Bean Bag

I was reading Joe Stains' blog - and there were rare glimpse of him sharing his snuggle ball with Tanner.

It reminds me years years ago - HC bought back a huge bean bag for herself back in Australia. Soon after, Jack was adopted by HC - and decided he wanted the bean bag for himself. Then, me came along - and decided I want it too.
So sometimes, we get to share the bean bag (for about 2 mins - until Jack decides to chase me away).

I know... Jack looks very unwilling to share it with me.

Anyway, the bean bag is history now - as I've peed on it once when I was angry with HC for coming home late. :)

Sunny days

Finally.. the sun is out after weeks of rain.

HC brought me to play ball in this fantastic weather.

And lazy Jack decided to just lay down on the ground and enjoy the sun!

HC : Jack loves lying in the sun. I tried numerous times to bring him back to the shade but he simply refused to. Was worried he might get heat stroke!


I received an award from Helios.

The rules for the award:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs that you've nominated.

But I'm going to bend the rules a little - and not nominate any blogs.. cos there's too many blogs that I love, and it is not fair to only nominate 7!

Thank you, Helios for the award. Perhaps I'll let you invade my personal space a little when I see you next :)

Angels in Heaven

Alfie has been gone for 19 days...

and her mum has not stopped tearing. :(

We met her mum yesterday as she was burying part of Alfie's ashes at her favourite playground. And she teared more when she saw me.. as I was Alfie's boyfriend, and we behave and play similarly.

Alfie's mum finally found the courage to pack Alfie's stuff to give away.
She gave us 2 bags of deer tendon (that's almost 1kg!), some lighted balls and a floatation device.

We sincerely thank Alfie for her generosity.. and I am sure she does not lack toys and treats in heaven.

If you've notice, I've added a new link - called Angels in Heaven, to remember my good friends - Herbie and Alfie. I hope that there will be no more additions to this link :(

I am going to post these pictures- I am sure Alfie will be smiling up there if she saw it.

Alfie's lighted ball

Me trying to squash it

Roll over it..

and chewed it.

Also - belated pictures of Helios' present to me during my birthday last month.

This is one of the presents - Greenie Teddy

Within 5 mins - the neck split open for no reason!

Not for the faint hearted...

I drafted this post yesterday but didn't blog it...
Anyway... this morning, my girlfriend Alfie passed away in her mum's arms.

Here's what I drafted yesterday...

My girlfriend - Alfie was attacked last Friday while taking a walk with her mum and her aunt + aunt's dog.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a female German shephard (GS) dashed to Alfie, pick her up with her strong jaws and shook Alfie like a stuff toy (I do that to my stuff toy too.. but not with another dog!).

The GS owner claimed that she fell and lost control of her dog, thus the dog had the opportunity to go after Alfie.

But the GS had a collar on her and no leash attached! If it is indeed that the dog ran away, she would have a leash attached to her collar right? And, the leash was picked by another bystander who witnessed the entire incident. Luckily the bystander came to help the owner to leash her dog. Furthermore, the GS had a ball in her mouth prior to the attack.. so our guess is, the owner had offleashed the GS to play fetch.

Although HC can understand that dogs need to play freely (without a leash) - she thinks it is irresponsible for the GS owner to have offleash her dog if she cannot control her dog well.

I heard from HC that Auntie SK and Alfie are deeply traumatised - and poor Alfie is suffering from nightmares and screamed in her sleep (the same way when she was bitten).. I think Auntie SK's heart bled everytime she heard Alfie screaming...

Alfie will be going for a second vet's opinion tomorrow to ensure that her organs are not damaged. I hope she will get well soon.

This is not a post about how ferocious big dogs are... but to ask all dog owners to make sure that their dogs are well trained and under their control at all times. All dogs can kill/hurt - it does not matter what size or what breed. But do bear in mind that a bite from a bigger dog does more harm than a small CHH.

These are some pictures of Alfie's wound (4 deep punctured wounds)

Right side - 2 wounds

Left side

Close up

Even her tail is not spared