Kawaisou! I am so pitiful...
Last night, HC applied some aloe vera gel on my belly and paws. It was really late, and I saw HC arranging our quilt cover on her bed for us (think I mentioned before that we are not allowed to sleep directly on her bed). However, this time HC asks me to 'Stay' on the floor first as she is still arranging and did not want me to jump up and spread my aloe-vera'ed paws on her bed. But I am very kan-cheong and jumped up. HC screamed and i quickly jump off the bed. Than I am very impatient (must be inherited from HC) and jumped up again. By then, HC already very angry cos she can see paw print on her bed and pillow. I was smacked (SPCA, where are you?), and ordered to get out of the bedroom. I had n choice but to go to the kitchen area. Poor me, got to sit in the kitchen in the dark, and HC actually close the bedroom door and I cannot get in!!!
5 mins later (seems like a lifetime to me), HC asks me to come towards her, sit infront of her and do a finish. (for those clueless, this is the standard in obedience training). But i was so scared, and so wanting HC to forgive me that instead of walking to her... I crawled to her with trembling legs. Wah... not easy to crawl when your legs are weak, i tell u..
sigh.. so degrading

Finally HC forgave me and carried me up to her bed. Yhew. But then, alas, she happened to see my ear wax and decided that though it is late, she wants to dig out the ear wax! oh woman, look at the time! it is bloody 12 midnight. Scuba gets to go to bed at 930p.m!
Sigh... what a life!


Rafv said...

wah... Really Kawaisou... but hoh, joey. You get ganchong for what!! Nothing good come with it, you know.
(For my experience..) hehe,

TLF(hiak hiak, I am following Herb's dad style!)

herbie said...

What's TLF?

rafv said...

Tan Lai fu! See, Am I smart? or copy cat? copy dog...?