Massage Sessions

Thanks to my generous girlfriend (Alfie)'s mum, we were given a massage session each as our (past/coming) birthday present.

HC decided to make an appointment last week and Auntie S (Herbie and Helios' M) was kind enough to drive us there.

On the ride there.....

I started the massage sesssion first.

The therapist - Aunt Zoe started touching my paws

She then proceeded to massage my back muscles.

Aunt Zoe said I had very tense back muscles, common in dogs esp terriers who like to run and jump alot. I don't jump that much, but definitely do alot of running.

I keep moving away cos I was interested in what the other canines are doing (see later pictures). HC had to hold my head so that I can't run away.

Aunt Zoe said I had perfect teeth *beams*
Caught yawning on camera!

Jack yawned too!

(HC : I think Jack and Joey yawned not because they are sleepy, but rather due to 'stress'. They have not had any massage session with a stranger before, and furthermore, this is an entire new place. It doesn't help that while 1 dog is being massaged, the others are playing happily nearby. I can tell Joey was dying to join in the playing, or rather humping.
As for Jack, as expected, he tried to nip on the therapist a few times. Jack doesn't allow anyone else to carry him, and does not like to be handled too much by others. Initially, I tried to talk nicely to him to calm him down, but it didn't work. He was still nipping and jumping. Finally, I scolded him fiercely, and after that he gave up and let Zoe do her massage work.... thank god Zoe is patient!)

Aunt Zoe massaging Jack's right front limb (He has arthritis on front right limb and a cruciate ligament surgery on back right limb, and Aunt Zoe can feel that Jack's right limbs are not as flexible as the left limbs)

After about 20 mins of struggling, and the latter 10 mins of proper massaging, Jack finally relaxed a little. Auntie S said that he looked like a little baby in HC's arm.

Helios chewing a galileo chew toy, while Benny (the resident dog at the massage place) is drooling all over the place.

While Jack was being massaged, here's what we were doing.

On the way home, I was grinning as I had a fun time!

And Jack was snoozing on the car floor board (He prefers to snooze on the hard floor board than to squeeze with the other dogs, just goes to show how he avoids touching others).


Lorenza said...

I'd love to have a massage but there are no places like those here in Torreon. I hope you have enjoyed it.
I have been reading your blog and I love you, Jack and your HC.
Besos y abrazos

Baily said...

hi joey,
i love when mommy massages me, but it is not professional ( i think she really doesn't know what she is doing lol) but it feels good!

nose licks

Joe Stains said...

I need a massage with the way the Doofus stresses me out!!

Joey said...

thanks Lorenza for visiting. i will pop by yr blog soon!
Baily & Joe - time to ask yr mummy to bring you for a professional massage!

Fu Fu said...

Oh the massage sesssion looks great. But Joey, I see you hugging the other dog while Jack is being massage. Is that a new wrestling move?

~ fufu

Luckie the Dachie said...

Ah,I see you went to visit Benny's hooman for your massage...looks very shiok to me. :)

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

I love massages too. My mom will give me one (once in a blue moon) and then of course if she is too tired, I just jump on the massage chair.

Benny said...

Hi J & J!!! We had fun didn't we? Mummy Zoe finds the way Joey "wrestles" to be funny. Haha...

I hope to meet you again and Mummy Zoe sends her love to you and best health wishes to everyone!


Hammer said...

Hi Joey

The massage looks good but you seem to like 'playing' better.

Jack looks a sweetie. It's good he has you to look after him.

Have a great weekend.

Love from Hammer