I love Stuffies

Besides my rubber balls, I also love stuffies.

In my 9 years with HC - I had destroyed countless stuffies. When I was a puppy, all stuffies exploded within 5 mins!

Nowadays, as I aged, I learnt how to treasure my stuffies more. Their lifeline has extended to a couple of months.

I loved them so much that I sleep on them.

Here's when I was five years old. The stuffies had RIP!
You noticed that missing feet? hahaha

This was taken a few months back. The gecko is still alive, by the way.

HC was at a crazy kids' toy fair recently and saw these cute stuffies. These can make funny noises when you squeezed the stomach.

The green one is hiding inside my unreachable-and-longingly looked-toy-box.

The black one goes "MA MA KO KO KE KE".

Anyone knows what it means? Is that penguin-talk?
The penguin can still emit noise despite being with me for the past week. HC has praised me for letting the penguin talk way beyond her expectations... hahahaha

Rainy days

It's raining season - what's better to do than to hang out with my friends at their home?

The master of the house - Scuba.

Scuba is always in his little dreamworld.. see the below picture.

There's also an obliging helios - who lets Jack steal the bone that he was chewing earlier.

And here's me - who tried my best to squeeze in when Scuba was snuggling with his mom.

I am glad to have friends to visit. At least I have their company when the weather's too wet to play fetch.

Begging + new treats

Look at how I begged for food?

I was trying to get as near as possible to the food source - I could've eaten it if not for that arm blocking my way.

Of course it didnt help that my HC was opposite us and giving me stern warnings not to steal food!

We were visiting friends for a reason - to pick up our roo sticks all the way from Australia!

Yummy.... can I have more please??