problem balancing the long stick but I can tell he is very happy from behind. Cos I see spring in his steps, and his two DING DONG is ding donging all the way... hahahaha

On the way back, we decided to take a longer route home via Bishan Park. There, HC offleashed me and let me play ball while we walked. It was so fun!
It was even better when the rain started really heavy and we have to take shelter at a bus stop! Poor HC had to take a cab with Uncle C to go fetch their cars to pick us.

All in all, we had an hour's walk. I guess Jack must be real tired. However, I still feel that I didnt get enough playtime, and wants to play ball when we reached home. But HC yelled at me...'I am tired, and I want to watch my DVD in peace, go to bed, NOW!!!!'


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve nite, HC went out and came back very late (actually she came back only on Chrsitmas Day). I can smell Herbie's scent and I reckon she must have went there for a party. Anyway, we weren't angry as she finally decided to open up all the presents! Wow.. I think Jack and I have more presents than HC .. hehe

Here's a picture of all the presents we received. Thank you all the generous Aunties & Uncles.

After opening up all the presents, HC let me played for the toys for a while. After that I fell asleep.
Ermm... by the way, the blue blanket with a bear actually is a present for Jack by Auntie S.. heehee...

Early Christmas Gifts - Part II

Ahhhhh..... I decided I love Xmas!

Last evening, we had a short run at the park. By we, I meant Tommy & myself, not Jack.
Yes, Tommy was here again as his mummy got to go for another wedding (I don't understand why humans need to get married, in a dog's world, we like, we mate.. no committments nothing!), and his daddy got to work late. Anyway, it was drizzling, and we were all wet and dirty. The unusual thing was that instead of driving home, we met up with Herbie and his parents and took a long drive round and round some private estate. It was all so weird, and I was really tensed as HC keep scolding Jack for looking out the window, me for standing on the side glove box, and Tommy's incessant heavy panting.

Finally I realised what they were doing. They were picking up our huge Xmas presents! Here they are.....

This rectangular bed belongs to Jack, but it is huge enough for us both. The fabric was brown conduroy and ohh... so soft and comfy.

I wanted to sleep straightaway, but HC said.. "wait.. let me show you another surprise!"

Here's Jack bed with a different cover... and oh... it has a personalised name!

My bed was oval in shape, and my name was on it too! and it has a paw print!

Me.. happily settling down to bed

I really really love Christmas. Anyone knows if we can have more Christmases within a year?
I wonder what other presents I will get tomorrow. I saw plenty of wrapped presents on the table... so exciting!

Early Christmas Gifts - Part I

It was raining the entire day yesterday. HC decided not to bring us to park. Instead, we go over to grandma's place for dinner (I heard something about Winter Festival), and I can smell hainanese chicken rice the moment I stepped in. Immediately, Jack and I ran to the rubbish bin, and Jack managed to open the lid and dig out a huge chicken bone to eat. HC saw it, grabbed his muzzle and tried to dig out the bone. It took her a full 5 mins to do it. While she is holding Jack and digging the bone, I saw some crumbs dropped out of Jack's mouth. Being an opportunist, I immediately ate the crumbs.
And, without fail, we were punished. While HC was having dinner, we were made to sit stay for a full 20 mins by the window.
After her dinner, she released us from the stay command. Jack, being a manja dog, continued to stay by HC side and look up at her pitifully. HC of course than soft-hearted and patted him. Again, I took the opportunity and went to the kitche to find the two domestic helper who were washing the dishes. What I didnt know was that though HC was patting Jack, she had her eyes on my every movement. Quietly, she took a rolled up newspaper and went to the kitchen. WHAM! she hit my bum with the newspaper as I was sniffing the dirty kitchen floor for scraps. Even the domestic helper got a shock and jumped up screaming. I quickly ran off to the living room. This went on for about 3-4 times, until I finally got the message that HC will not allowed me to look for scraps.

But something good came out of this visit, one of my doggie friends' mum sent us a beautiful hamper of food. There were chicken steak, minced meat with rice, shepard pie, 3 packets of cookies in a beautiful xmas sock. I also saw a few vouchers that offers 1-for-1 cookie. But HC threw away cos she said she got no time to go so far to buy cookies. DAMN!
Anyway, we had shephard pie.. it was really yummy. My only complaint is that the portion is too small hehe
Oh... Thank you ... to Apple-B, Pepper, Peppy & their generous mummy.

Back home. I looked at HC very sadly as I have not played ball for 24 hours. Than HC decided to open the cookies pack from the hamper and feed us. This time, HC very generous and gave us 1 huge cookie each.
See.. it is even bigger than my mouth...

See jack happily munching away..

After eating, i still pretend to look sad. HC than decided to take out two new presents for us to play.
For Jack, it is a new chew bone.

For me, it is a Santa toy with FIVE squeakers!

Dog Fights

Recently I have seen/heard/read about a few dog fights.

Case 1 : JRT & Mini Bull Terrier
Did not see what happened but according to those who have seen, JRT started first cos she thinks the MBT (also female) is going after her ball. End up, MBT got a few long shallow scratches on body and near annus (hehe). JRT got a few wounds on the head, esp near to the eyes as the MBT almost swallowed the JRT.

Case 2 : GR, GR, BC and puppy Lab
Wah... this one jialat.
When I went to the park the other day, I saw this owner with a BC and a GR(let's call him A). I knew from before that these two loves to play ball. HC also find the GR - A irritating as he always jump on her to take the balls. To avoid any confrontation, I was sent to the agility area to play ball.
Than, this other GR (let's call him B) came by. I also know him as he is very possessive towards ball too. And when I saw the female owner threw ball for him ... I knew there is a time bomb waiting to set off.
True enough, within 10 mins, there were some growling from GR-B towards GR-A and BC. Luckily the female owner hold the GR-B in time, and whacked him. The ball was then taken away. (My take - she didnt punish GR long enough).
Than, GR-A and BC left the park. A puppy Lab came in and was happily playing. In less than 10 mins, we heard some growling (from GR-B, I bet he is still agitated over earlier fight) and yelping (from Lab). GR-B had bitten the puppy lab. Poor puppy was yelling in pain and trauma for a full 5 mins even when Mrs. V and her owner are carrying her.
As they were pacifying her, I saw from far that the GR-B's owner had pushed her dog on a down position, and my dear friend - Jaffe continue to wanna play rough with GR. I saw GR's owner 1 hand holding the dog, the other hand pushing Jaffe away. I think she is worried that the GR might turn against Jaffe. This Jaffe, ah...really ignorant leh... what if he bites u???
Later, I heard from Mrs. VJ that the puppy was quite badly bitten on the nose and mouth. Owner than rushed the puppy to the vet. Poor guy looks so worried. Poor puppy too... traumatise at such a young age.

Side note:
We used to worry about dog fights as the dog might get warning/banned from SKC. But now, who cares, after all SKC no longer wanna managed the park. I don't exactly know what the issue is... but heard something about rats. Is it because there are a few smaller rats sightings at the shed? There must be a BIGGER rat instigating the smaller rats. I also heard that there should be an old cat lying somewhere but she is so comfortable eating Frisky kibbles that she no longer cares what the rats are up to. Maybe I should ask Scuba to bring his feline siblings down to eradicate the rats community.

Well, I dun know about cats or rats, I am just happy if I can find an open field for me to play balls. WHo cares abt the cat/rat politics?

My humble opinion on the fights
Possessiveness towards favourite toy is always a trigger for fights. That's why HC usually wants to confine me among 'friends' so that there are no bloodshed. This is especially crucial when I had a NEW ball. A few years ago, I was playing with a new ball, this other JRT came by and wanted to snatch away my ball. Of course, I wouldn't give it to him. We started some growling and shoving each other. HC ran towards us first (the other JRT's owner run very slow), and told me to stop. i listened to her, but alas, as I turned away from the fight, the stupid JRT grab hold of my leg and wouldnt let go for 5 mins. In the end, I had swollen legs and couldnt play for a week. HC was so guilty as she knows that if I hadn't listen to her, I probably won't be the one who got hurt. But then, I was also quite pleased as HC had pinched the JRT's neck and ear in an attempt to get him to let go of my leg. Knowing how hard her pinch is.. i am sure the JRT had suffered too .. hiak hiak hiak

Case 3 : Territorial Fights
Ok, I read this somewhere...
There is this guy-who-thinks-he-is-damn-macho, and owns two big dogs (who-he-thinks-are-macho). He likes to offleash his dogs at open fields. I know he is damn yaya cos he hangs around with this real old yaya man who has a pack of ticks (oh... i mean he owns a pack of dogs with ticks).
ANyway... back to this "macho" man. He was at this state land and offleash his dogs. On 2-3 occasions, he already knew there is a pack of strays living there, and according to his macho report, he said that his army of dogs will defend themselves against the strays. he also reported that when the strays saw him they will growl to give warning. But given his machoiness, he felt the need to walk nearer to the strays with his off-leashed macho dogs to show that he is far more superior than the strays. In his mind, all strays are to be euthanized to limit its population. Finally, on one such meeting, there was real bloodshed and his macho dogs suffered deep punctured wounds. The guy's ego was so badly hurt that he is going to report the strays' location to AVA to get them to round them and put the strays away for good. In his miniscule mind, he thinks he is going the dog community good. A lot of his 'friends' than started to persuade him not to, and that he and his dogs must have invaded the stray's territory. After all, the strays had already warned them by growling and barking from afar. Also, almost everyone said that the strays had seen their own dogs, and had left them alone. So far, both owned-dogs and strays have been existing at the same land peacefully until this macho man came along with his two macho off-leashed dogs.
My opinion?
The guy knew before that the strays are not friendly towards his dog. So why continue to visit the place, furthermore, with your dogs offleashed, especially since you know your own dog can be aggressive. And why only report to AVA now, why not the first time? Ultimately he is seeking revenge for his dogs' wound and his hurt ego. Those talk about servicing the dog community and protecting other dogs from the strays are a load of crap. And I must say, it is stupid to let your domestic dogs fight with the strays. Strays are born in the streets, and they know damn well how to best protect themselves. Some of them may be smaller in size, but their bite is lethal.
Let the strays live in the state land. After all, your dogs have the comfort of a shelter, food and water. The strays don't. It is only right that they protect their own territory, in this case, a state land. Just think, if another strange dog invade your house, wouldn't you kill this dog too? I know I would, and my brother too.. if any strange dog or human stepped into my territory. I can just imagine... my brother and I bite the stranger's legs and balls, and HC used her golf club to hammer this person.. hiak hiak hiak.....

On a side note.. they say macho man have very very small D**K... smaller than mine. Is it true??


Poor giggle friend is finally laid to rest....
Tommy came over today as his daddy and mummy were busy working. Unlike with other dogs such as Scuba & Herbie, Tommy don't play rough with me. I don't know why but he likes to gently lick me instead. So, to make things interesting, I showed tommy my giggle friend and we decided to play tug of war. But alas, this time, my giggle friend got his head almost ripped off. HC decided to put him to sleep rather than have him suffer under my care again. so sad...
Partners in crime

The Corpse

We don't mean to kill him...

Another picture of Tommy hogging my NEW giggle treat ball! Selfish bugger!


Kawaisou! I am so pitiful...
Last night, HC applied some aloe vera gel on my belly and paws. It was really late, and I saw HC arranging our quilt cover on her bed for us (think I mentioned before that we are not allowed to sleep directly on her bed). However, this time HC asks me to 'Stay' on the floor first as she is still arranging and did not want me to jump up and spread my aloe-vera'ed paws on her bed. But I am very kan-cheong and jumped up. HC screamed and i quickly jump off the bed. Than I am very impatient (must be inherited from HC) and jumped up again. By then, HC already very angry cos she can see paw print on her bed and pillow. I was smacked (SPCA, where are you?), and ordered to get out of the bedroom. I had n choice but to go to the kitchen area. Poor me, got to sit in the kitchen in the dark, and HC actually close the bedroom door and I cannot get in!!!
5 mins later (seems like a lifetime to me), HC asks me to come towards her, sit infront of her and do a finish. (for those clueless, this is the standard in obedience training). But i was so scared, and so wanting HC to forgive me that instead of walking to her... I crawled to her with trembling legs. Wah... not easy to crawl when your legs are weak, i tell u..
sigh.. so degrading

Finally HC forgave me and carried me up to her bed. Yhew. But then, alas, she happened to see my ear wax and decided that though it is late, she wants to dig out the ear wax! oh woman, look at the time! it is bloody 12 midnight. Scuba gets to go to bed at 930p.m!
Sigh... what a life!


I have alot of toys at home. One of them is the Giggle Dog. Ermm.. actaully i should use 'giggled' dog as he can no longer giggle. HC said 'giggle must be made in China, played less than a day and can no longer emit giggling sound'.

Even though the dog can no longer giggle, I still love him alot, and like to use him as a tug toy with either HC or Jack. Yesterday was no exception, Jack and I were happily playing tug, and growling when we heard HC screamed..'Oh no... the toy!'. We stopped for a moment and realised the arm had came off. Oops.....

Here's the picture of the injured dog and the two attackers.

After that, HC decided to operate on him. Since he is already opened up, HC digged inside his stomach and took out the giggle and repaired it as well! However, she decided to leave him armless. So sad....

But I am so glad my toy can giggle again! And here I was chewing and flinging him to make him giggle more!


The other day, Rafv was saying in his blog that he only has a paw-ful of friends. Haha. I think my brother, Jack has none! He likes to sit by himself, and will growl and nip if another dog even sniff at him. However, he does have a soft spot for white furry small female.
(As for me, yes I do have some friends, but frankly speaking I rather be with my ball cos whenever I wanted to play with {hump} friends, I will get punished. Damn ma-lu, I tell you)

Well, the Aunties & Uncles were just saying that day that if Tommy is the Pai-kia, and Rafv is the scheming one, than Jack must be The BOSS. Have you watched those Chinese mafia shows whereby the mafia is the smallest one surrounded by hunky sidekicks? Also, well because a lot of dogs show "respect" to him. Tommy & Herbie will freeze or avert their eyes when Jack is near them, and Rafv only looks at Jack and not retaliate when Jack growls at him. Same goes for other dogs in dog run. Sometimes, I also have to bow my head and flatten my ears when Jack growls at me. (Except when it comes to food and toys, that’s when Jack will give way to me, grumpily, of course)

Leave me ALONE!

(HC : Truth be told, Jack is not as scary as what he tries to portray, in fact, he acts like a meek lamb in front of me, and go limbless when I am carrying him)

Hehe... I managed to dig out an old picture of Jack during his FAT days. This was him in training, retrieving a brunch of keys.

The Power of Two

I am so angry with Rafv. After Herbie's embarrassing 'fall' due to Rafv's scheming, we thought Rafv would have learnt his lesson to treasure his friends. But no.... he did it again!

Yesterday at Herbie's place, Rafv suddenly smacked my head using his big paws.. OUCH! I was so angry (Auntie S said I was quivering with anger) that I started to growl and barked at him. Jack, my brother decided to stand by me and joined in the growling and barking.
Me getting angry

My brother and I ganged up against naughty Rafv..

Rafv pretended and wrote in his blog saying he wanted to play only. I feel like telling him to go to the library to read on dogs' behavior. In a dog's world, play initiation is to use 'play bow' not smack the other dog's head!

wah.. still seething with anger as I am writing this! I must go find HC's Xmas present for Rafv and chew it to pieces! grrrrrrrrr.......

After this incident, I really think my brother is my hero. He actually ganged up with me to scold Rafv. I am so touched. According to HC, she said Jack protected her at least thrice! Two from other humans and 1 during a dog fight. Wow.. he is really my hero.

Here's a loving picture of my brother and I... napping on the same bed. (one of those rare occasion)

Am I bulimic?

Yesterday at 5p.m., I was fed alot of chicken wings & drums as my HC was trying to fatten me up. At 10p.m, I was again fed a few pieces of raw chicken & liver (yeah, fed thrice yesterday!).

However by 2a.m. the next morning, I woke up and vomitted on the bed. HC quickly carried me on the floor, and I continued to vomit. Of course, there was a slight scolding cos I shouldnt have vomitted on the bed. At 5.15a.m, again I wanted to vomit. This time, i remembered what HC said, and quickly ran to the papers. By then, whatever I have ate in the evening was puked out.

This type of middle-of-the-night vomitting has occurred once every few weeks. Auntie S is now saying that I am bulimic! Am I? Oh dear....

Someone, please help!

This is for Rafv...

Rafv, here's another bowl from Harry Barker. Nice rite? I think this 'artist' choose JRT cos they are cuter than huskies, retrievers, bull terriers! (hiak hiak hiak)
*rolling on floor laughing*

Oops.. sorry, blue text are meant for JRTs to read only.
Can I still have the bowl for Xmas?
I promised to share chix necks with all of you.
(Herbie & Tommy already tried and they loved it)

Our Xmas Wish

Herbie and Rafv already posted their Xmas wish list. I think I should get down to it too.

My wish list:
1. Harry Barker Bowl (Large Size)
2. Small spikey SOFT ball (red or yellow color)
If you can't find any of the above, you may deposit money into my account 062-12xxx-xx (for security reasons, please approach HC for full complete account

My bro's wish list:
1. Small spikey Soft ball (red or yellow) hiak hiak

Oh yeah, please do not give me commercial treats as my HC will end up giving it away......
And no soft toys please, as HC already bought alot from Petedge for me (yeah.. only me.. silly bro dun get any at all!)

P.S. Happy news, HC ordered a custom made beds for us as a Xmas presents (besides the Petedge toys). Can't wait to sleep on the 6inch thick bed!

Studio Shots

Sigh....we (the dogs) were all tortured two nites ago.

Auntie S invited us to her place for a mini photo shot to try her new studio lights. Herbie had already warned me that it will be a torturous session as he was made to wear some antler costume and sat on this table and had blinding lights for a long time.

Anyway.. we had absolutely no say in whereto go, and whether we want to or not, as we were dragged by THE leash.

True enough, it was horrible. HC was making us sit on this low table with the cheapo (FREE) SQ cloth (also Herbie's night rug). Than she scolded us if we even move an inch. Not only there, we had to endure change of clothes and collars. HC actually bought some new toys to act as props, but greedy Tommy took it away to play with it. He even get to ta-bao a toy bunny home cos HC said the bunny is soaked with his saliva. That must be his evil plan!

But the effect was really good. My pictures not as nice as Tommy's and Herbie's as they had an angelic and smiley face. Maybe they were secretly gloating that HC was scolding us... humph!

Still waiting for Auntie S to edit more pictures. I think there is a group picture too. WIll post once it is edited.

That's me in my burberry suit

My bro and me

Both of us looking scared cos HC scolding us

Stupid brother...

All of you know my brother, Jack right? Well, for the record, we are not related other than the fact that we were both adopted by HC. Totally no blood relation, and I just wish ignorant people would stop asking if we are 'TWINS'.. no such thing.

Anyway, most of you know my brother 'type'. He will growl at the slightest litle thing. And HC will always explained that it was becuase he was abandoned. To me, that is a load of crap.... stupid, bad tempered, old man!

Why I am so angry today? Well, I have had it with him! Last night, as usual we were carried up HC's bed to sleep (ok, I jumped up, not so manja like him that wants to be carried). Usually, I will sleep on top of bed, and he on the bottom of bed, on a separate quilt cover as HC thinks we are too dirty to share the same bedsheet as her. That stupid Jack instead of going over his designated position, he came over to my pillow and growled at me. I have not choice but to shift my head away to make space for him. Yet, he continue to growl and growl, expecting me to get out. I ignored and pretend I am dead. He was so noisy until HC shouted at him to keep quiet and sleep.

Here's evidence of his selfishness. Look how I pretend to be dead, yet he lay there and continue growling. I wish I had a video to tape it down.

The Pee Episodes

I had been a bad boy recently.... wonder if I will still get Xmas presents from Santa this year... sob sob

Episode 1
It was a boring day for me. HC went to work, and I slept the afternoon away. Didnt even wake up to pee in the afternoon. Than, HC came back and fed us dinner, and added alot of water to the meat, which we drank all the water as it was really tasty. Than, I decided not to pee as I knew HC was gonna bring us to the park. (HC also never remind me).
On the way to the park, HC took a detour and went to the car wash as the weather was great. The attendants took so bloody long, and I tried to hold my pee but couldnt..... end up I pee in the car! HC was so angry that she scolded me...

That's me trying to look pitiful so that HC dont scold me for so long (it's almost 715p.m... I wanna go park and play.. dont waste time scolding me)

Episode 2

It was late.. about 10p.m. when I reached home after HC had her fantastic dinner with her friends (yawn..). Immediately upon reaching home, HC showered us. Usually, she will remind me to pee after the shower, but today she forgot! I happily went to sleep. After half hour, I couldnt control my bladder.. and wetted the bed! HC was so mad at me again! This time, I got whacked on my muzzle and backside. Ouch....

Episode 3

Two days after episode 2, HC was cleaning the house. As usual, she took away my papers (aka toilet) to vacuum and mop. Unfortunately, the floor wasnt dried and HC didnt put the papers back. An hour later, I again decided (bad decision) that I couldnt control my bladder and pee on the bedroom floor BEHIND HC (bad choice!). She didnt realised, and stepped on the pee.

Wah lau.. this time the punishment was major. She whacked my bum sooooo many times, scolded me for being a bad dog, and make me sit in a corner by the main door for 20 mins!!!! She mumbled to herself "Stupid dog... if you pee on the area where the newspaper used to be.. I wouldn't have scolded you. How dare you pee behind me in the bedroom!"

Me being punished, sitting here for 20 mins!!!

Close up

Oh no.... what have I done???? I must remind myself to go proper place to pee. I must never be so lazy to walk to the papers again....

Rainy Day

Oh dear.. it has been raining since last night. Wonder if the sun will come out later today, if not HC may not wanna bring me to the park!
I miss the park, didnt go yesterday as well as it was raining cats and dogs. In the end, went to Herbie's home as the humans decided to have dinner together. I was so ecstatic when my HC brought a whole new packet of Kangaroo treats to his place. And, I tell u... I am the most greedy as I am the first to finish my share. Even Herbie the greedy one is slower than me.

oh... I think Tommy's daddy and mummy are going to scold me for being a bad influence. Ever since Tommy stayed over at my place for 2 weeks in October, he has learnt how to bark when he wants something. Yesterday, I have heard him bark for the door to be opened and when he wants more treats.. hehe

Garang Guni

That's me on the pile of newspaper (aka my toilet papers). In this picture, I am sitting on the papers to stare at HC eating her yummy yong tau foo.

Both me and my bro are paper trained as HC is too lazy to bring us down to pee/poo. But HC is complaining that I pee and poo too often (hehe). HC is known as the Garang Guni woman as she is always taking papers from friends and office. So anyone who has papers please give it to her. if not she will nagged and nagged at me for soiling it too often....


Sunday morning.... HC, bro & I in the car, cruising along an almost empty street, with my fave love songs (yes.. i do know what is love, okayyyy...). My bro, as usual was sleeping away on the back seat, and I was standing on the back seat cover, with my arms over the cover, and my head was beside my HC who is driving. I love this position, as I can see where we are going, sometimes, I can pretend that I am the one driving instead..

oops... i do have a habit of side tracking... back to this morning.

We were cruising along at 60km on a 3 lane street. No other car was beside us. From far, we saw this old man walking slowly towards the centre divider. The traffic light was just metres away, but he didnt use it. Based on our estimation (my HC got 11 years of driving experience ok, and only caught speeding once in Australia), the old man could safely reach the centre divider without us having to slow down. But my HC, forever, such a sweet lady, readied her feet on the brake pedal "just in case".

We saw the old man purposely slow down.. and started waving and shouting at us madly. When we passed him (we on middle lane)... he was already on 3rd lane... but he actually stopped and scolded us...'chia kia ban ban la.... " (car drive slowly la). We were so shocked, and just stared at him. If he is not an old man, I am sure my HC will stopped the car, wind down window and scold him.
WHAT THE F###????? This is not a pedestrian crossing, and u expect us to stop the car for you? anyway.... at our speed, it is unlikely for us to hit you if u continue at your slow pace.
you mad or what? shout at us??? KNN.....chao ah pek...

That's me in the car.

Farewell, My (ex) Good Friend!

I used to have a good friend - Teddy. He is a handsome, big-boned, cream coloured GR. We used to play tug with my ball, which I usually win. (ok... dun underestimate my size... I have strong jaws ok! and some say frogs leg cos of my muscles. But that's another story). Anyway, back to Teddy, we used to play so often, that the ball usually broke to pieces with our tugging. Both my HC and Teddy's mum have to go buy new ones. Teddy's mum a bit more cheapo... she gave us old ones which her human kids dun want. Sorry... but i dun like them too. I prefer the ones my HC bought.
Anyway... sometime last year.. Teddy started to reach adolescent, and starts to be domineering. He will go sniff bitches and want to hump them, and pick fights with male dogs.
One day, there were no bitches or domineering male in the park, and he decided to come back to play tug with me. As usual, we pulled and tug, each refusing to let go. But somehow, Teddy's mood change when I refused to release the ball. He growled and tried to bite me. Luckily, I was near my HC's chair and hid underneath. My HC got so angry, she grab Teddy by the neck and started whacking his head... hiak hiak hiak....
After that, I no longer want to play with Teddy and in fact hated him. I will growl and showed teeth when he is near, throw the ball near to him, and walked away. Somtimes i will even chase him, barking and growling. But my HC always recall me back, and of course, being the good boy that I am (a-hem), I listened la!

Anyway.. the point of my title "Farewell" is because Teddy is banned from the park. He had been fighting so regularly with other dogs at the park, even with our regular Paikia - Tommy, and Mafia - Rafv. He also badly wounded two HUMANS (OMG!!) during two separate dog fights. One male human had to take MC the next day. The other Human is Tommy's Mummy. Poor Lady got bruised palm for weeks!
I tried to count all the dogs that he fought with using my four paws... but still my toes on my paws, including my dew claws also not enough to use to count. So one word - COUNTLESS.
Anyway... i heard a few months ago, he fought with a pair of ShaiPei. And the male Sharpei was badly wounded and Teddy's daddy had to grudgingly paid the medical. And on the Saturday morning before deepavali, Teddy bite the female shaipei (same owner of male SP)! The poor bitch got 14 wound holes! OMG. he is practically 'chomping' on her.
So now.. our dear Mrs. V said Teddy will be banned and need a re-test. I doubt he will pass. If I am the tester, I will sure fail him one. I hope I dun ever see him again. But my HC said not Teddy's fault... it is the Daddy and mummy not controlling him enough. So is that why my HC keep controlling my every movement?
OK... here's a mugshot of teddy ... hehehehehheheheee


P.S. The artwork done by Herbie, the silent killer / humping preferred partner.

Get it out of my ANUS!

oh... $%@*&@
HC sent my bro to have a shot to lubricate his joints (useless grouchy old man), and had me checked by the Vet as well as she was concerned that my weight loss could be something more serious (nah....)
Stupid vet... touched me all over, told HC not to feed me BARF as commercial diet is complete and nutrition (kiss my ass.... u mean preservatives and all those low quality kibbles are better than fresh meat??)
Than, the vet decided to measure my temperature TWICE through my anus... ouch.... why can't he use the thermometer under my armpit or tongue? It is bad enough to do it once.. but why TWICE? stupid vet cannot read thermometer is it??? grrrrr.....
Than, more bad news.... vet said that if I still didnt put on weight despite bigger intake of food, he will have to "cut me up" to biopsy. What the hell is biopsy?? Need to cut me up??? grrrrrrrr.....
ok.. i better dun secretly exercise when no one's around. Better eat and sleep more.. must gain weight.. MUST.... grrrrrrrrrrrr....

Weight Gain Programme

Everyone around me keep exclaiming... wau.. so skinny, what happened? My HC and me are getting so sick of hearing it all the time. I swear I will bite the fellow's butt/balls/breasts if he/she ever ask again...
ok, for the record (I shall not repeat else I will bite), I was put on a diet because of the agility competition in June 2005. Weight loss was not noticeable then. Beginning in August, I stopped going to the 'day-care' place where I was secretly fed bread, biscuits, bananas and all sorts of nonsense. It was then that my HC was horrified to see my ribs showing, and my weight went down from a healthy 6.5kg to 4.65 kg.
This is me now....

HC IS fattening me up! hooray! hooray! I love the amount of food she gives me, and it has increased to thrice a day! All the red, fleshy, bloody raw meat and bones.. my favorite! I shall run in the park more, so that I will not gain too much weight and the food will keep coming! haha..
Will report my fat status in a few weeks' time...

Brushing Teeth!

This is my teeth... nice, clean and white, right? And not
smelly like my brother also.... hehe
But my HC still wants to brush my teeth... mmm..just
give me more tulang, preferably daily will do.

This is my toothbrush and toothpaste. I love the strawberry

taste. mmmmmmm....

bed time.. me and my sleeping bunny

My Brother

This is my grouchy older brother - Jack.
His sad story - he was found abandoned by his god-mother's colleague(Julie) in Simei Estate. Julie saw my brother hanging around the block for 2 days, but was unable to get hold of my brother as he was too scared of strangers. Once, she saw my poor brother waiting in the rain hoping that his previous owner will come back for him.

Anyway, Julie finally brought her little pretty silky terrier down for a walk, and my brother was hooked! He happily followed them home. But alas, Julie was horrified to find my brother wanting to do the 'right' thing to her little princess, and frantically called up friends to rehome him. Fate has it that, my HC happened to hear abt it, and offered to take my brother home to 'try first'.
This time, my brother fell in love with my HC and happily followed her home. Of course, he didn't know that my HC has training programs lined up to curb his bitting and aggressive self. Not to mention, a trip to the vet to remove his manhood .. hee...hee.....

My pictures

This is one of my fave pasttime, playing ball by the beach. I love to retrieve ball but hate the strong waves. In this picture, I am trying to run away from the stupid waves!!

Alrighty.. this is one of the rare 'serious' shot of me.

P.S. The following pictures are courtesy of our "in-house" photographer who is the mistress of Herbie the GR. www.herbiegr.blogspot.com