Two Weird Dogs

HC said I have been throwing tantrum recently.

Before HC leaves for work in the morning, she will gave us some treats. Sometimes, we will be given a nice and long deer tendon, which could take me half hour of gnawing (Jack takes about an hour cos he loves to savour it slowly.)

But recently, whenever HC gives me a deer tendon, she will definitely see the same deer tendon right behind the main door when she reaches home.

(HC : I am really puzzled because I gave Joey his deer tendon in the bedroom, but he will bring the deer tendon to the main door where I was last 'seen' and left it there. Is he really throwing a tantrum? What's funny is that once I reach home,Joey will quickly pick up the deer tendon that he had abandoned some 9 hours earlier, and bring it to his bed to enjoy it!)

See how I enjoy my deer tendon when HC is around?

(HC : I am also puzzled why Jack didn't pick up the deer tendon to eat it? Is he so stupid that he didn't realise the deer tendon is near the main door, or did Joey growled at him when he wanted to take it? Guess I will never know unless I install a videocam .
oh I shall not say Jack is stupid, cos sometimes he can be pretty smart. For e.g., he remembers my morning routine before leaving home.
1. Get ready for work
2. Feed them their meals
3. Change into my work clothes
4. Visits the toilet
5. Open the fridge to give them their treats.

Nowadays, immediately after routine 2, Jack will sit very straight at the toilet and wait. Even if I were to call him from the bedroom, he wouldn't move cos he knew treats will be given right after my visit to the toilet. Whereas silly Joey will still be running around me with his ball, hoping that I will kick it for him.

:) The joy of having two weird dogs


Joe Stains said...

I refuse to chew on treats when Mom is not home, I just want to show her how much I love them!

alfie said...

we are not weird aunty G.......i do the same / i wait for my Mum to return home and the minute she steps in I would rush to pick up my treat to eat. its our way to let them know we truly enjoy our treats more when our owners are around with us.

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Joey,
Wahhh.. you are so 'stylo'.. you show your displeasure by not eating your treat.. I show mine by peeing around. (but how come mom is so NOT amused by me..?? I wonder..)

Lorenza said...

Hi Joey. I think you are so smart.
I love you and Jack.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hmmmm, Joey the man of mystery. Always keep them guessing.

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