Too active?

HC is very frustrated with my hyper-activeness these few days.

Every day, I would get to play ball-fetching about an hour in the evening. Usually, by then, I would be satisfied and rest at home quietly. But recently, HC is very frustrated as I would need only a 20 mins rest before asking HC to play with me again.
(HC : during this nap of 20 mins, I would only have enough time to take a shower. By the time I was ready to rest, Joey is already awake and wants to play!)

HC complained that I was a very irritating dog. I would push my plush ball in her palm and whined if she doesn't throw it for me. Sometimes, I would sit in front of THE CUPBOARD (where HC puts my rubber balls) and stare - willing the rubber ball to fall out of the cupboard....

She is puzzled at my hyper activeness... and then she remembered this....

She has been feeding us 1/2 a capsule of colostrum 2-3 times a week. And some benefits of colostrum includes : better immune system, improved athletic performance, anti-aging.

So, it is not my fault for being so hyper active, right?

Don't I look good for a middle age dog?

Tagged - 7 things about us

We have been tagged by Huskee!

7 things about us :

1. Joey : A few years ago, we were sent to a "daycare centre" daily while HC was at work. And every morning, I will insist on bringing a stuff toy along. If HC refused, I will stand inside the house and refused to leave. As soon as she agreed, I will carried the toy in my mouth, and brought it into the car. Once we reached our destination, I will picked up the toy again, jumped down from the car, and took the lift up to the apartment. (while in the car and lift, I will not hold on to the toy cos it is tiresome to carry it all the time).

2. Joey : I used to love insects. Once HC saw me rolled a bettle around with my tongue, let it crawl out of my mouth, and then catch the little bettle back into my mouth again. It was fun to torment the little thing. Also, I love to show my respect to HC by offering her little insects (bettles, lizards etc)

3. Joey : I no longer play with insects in HC's presence. This is because she gets hysterical when I offered little bugs to her. Sometimes, she will become really violent and started whacking the floor hard with rolled up newspaper or magazines. (HC : Joey offered me a lizard once and I can still see the head and tail of the lizard moving between his lips).

4. Joey : I know how to hint to HC when there are flies in the room. I will get up from my bed, and walked to another far far corner of the house, sit and look scared. (HC : I think Joey is scared of my reaction to the flies)

5. Joey : I don't like to play ball in the park if HC is not around. I will obliged HC's friends when they threw the ball for me, but I always end up sitting near the gate for HC to appear.

6. Jack : I like to pull lady's panties. Once, HC friend's maid (whom I really liked) was standing up, and I jumped up, put my head into her shorts and pull at her panties (she was wearing those huge huge shorts. )

7. Jack : I also like to nip the butts of those that I disliked. One of our maids (whom I do not like) was doing her housework. I was pissed with her in general, went up quietly behind her and nipped her butt.

Being 2gether – That’s Friendship

I'm tagged by Scuba.

Jack - my brother, my mirror image & best friend

The Serial Toy Murderer Duo

The little imp who chased me around the park.

Kissing my "father"

Friends watch over you to make sure you don't get drowned by a little tsunami (or is Tommy hoping I drowned so that he can take over my toys?)

And lastly, me and my labbit

According to Scuba, rule no. 3 is to tag others. And.... ermmm... I am too lazy to tag others.

oh.. here's a little video of Scuba, Helios and me playing the humping game. At one point, Scuba tried to hump both Helios and I at the same time. And did you see how he fell with a loud 'thump'? hahahaha

Sentosa again...

Last Sunday morning, HC woke us up before day break and drove us to the beach.

And, she bought me a new toy to play at the beach.

I tried to bury the ball...
Ai? Where's the ball?
Hee hee.. found it!
This morning, we went to Sentosa again with some of our friends. HC didn't bring her camera but I think Auntie S brought her professional one along. Hopefully, she took some pictures of me besides Helios and Herbie :)
We were at the beach for a full 2 hours and after that, I was dead beat.

Joey : Call me when it's time for dinner...


HC bought us some stuff recently.

First, she ordered another new bed cover for us. This one is army-inspired print - definitely more macho than the red/gold strip one.

See how girly this bed cover is?

Even Jack is happy with the new macho covers.

Our bed and the covers are custom-made by Auntie Meena. Check out the various designs here.

She also spent a bomb on supplements for us. Usually, she will try not to over-supplement us as we are already on a high quality natural diet. But as we aged, she decided to add in supplements but on a much lower dosage.

Then, she got some huge strawberries. This strawberries are so huge that we hardly get to see these in the supermarket.

Size of strawberry in comparison to HC's mobile phone.

Can you stop teasing me with the strawberry? Just feed me!

Finally, after much begging, HC gave us some to try. And, the strawberry tasted as good as it looks! Yummy....

He ain't stupid, he's my brother

HC wants me to blog and tell everyone that Jack is not stupid, and that humans should not judge a book by its cover!

A couple of times at the park, HC overheard some park goers said, "oh... this is the stupid one" - pointing at Jack. These humans have the impression that just because Jack sit and stare at nothing, he must be retarded! (and of course, they think I am the smart one cos I am always running around - which I must say that they are very right ..kekekeke.)

Just the other day, this man with 2 kids came along and asked HC, "we saw you and your dogs here the other day.... is this (pointing at Jack) the stupid one?" HC had to pause for a while, and replied, "this is the not-so-active one" - trying not to hurt Jack's feeling. Then HC felt that she had to brag to the man about how good and loyal Jack is to make up for his perceived stupidity.

Anyway, after that HC had a pleasant conversation with him as he was looking to get a dog for his children. However, he admitted that he is scared of dogs since young. But these past years, he has met friends who had dogs and they had developed a special relationship with their dogs, which amazes him. They had a long talk and HC told him how certain breeds may not be suitable cos they have no experience. HC sincerely hope they can find a suitable dog and experience the same type of bond that we did.

Anyway, the point of this post is to tell everyone that - Jack is not stupid! He just doesn't like to play at the park. hehehehe

Jack : What? Do I look stupid to you?

Two Weird Dogs

HC said I have been throwing tantrum recently.

Before HC leaves for work in the morning, she will gave us some treats. Sometimes, we will be given a nice and long deer tendon, which could take me half hour of gnawing (Jack takes about an hour cos he loves to savour it slowly.)

But recently, whenever HC gives me a deer tendon, she will definitely see the same deer tendon right behind the main door when she reaches home.

(HC : I am really puzzled because I gave Joey his deer tendon in the bedroom, but he will bring the deer tendon to the main door where I was last 'seen' and left it there. Is he really throwing a tantrum? What's funny is that once I reach home,Joey will quickly pick up the deer tendon that he had abandoned some 9 hours earlier, and bring it to his bed to enjoy it!)

See how I enjoy my deer tendon when HC is around?

(HC : I am also puzzled why Jack didn't pick up the deer tendon to eat it? Is he so stupid that he didn't realise the deer tendon is near the main door, or did Joey growled at him when he wanted to take it? Guess I will never know unless I install a videocam .
oh I shall not say Jack is stupid, cos sometimes he can be pretty smart. For e.g., he remembers my morning routine before leaving home.
1. Get ready for work
2. Feed them their meals
3. Change into my work clothes
4. Visits the toilet
5. Open the fridge to give them their treats.

Nowadays, immediately after routine 2, Jack will sit very straight at the toilet and wait. Even if I were to call him from the bedroom, he wouldn't move cos he knew treats will be given right after my visit to the toilet. Whereas silly Joey will still be running around me with his ball, hoping that I will kick it for him.

:) The joy of having two weird dogs

Massage Sessions

Thanks to my generous girlfriend (Alfie)'s mum, we were given a massage session each as our (past/coming) birthday present.

HC decided to make an appointment last week and Auntie S (Herbie and Helios' M) was kind enough to drive us there.

On the ride there.....

I started the massage sesssion first.

The therapist - Aunt Zoe started touching my paws

She then proceeded to massage my back muscles.

Aunt Zoe said I had very tense back muscles, common in dogs esp terriers who like to run and jump alot. I don't jump that much, but definitely do alot of running.

I keep moving away cos I was interested in what the other canines are doing (see later pictures). HC had to hold my head so that I can't run away.

Aunt Zoe said I had perfect teeth *beams*
Caught yawning on camera!

Jack yawned too!

(HC : I think Jack and Joey yawned not because they are sleepy, but rather due to 'stress'. They have not had any massage session with a stranger before, and furthermore, this is an entire new place. It doesn't help that while 1 dog is being massaged, the others are playing happily nearby. I can tell Joey was dying to join in the playing, or rather humping.
As for Jack, as expected, he tried to nip on the therapist a few times. Jack doesn't allow anyone else to carry him, and does not like to be handled too much by others. Initially, I tried to talk nicely to him to calm him down, but it didn't work. He was still nipping and jumping. Finally, I scolded him fiercely, and after that he gave up and let Zoe do her massage work.... thank god Zoe is patient!)

Aunt Zoe massaging Jack's right front limb (He has arthritis on front right limb and a cruciate ligament surgery on back right limb, and Aunt Zoe can feel that Jack's right limbs are not as flexible as the left limbs)

After about 20 mins of struggling, and the latter 10 mins of proper massaging, Jack finally relaxed a little. Auntie S said that he looked like a little baby in HC's arm.

Helios chewing a galileo chew toy, while Benny (the resident dog at the massage place) is drooling all over the place.

While Jack was being massaged, here's what we were doing.

On the way home, I was grinning as I had a fun time!

And Jack was snoozing on the car floor board (He prefers to snooze on the hard floor board than to squeeze with the other dogs, just goes to show how he avoids touching others).

Wrestling Games

I have a lot of friends that I hang out with, and our play usually involved game of tug and ball chasing(with Tommy), slapping (from Rafv), butt sniffing (everyone else). And now after 6 long years, I finally found a friend that I can wrestle with!

Please don't think I am bullying Helios. He enjoyed the wrestling so much that he keep coming back for more.. serious...

Ever since Helios started wrestling with me, the rest of the dogs are keen to join in too. Even Herbie - who hardly ever play with me. Of course, Jack is not involved in the group play. If he had joined, I think all the dogs will freak out (Jack is a mean monster in their eyes)

Did you guys hear how the humans were laughing at my unfortunate accident? (I fell and hit my head while trying to hump Helios). Grrrrr..... not funny.

When not wrestling, Helios will run after me.